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I’m an international multi-million dollar superstar. Born & heartbroken in Forks, Washington. Living & play with his head in Los Angles, California. Life is so good.




Chapter 1


“Look, Jessica you’re a great lawyer and a wonderful friend but I can’t deal with your attitude anymore. I have to let you go.” I informed her over the phone.


“Bella don’t do this! You need me!” She sneered back.


“Actually, I’m sure that there are thousands of lawyers in this city that would love to represent me. Besides it’s already been done. Goodbye Mrs. Newton.” I responded, hanging up the phone.


I sighed. I never like being the diva but people seemed to listen to her.


I called my assistant in on the intercom.


“Angela, can you find me another lawyer in the next two days? Where the hell is Victoria? Never mind, will you call Ms. Brandon and Mrs. Hale to see if they’re up for lunch? Thanks.”


A couple minutes later she was in my office with a stack of papers.


“Lunch is confirmed, you have reservations at Bistro’s for 2:00. Your new lawyer wants a meeting later today around 4:30. Here’s your coffee and all the papers you need to sign for the Gala on Thursday. Release forms, invitation list for you to go over, and the menu needs revision. By the way Victoria’s on her honeymoon, remember? She’ll be back Wednesday morning.”


I smiled. “Ang, you’re the best. Tell me why you’re my assistant and not my agent, again?”


She laughed.


“Because I can’t stand Corporate America and I enjoy handling your life on a less extreme level.”


I nodded. It made sense. Angela Weber had never been an outgoing person. Anybody who went to high school with us could tell you that.


“Touché.” I giggled. “Oh, and take the day off Wednesday will you? A spa day, my treat.”  


Angela reached for the door knob, shaking her head furiously.


“Nope. That’s not going to happen. You’ve got to much do this week. Hmm…I’ll take a rain check.” She smirked.


I laughed. “Fine. Next week.”


After signing what seemed like hundred of documents, reading –what I understood anyways– my new music contract, looking over the guest list, and setting up a massage at five I was beat. The day was no where near over.


It was 12 p.m. and I had an interview with Abby Dixon on her talk show, Hello Los Angles, in 20 minutes.


I collected my purse, PDA, and headed out to the elevator.


Angela met me there portfolio and purse in hand.


“I thought you didn’t want to go to this interview?” I asked her as the doors closed.


“I didn’t but I rather be behind stage instead of behind a desk.” She explained.  




I hated being in a makeup chair. It made me feel claustrophobic. Millions of hands plucking and probing at you face. People screaming at you and each other, telling you where to sit, how to speak into a microphone, and all the other showbiz bullcrap. Acting as if I had never been on television before or performed in front of a live audience. I was a professional singer for god sake’s.


Five minutes before the show started Abby came to talk to me. She was platinum blonde middle-aged women standing at about 5’5. Smoky gray eyes that were piercingly gorgeous, high cheek bones, and thin lips.


“Hello, I’m Abby. We’re so glad to have you on the show. I loved you last album and I think you’re a great artist.” She said, as I shook her hand. Her voice was light and soft but it soundly motherly in a way.


I smiled.


“Thank you, for having me.”


She went on to say that she couldn’t wait to start and that she’d see me out there.


The theme music for the show played. Abby warmed up the crowd as the producer pushed me to the edge of the curtain.


“She’s warmed America’s heart with her angelic voice. Her new CD ‘I’m still standing’ is number 1 on the charts. The lovely and talented Ms .Bella Swan!” Abby called from her seat on stage.


The crowed roared as I confidently walked on stage to take my place next to the host. I smiled, waved, and hugged Abby like every star does.


“Have a seat.” She ordered. I obliged taking the warm yellow colored chair next to her.


“You look amazing.” She complemented me.


“Well, I hope so the make-up crew back there was picking at me for a good ten minutes.”  I laughed. Abby smiled.


“So what have you been up to lately?” She asked me. I sighed mentally; this was just the beginning of the mundane questions she would ask.


“Umm…nothing much really. I just released my album last week so I’m kind of taking it slow. But I do have my children’s health gala on Thursday. A couple of interview and photo shoots, sleep deprivation really.”


The audience chuckled.


“Yes, I heard about you organization. Tell us more about that.” She urged.


“Well, it’s an organization that helps needing families pay for child health care. We also just starting families buy baby supplies such as formula and diapers. I really wanted to do something that would help a lot of people and families out there who aren’t as fortunate as me.” I replied, sincerely. The audience applauded like crazy.


“Isn’t she an angel?” Abby called out. I couldn’t help but blush.


When everything calmed down Abigail continued.


“Would you like children, Bella?”


I nodded, gingerly. “Of course I do. I just don’t want to bring them in to this world now. I’m at the top of my game and I have plenty of time to worry about having little Isabellas running around. Besides, it makes two to have a little bundle of joy and at the moment I’m flying solo.” I chuckled.


