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Bella and Alice are roomates in New York City. Bella is a big time business woman and Alice is a fashion designer for New York fashion week. Edward and Bella are enemies in the business world but, how about outside the business world? Alice has a boyfriend, Jasper, who is Bella's business partner. Edward's business partner is Emmett, one of Bella's best friends. Emmetts girlfriend is a model for Alice who is Rosalie. Can Edward and Bella put their careers aside to follow thier hearts after an incident happens or will their careers get in the way?

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i love it
ok liking it lets see where it goes please continue
Chapter 2

Edward strided over to me and I stood up.
"Mr.Cullen." I said gripping his hand.
"Ms.Swan." He said. "How are you?"
"Ready to work." I said.
I saw Emmett walk in and he hugged me. "Hey Bells."
"Hey Em." I said.
I looked to Edward and he sat down at the the end of the table with Emmett next to him. I stood up.
"Okay," I said "Let's just get down to business here. I've been given the opportunity to make a proposal out to your company. We can make a new hotel. We can make this hotel in times square over looking the streets. People will come from all over just to stay at our hotel. We're the biggest people in the business, everyone loves staying at hotels owned by us. Why not combine our hotels together to make more profits? More people equals more money and more money equals a happy company."
"Okay and what if someone doesn't come through on thier deal? What if someone doesn't pay for their part of the bargain?"
"I guess we're going to have to figure out that issue when we cross it now won't we Mr. Cullen?"
"You tell me Ms. Swan." Edward Cullen said with the look of joy in his eye.
"Do you accept the proposal or not?" I asked sternly. "Answer in 5-4-3-2-"
"No." Edward said standing up.
"No?" I asked shocked. "You did not just say no?!"
"I said no." He said smiling.
I saw Jasper try to leave. "Sit. Down. Now." I said between my teeth.
"Everyone back to work!" I yelled. "Go! Except Jasper."
All that was left was Edward, Emmett, Jasper and I. Emmett and Jasper were in the corner staring back and forth at Edward and I from across the table. They were used to this by now. It hapless everytime we had a meeting.I put my hands on the table and took a breath. I looked up at Edward and pointed at him.
"You did not just say no to my proposal did you? I just heard that wrong and you really said yes, right?" I asked getting angrier and angrier with every word.
"You know that mad look really suits you. Have you ever thought about it getting it plastered to your face like that small nose of yours?" Edward asked.
"Hah! You're hailarious. I forgot to laugh." I said "Now, why did you refuse this offer?"
"You think that our two companies will be able to work together?" He asked "We can't be in the same room together."
"I didn't say that we had to build this hotel." I said "I always get what I want when it comes to the business world."
"I do too and what I want apparently isn't available." He said.
By this time, Emmett and Jasper had both snuck out.
"And what is that?" I asked.
"You. Me. Date tonight. Let's see who is really the leader of this "joint" hotel."
I laughed. "You're kidding right? No guy and live up to being right for me. I'm too high maitnence for any guy. A date with you would be like a date with a caveman. Me say no. You no date me."
"Trying to be funny now aren't we? I'll be sure to tell the boss about this one. This is very interesting." He said.
"What?" I asked. "Im the best in the business you can't- you can't do that."
"Oh I believe I can." Edward said putting his coat on.
"Fine!" I screeched.
"Fine what?" Edward asked smiling at me.
"You know how much I hate you right?" I asked.
"Oh I bet you hate me a lot. As I do you right? So, 8:00 tonight. Limo will pick up me then you. Dinner, dance, movie? Pick your choice." He said.
"After this you will accept the proposal right?" I asked.
"I didn't say I would and I didn't say I wouldnt." He said.
I sighed. "Trying to act like a player right? Well, guess what? I'm sick of players. Don't accept the proposal. I don't care."
I opened put on my coat and grabbed my things. "Jasper let's go!" I said.
"What did you just do Bella?!" He yelled.
"If you care about your job you wouldn't yell at me at a time like this!" I screeched. "Everyone back to work. Drastic changes will be made if I don't have a new proposal in my office by tomorrow!" I yelled and left the office with Jasper following close behind.
