The Twilight Saga

All Human Story.

Bella and Alice are roomates in New York City. Bella is a big time business woman and Alice is a fashion designer for New York fashion week. Edward and Bella are enemies in the business world but, how about outside the business world? Alice has a boyfriend, Jasper, who is Bella's business partner. Edward's business partner is Emmett, one of Bella's best friends. Emmetts girlfriend is a model for Alice who is Rosalie. Can Edward and Bella put their careers aside to follow thier hearts after an incident happens or will their careers get in the way?

I need at least 5 comments to write this! So comment away!

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i think the proposal is going to work now..
loved the chap....
loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow... more ASAP
omg this is rlly good
it's gorgeous!you have to keep me updated!!!!!!!!!
noooooooooooooo that was really good can't wait to read more. please updated faster!
sounds good
Chapter 3

        I woke up to the sound of the street and the light shining on me. I slowly opened my eyes and saw a black conforter set.
"No." I said "No,no,no,no,no." I quickly sat up and realized where I was.
"Oh my god!" I yelled.
Edward shot up next to me. "Oh my god!"
"Ouch!" I screamed "Stupid headache."
I looked at my phone which was next to me on the dresser. "Oh my god! It's 9:00! We need the proposal at 11!"
I grabbed the rest of my clothes and put them on. Then, ran out. I whistled for a taxi and got in. By time we got a street away there was traffic.
"Can't you go any faster?!" I yelled.
"No I can't. There is traffic." the driver said.
I groaned. The beeping didn't help with my headache. I threw cash into the front seat, took off my heels and ran out the door. I finally made it to the apartment and Alice stood there smiling.
"Look what the cat dragged in." She said.
"Not now Alice!" I yelled and ran to my room. I grabbed clothes and ran into the shower. I took a quick shower and changed. I dried my hair and put it up. Alice was waiting outside the bathroom door with water and aspirin.
"You're a lifesaver Alice." I said.
"What happened?" She asked.
"I don't even remember!" I said "All I remember is him kissing me."
"Oooo la la." Alice said.
"Alice shut up! I hate the guy are you stupid?"
"It doesn't seem like it." She murmured.
Jasper knocked on the door and Alice kissed him. I groaned.
"You had you're fun." She said.
"Alice!" I scolded.
"Woah, woah, woah! What's going on here?" Jasper asked.
"Bella just got here about an hour ago." Alice answered.
Jasper laughed. "Hah! You-you-you-you! Hah!"
"Shut up Jasper!" I yelled.
"Did you get the proposal done at least?" He asked.
I groaned. "Oh....I'm done. I'm going to loose my job, I'm going to have to leave, I'm done!"
"You didn't even finish the proposal Bella?!" Jasper asked.
"I don't even know!" I yelled.
I grabbed my phone and called Edward.
"Hello?" He asked.
"You better be on your way to work." I said. "How far along did we get in the proposal?"
"We were almost done, I think."
"Okay, leave for work now, I'll be at my office. Ask where it is and get in there. We need to finish this." I said and hung up.
I turned to Alice and Jasper. I grabbed Jasper's jacket. "Let's go." I said.
We got to the limo and my headache faded away.
"Okay so, what happened?" Jasper asked.
"I don't even remember." I said. "All I remember is that we kissed."
Jasper laughed.
"Your job Jasper." I said sternly.
He stopped and we soon got to work. I walked into my office. It was almost 10:30.
"Be on the look out for Edward." I said.
I put my things away and sat down. I sent out emails to everyone and looked through the old proposal. It was now 10:35 and Edward wasn't here. I took out my phone to call him when he walked in.
"Bad day to be late!" I said.
"Sorry but-"
"Don't explain. We don't have time." I sighed. "Where's the proposal and blueprint?"
"Right here." Edward said taking them out.
We went over everything and finished it just in time. Jessica came in.
"Andy's here." she said.
"Okay thank you Jessica." I said. I turned to Edward. "Nothing of last night gets repeated...ever,ever again. Are we clear?"
"And if I 'accidentally' repeat something?"
"You'll be out of a job."
"You can be too."
"Ugh!" I said and opened my door. "Let's go."
We walked down the office and some people starts staring and whispered about us.
"You told?!" I sneered at Edward.
"I didn't tell anyone!" He said.
I groaned and knocked on the door to the meeting room. "Come in!" Andy said.
We walked in and he hugged me. "Bella! You look more beautiful everytime I see you!" he said.
"Thank you Andy. You look good yourself."
"You too Edward!" Andy said "You're getting taller."
"Thank you." Edward said.
"Okay, so sit, sit! Let's go over this proposal. You have 15 minutes to pull me over." Andy said sitting down.
Edward and I took turns going over everything with Andy. Time was running out and we had to hurry. Finally, we finished and Andy stood up.
"Well, it's a lot of work to do but......I love it! You guys make a great team!" Andy said. "Email me all of the information and I'll give you more." Edward high-fived me then, Andy turned around. "Oh and Congradulations on being engaged you guys. Everyone always knew there was something going on between you too."
I looked down at my left hand and there was a diamond sitting on my ring finger. I looked at Edward.
"Bella...." he said stepping back. "Now, I didn't know about-"
"You- you- you-ugh!" I screamed and pushed past Edward.
write more asap!
When did they get engaged????
loved it!!!
omg......way to funny lol love it
What the heck happen!!!!!
*screams loud*
how in the heck did everybody knew, except those two.
This is getting good!!


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