The Twilight Saga

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Bella and Alice are roomates in New York City. Bella is a big time business woman and Alice is a fashion designer for New York fashion week. Edward and Bella are enemies in the business world but, how about outside the business world? Alice has a boyfriend, Jasper, who is Bella's business partner. Edward's business partner is Emmett, one of Bella's best friends. Emmetts girlfriend is a model for Alice who is Rosalie. Can Edward and Bella put their careers aside to follow thier hearts after an incident happens or will their careers get in the way?

I need at least 5 comments to write this! So comment away!

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loved it cant wait for more updatee soon no nowww
love it
that was awesome
Chapter 4 (part 2)

         I dragged Edward over to my parents. "Mom, dad this is fiancée."
         "We didn't even know you dated someone!" My mom exclaimed. 
        "Well, I did." I said innocently. 
        "Well Edward, we were going to take everyone out to dinner. You should come with us." My mom said.
        "Oh, I wouldn't want to intrude on-"
       "He would love to mom!" I said. "Jasper, do you want to get the limo? Edward and I will meet you guys out there."
      Jasper led my parents out and very loudly said "Im sure you and Edward need to catch up on things. After all, you haven't kissed all day!"
     "Jasper!" Edward, Alice and I exclaimed.
     I shut the door behind them and paced around the room.
     "You didn't tell me your parents would be here!" Edward sneered.
    "I didn't know!" I said "They surprised me!"
    "Well, what are we supposed to do huh? Your parents think we're engaged!" Edward yelled.
    I groaned. "I don't know! If I knew i wouldn't be panicking!"
     "Well, they are waiting for us." Edward said.
     "Thank you captain obvious." I stated.  "Okay well, we're going to have to go along with this whole engaged thing for at least a little bit because if not, my parents will find out. Andy will find out. We're going to have to be good actors." 
      "Okay, fine, whatever. Let's go." He said.
      Edward and I grabbed our coats and stepped out of the apartment. I saw the limo. "Hold my hand." I told Edward. 
     "What?!" He asked.
    "Hold. My. Hand." I sneered through my feet. 
     Edward sighed. "This is going to be so. Much. Fun."
    "You don't know how much fun Im having right now." I said.
    I opened the limo door and edward and I got in. 
     "Thanks for waiting." I said "We haven't seen each other all day."
     "Wait a second," My dad said "Isn't this the guy that you hate? Is this Edward Cullen?"
     "Oh that way before we really got to know each other." Edward said.
     "Yes." I agreed. "We've gotten to know each other better and here we are."
     "But, just last week didn't you say that you wanted to push him off of-"
     "Alice, did you talk about Rosalie yet?" I asked. "Tell my parents how great shes doing."
      While my parents were distracted, I could tell my dad was trying to put this all together. He's smart he would figure all of this out. This is going to be a fantastic long as people can keep their mouths shut.
         (Next chapter will be longer i promise!!!)
that was a cliffee!!! =( I hope Bella's father will not find out about their little scheme... when will you update your other story?
hahahhhaha LOL hope they figure out something!!! :)
luved it
OoOoOoOoO..........this dinner is going to be FUN!!!!!!!!! Love it!
love it
this is really good
This is super good.I can't wait to see what Charlie's assumption is about Bella and Edward's sudden engagement.The next chapter ought to be funny.I can't wait for more!


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