Abby asked many other questions. She asked about my parents, my friends, and Emmett. Our childhood in Forks and what it was like to live in the rainiest place in the continental U.S. But when she finally found a question that everybody wanted to hear the answer too, Abby stuck with it.


 “Are there any men in the Hollywood business that you wouldn’t mind hooking up with? Even better we’re going to try out a new segment on the show called Kiss or Diss.” She called.


“This sounds like something I would have played with the girls in high school.” I giggled crossing my legs.


“Ok, it self-explanatory. I say a name; you give me your answer.” She declared, excitedly. I nodded in agreement.


 Abby grabbed a stack of index cards from off of her table and started to read.


“Robert Pattinson.”


“He’s an amazing actor and a great friend. Kiss.


“George Clooney.”


I laughed.


“Isn’t he old enough to be my dad? Diss.”


“Orlando Bloom.”


“Oh God. My Hollywood Crush. Is devour an acceptable answer?” Abby smiled and shook her head in approval. The audience laughed at my choice of words.


“Hugh Jackman.”


“That’s one hunk of man. Kiss.” Abigail laughed this time.


“My Dad is going to be down my throat when this is over.” I huffed, rolling my eyes.


“O.K. last one. Edward Cullen.”


The world stopped. She did not just say who I think she did.


“Who?” I asked, playing dumb or maybe I was just torturing myself.


“Edward Cullen. L.A.’s most eligible bachelor.”


“Of course. How could I forget?” I nearly growled. I mentally slapped myself. Nobody needed to know our history. No one needed to know that he was my child hood sweetheart. Ever.


“So?” She pushed. “What’s your answer?”


I squared my shoulders.


“Diss.” Several people in the audience –women no doubt– gasped. Abby even seemed a little taken aback. I rolled my eyes. They acted like Edward was god and last time I checked, he wasn’t even in the freaking country.


“Interesting.” Abigail said with wrinkled eyebrows. “Thank you so much, Bella for being here.”


I smiled. “It was my pleasure.”


She turned toward the audience. “Everyone in the audience gets an autographed copy of Bella’s new CD and a $100 gift card from Kohl’s. Everyone at home can order Bella’s album through our website.”


The crowd squealed with enthusiasm and clapped furiously.


“When we come back 10 tips to eating right.” The theme music played out as the show went on commercial.


A bell rang calling break.


Abby quickly thanked me again and I was gone. I never stayed around for the rest of the show. 



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write more
Oh my! this is really good! Please,please continue! Keep me updated too! You have a good story starting out here.
Chapter 2

As I sat in the limo on my way to lunch, Angela sat there trying to analyze me. She kept looking to see if I was going to have a breakdown.

“I’m fine, Ang.” I manage to choke out the words. I stared out the window.

“Are you sure? You didn’t look fine onstage.” She stated simply. I sighed.

Who was I trying to fool? I was trying really hard not to freaking cry my eyes out. As Angela tried to comfort me I sat there wondering why Edward did it. Why he had left me?


“Babe! We did it!” I squealed. It was finally over. High School.

Edward pulled me into his warm embrace. I reached up on my toes to kiss his soft lips.

“Yes, my love. We are officially adults.” He chuckled, pulling away.

I sighed, falling back onto bed. Edward stretched out next to me. That’s when I realized we’re alone.

I crawled on top of his hips straddling him.

“We’re alone you know. Charlie and Emmett are at work.” I told him as I unbuttoned my blouse. “I think it’s the perfect time to celebrate. No interruptions, no distractions.”

Edward grinned, wickedly as I threw my shirt behind me.

“Time to serve your after school detention, Ms. Swan.” He whispered in my ear, grazing it with his teeth.

It sent chills down my spine. I craved him.

“God, I’ve been a bad girl.” I growled back, before devouring his lips.


Angela had the driver stop at Bistro’s on the way back. I had invited her to join us but she politely declined saying that she had a lunch date with Ben.

I successfully snuck into the restaurant without being detected. Classical music engulfed me as I waited for the concierge.

“Hello, Ms. Swan. It’s so nice to see you. Right this way.” He sat me down at our usual table, where Alice, Rose, and Charlotte were already seated.

“Hola, mi amores! Miss me? ” I plastered a smile on my face.

They all grinned at me, as I sat down. There was a giddy high to their demeanor. What was I missing?

“We see you everyday. We don’t get time to miss you.” Alice chuckled, peeking over the top of her menu. I stuck my tongue out at her.

“Ok, who’s first?” I asked. They all had something to share so I was opening the floor for them. Charlotte looked at me, confused.

“What are you talking about?” Rosalie questioned. I could see the edges of her mouth tugging every so slightly; she trying not to smile.

I rolled my eyes.

“Cut the bull crap. What’s going on?” I pushed.

They all answered at the same time.

“I’m engaged!”

“I’m pregnant!”

