The Twilight Saga

All Human Story.

Bella and Alice are roomates in New York City. Bella is a big time business woman and Alice is a fashion designer for New York fashion week. Edward and Bella are enemies in the business world but, how about outside the business world? Alice has a boyfriend, Jasper, who is Bella's business partner. Edward's business partner is Emmett, one of Bella's best friends. Emmetts girlfriend is a model for Alice who is Rosalie. Can Edward and Bella put their careers aside to follow thier hearts after an incident happens or will their careers get in the way?

I need at least 5 comments to write this! So comment away!

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start writting it please
oooooooohhhhh i like it!!!!
plz keep me updated!!!
love itt
there. now you have six comments
please write it...
it sounds good..
this sounds really good
Sounds good can't wait for more
Chapter 1

"Bella, wake up!" I heard from chirpy girl Alice.
I groaned and pulled my poofy white comforters above my head. "Get. Away. Alice." I screeched through my teeth. I felt her throw a pillow at me and open my blue bedroom curtains.
I groaned. "Alice, really? What time is it?"
"It's 7:00am and Jasper will be here at 8:00. You need to be ready. You have a meeting with Mr. Cullen at 8:30 remember?" Alice said.
"Are you a walking planner?" I asked sitting up in my bed. I put on my purple silk robe and got up. "Is it snowing, Alice?"
"That's why it's freezing." She said. "Now, go get in the shower. I'll lay out your outfit and Jasper will be here soon with coffee."
"Fine." I groaned and made my way
Across my hardwood floor to the living room and to the bathroom. The living room had red walls and black and white accents. The bathroom was yellow with royal blue accents. I turned the hot water on and let it take out the knots in my neck.
I was up late last night making out my business proposal with Jasper. Jasper was my business partner and also Alice's boyfriend.
I got out of the shower and my clothes were laid out in the powder room of the bathroom. Alice laid out a purple,silk, button up top, a black, dark grey stripped blazer and matching pants along with purple stellitos. I got dressed and walked to my bedroom. Alice was there with a curling iron, hair dryer and straightener.
"What are you doing Alice?" I asked.
"I'm going to do your hair." Alice said "You need to look good to make this proposal."
I sighed. "Just let me do my own hair Alice."
She came over to me and sprayed me with lilac perfume then grabbed my arm and sat me down. "Stay." She said.
I groaned and let her do my hair. She curled it and put it in a sophisticated ponytail. "When will Jasper be here?" I asked her.
"Soon." She said.
"Ugh! I need coffee." I said.
"Chill out Bella." She said.
I turned around and gave her the death glare. "Me? Chill out? Because that happens all the time!"
"Bella. Calm. Now." Alice said.
I stuck my tongue out at her and the doorbell rang. Alice opened it and Jasper gave me the coffee. I took mine and put the rest on the glass dining table. I looked up and Alice and Jasper were kissing at the door still. I groaned and pretending to gag. "Get a room." I said. "You guys should just get married already. You already look it."
"Can't wait until you get a boyfriend Bella." Alice said.
"Hah! No guy is good for me." I said "I'm high maitnince."
"We know that." Jasper said. "The limo is waiting outfront are you ready for today?"
"Yes." I said "Im also ready to make Cullen Industries the biggest offer they've ever gotten."
"The question is are you ready to face Mr. Cullen without getting in a fight?"
"No garuntees." I said. "Life's full of surprises."
Jasper kissed Alice again and I grabbed my briefcase and him by his arm. "Bye Jasper. Good luck. Bella, bring him home in one piece."
"I'll try." I said.
She shut the door and I let go of him. "Propose already!" I said. "I know you have a ring."
"It's not the right time." He said.
"It's not the right time." I mocked him. "You guys have been dating since 11th grade Jasper! You guys make out at the doorway every morning for like 20 minutes. Propose next week for her birthday." I said.
"Pushy now aren't we?" He asked "But, full of good ideas."
"When am I not pushy?" I asked. "High matinence remember?"
We got in the limo and started driving to work. We were in charge of a big finance company in New York and always competing with Cullen Industries for the best ideas. We made hotels, stores, apartments, everything. I looked on my blackberry and saw the time. It was 8:25. I sent out an email to all my employees to meet in the meeting office. I looked up at Jasper and he was smoking. I grabbed it and threw it out the window. "You told Alice told Alice you quit. Stay to your promise or she will never marry you."
"I've been trying but-"
"No bits, now quit." I said "If you don't I'll make someone else have your job."
Jasper groaned. "Always so pushy."
I stuck my tongue out at him and we got to Swan Incorprated. It was my business. The driver opened the limo door and Jasper and I stepped out.
We walked upstairs and were greeted by many people.
"Good morning Ms. Swan." My secretary said.
"Morning Jessica. Any messages?" I asked.
"None this morning but, everyone is waiting for you in the office." She said.
"Thank you." I said and strode to the meeting hall. I walked in and sat down at the long glass table with Jasper next to me. The office was very open with windows and a big projector.
"Okay everyone, thank you for getting here. Mr. Cullen and his crew should be her very shortly. I wanted to say though, we are going to make this proposal and going to go through with it. Mr. Cullen can't not accept it. If he doesn't, there will be drastic changes in the office. Do I have a deal?" I said.
Everyone nodded their heads and Jessica knocked on the door. "Mr.Cullen's here." She said.
I gave everyone a stern look and he walked in with the look of success in his eyes.
this is really good
love it!! cant wait for the next chap.
will he refuse her offer??


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