I called the limo over and Jasper got in. "Where are we going and what's going on?" He asked getting ready to smoke. I took it from him and threw the whole pack out the window. "Really?!" I asked "Wow Jasper! The proposal we spent all night on didn't go through. Guess who now has to explain this to Andy? Me! Won't tomorrow be exciting? I could loose job because of this!"
"Bella calm down!" Jasper said.
"I will not calm down." I yelled.
We soon got to Alice's fashion studio and we ran upstairs. I saw her with Rosalie doing a fitting. She dawns and gave me an uneasy look.
"Before you come any closer..." She said digging through her desk. "Here's a drink." She said handing me a cup.
"You're a lifesaver Alice but, ill need more than this." I said.
"He didn't take the proposal?" Rose asked.
I shook my head. "I can loose my job if I don't get another one in the next 24 hours. Isn't this fantastic?!" I asked getting another drink.
"Bella, before you go overboard already, let's go out tonight. We'll go have a drink or something." Alice said.
Then, my phone rang. "It's Andy." I said.
I stepped onto the balcony and answered.
"Hello Andy." I said "How are you?"
"Good. Good." he said "How did the proposal go?"
"He disnt accept it but there is a perfectly good reason as to why he-"
"He didn't accept it?! Bella we need a plan On my desk tomorrow! We need profits. If I don't have a plan on my desk by 11:00 tomorrow morning you're both fired." Andy said.
"Okay Sir, ill get right on it." I said.
I groaned. "I would love to out tonight if Cullen didn't ruin my life." I said looking through my phone. "I'm going to have to take that stupid date or else I'm not going to have a job."
I stepped outside and called him. "About time you called." He said.
"Shut up Cullen. Pick me up at 8:00 sharp and I want to be home by 10:30. Andy needs a blueprint and a proposal on his desk by 11:00am tomorrow morning or we have no jobs. Dinner then, planning." I said.
"Ma'im yes ma'im." He said.
"Your hilarious." I said sarcastically and hung up.
I walked out to Alice, Jasper and Rose. "o have a date tonight!" I said very sarcasticly.
Jasper bursted out laughing and fell to the ground. "Remember who can fire you." I said sternly.
He stood up and looked at me professionally. "Sorry." he said.
I sighed and left. Hours later, Edward came to pick me up at my apartment. Jasper was going on a date with Alice tonight.
"I won't wait up." She laughed.
"Don't hold your breath either." I said grabbing my purse.
I was wearing brown dress pants, a white shirt and a brown sweater. I answered the door and shoved past Edward. "Let's get this over with." I said.
"Uh-Uh you need to enjoy this for this to work." He said.
I put on my best fake smile. "Lets go before I get sick from seeing your face."
"Awww, I think we'll have a great time too." Edward said.
We got in the limo and it was dead silent. I didn't want to talk to him or be there.
"Want anything to drink?" He asked.
"Definetly. Only way I'll make it through the night." I said.
He poured me a cup and also himself one. "Same here babe, same here."
"Thanks for the name. Glad I make you happy sweet cheeks."
"Always have." He said taking a sip of his drink.
We got to the resturaunt and I really didn't want to eat. I Just wanted to get home and work. I isn't want to be here with Edward.
"So, my house for work?" Edward asked when we left.
"I have two lovebirds at mine so, yeah." I said.
We to his house and it was really open acctually and nice. "More sophisticated than I thought." I said.
"It's okay." Edward said "Very, very big and open."
He set down his phone and went to the kitchen. "More drinks?"
"Duh." I said.
Edward smiled and brought them to the living room. He took out the proposal sheets and blueprint paper. We started making level plans out for the hotel and different ideas. We had a lot of different ones and everytime we would agree, we would take a sip of a drink. We went through 2 bottles of wine.
"So, afraid that I'm too good for being apart of this project?" I asked.
"No, im too good. I know you really just have a huge crush on me." Edward said.
"Hah! Me? A crush on you? Yeah, okay!" I said sarcastically.
"If you don't have a crush on me then you would kiss me and not feel anything." Edward said.
I kissed him quickly and looked at him. "I feel nothing." I said.
"That wasn't a kiss. This is." Edward said and kissed me again. This time longer. He pulled away. "You didn't feel anything?" he asked.
"That was a really stupid question." I said and kissed him. He kissed me more passionately and the last thing I remembered was him picking me up.
plzz post soon
OMG..........funny & love it!!!!!!!!!!! UPDATE SOON
ooooooooooooo. this is great...i love it...please keep going
luv it
write more
wow love it more please.............
Update soon
love it
oh my!!!! please post soon....... i want more!!!!
omg love it


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