“I’m adopting!”

My eyes grew wide. Alice was getting married, Rose was pregnant, and Charlotte was adopting; Lots of great news.

“OMG! This is great news!” I exclaimed. “Hold on. Why am I just finding out about this now?”

Rose spoke up.

“Well... I went to the doctor this morning, to make sure. You were on TV. So I’m off the hook.”

I looked pointedly at Charlotte.

“I have patients to take care of. Besides I rather tell you all once then repeat myself.” She snorted.

Rosalie laughed. We all looked at Alice.

She smiled at us.

“I’ve been with my man.” She called, taking a roll.

I busted out laughing. Alice could be so blunt sometimes.

Jane – our usual waitress – came over to take our orders.

“What can I get for you ladies today?”

“We’ll have a bottle of you’re finest champagne, three glasses, and a bottle of water? Thanks, Jane.” I asked her. She nodded and jotted down the order.

Everyone add their orders and the waitress went to go fill it,

“Why only three glasses?” Alice asked, once Jane was gone.

“We’re celebrating and Pregnant Patty over there is not drinking on my time.” I explained, pointing to Rosalie. Who was efficiently stuffing her face with bread. Alice and Charlotte laughed at her, as she threw a piece of bread at me.

“I saw you on Hello Los Angles, this morning. You did great.” Charlotte cheered.

“Thanks.” I mumbled. I had actually almost forgotten about the talk show.


Charlotte must have noticed my lack of enthusiasm because she started to apologize.

“Oh, I’m sorry Bells. Are you okay?” She asked, placing her hand in my shoulder.

“I’m fine, Char.”

“You’re lying. I can tell I’m a psychologist remember?”

I heaved a sigh. “Don’t psycho analysis me, Charlotte.”

“I’m not. It’s written all over your face, beside you a horrible liar.” She told me. Alice snorted.

“Whatever, I don’t want to talk about it.” I declared, just as Jane came back with the wine and food.

“Fine.” She allowed.

For the- next half an hour we talked about everyone’s good news. Charlotte told us that her and Peter would be going to the adoption center on Friday.

“Why do you want to adopt though? Why not just have the baby yourself?” Rosalie asked.

She didn’t seem to understand why someone would want to adopt instead of carry their offspring for nine months.

“Well, for one thing you know that I hate not being able to work. Peter tried to get me to stop working and try to carry but I was miserable. I didn’t know what to do with myself, he was at work and I was alone.” Charlotte explained.

I nodded, stuffing my mouth with more mushroom ravioli. Charlotte had always been a busy body. She wasn’t as bad as Alice but she could be if need.

“With adoption,” She continued, “we can give a child, who has nothing…, everything.”

Charlotte was glowing and she really wanted to do this.

We smiled.

“Well, if I do get pregnant, I’ll be right at the boutique everyday. Won’t catch me at home moping around.” Alice stated, shamelessly.

Rosalie laughed.

“Oh please Alice, if there was a tornado right outside the window, you’d be there trying to save all of your designer clothes.”

We laughed because it was so true.

Just then, my phone rang.

“Bonjour, Bella Swan.” I answered, still laughing.

“Bella, its Angela.”

“Oh, hey Ang. Let me put you on speaker.” I told her. I set the phone on the table.

“Go ahead.”

“Well, I just called to tell you that your new lawyer can’t make it at 4:30 and wants to meet early.”

“Oh, okay. What time does he want to meet?” I asked.

“Umm…at 3:30. This gives you like 12 minutes to get back to the office.” She calculated.

I groaned. “Fine. I’m on my way.”

“The limo should be out front.” Angela added. I wiped my mouth and drunk the rest of my wine.

“I’m sorry.” I apologized to the girls.

Charlotte smiled.

“Don’t worry about it. Duty calls.”

“Besides, it going on your tab anyways.” Alice added.

Rose laughed. “Yep, it was your idea to celebrate.”

“I guess. You guys are the best.” I grinned.

“No problem. Who’s your new lawyer anyway?” Alice asked, finishing off her salad.

I frowned. I actually didn’t know.

“Who is my new lawyer?” I questioned Angela. The line was quiet.

“Ang?” I repeated. For a second I thought she had hung up on me but them I could hear her shallow breathing.

“Bella, please don’t freak out. He called me…” She began. A lump formed in my throat.

“Angela, who is it?!” I yelled. She sighed.

“Edward Cullen.”

A/N: Had to repost everything! It's so annoying when they just delete stuff!
Love it!! Post more soon!!
i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OMG fantasic u left a tiny cliffe i c could u please keep me updated? I love ur story
WWWWWWWWOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that was very unexpected. 0.0
Post more soon! I can't wait! :)
please post more and keep me updated
write more
i guessed it would be edward halfway through the second chapter im glad it was him and not like jacob black or something since jacob hasnt even been introduced into the story yet anyways...great story! i love itttt! :)


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