The Twilight Saga

Love Is All You Need.- A story about Bella and Edwards life after then end of Breaking Dawn. I do not own anything from the twilight saga. I do own my own plot in my story.

Bella's pov

I had felt over joyed that the Volturi did not kill my family. I now believed that everything was going to be fine. I had a beautiful daughter who had her whole life ahead of her. I loved Renessmee with all my heart and the thought of losing her was not bearable. I was kissing Edward more slowly while thinking about this and he noticed the sudden change in my kissing.

"Whats wrong Bella? are you not fully happy now?"

"Oh Edward, of course I am happy, I have never been more happy" "I was thinking about Renessmee actually."

"I have been to, she is very happy and content with her life though. She loves us very much."

I smiled and stood on my toes to reach his lips. He bent down and kissed me fiercely.He put his hand on my check to pull me closer. We kissed for two more seconds when he pulled away and dropped his hand to hold mine. I was about to protest when Renessmee walked in. I smiled brightly and held my arms open for her to jump into them. We had this procedure figured out pretty quickly.

"Momma, wheres Jacob?"  Of course she would want to know. Jacob had left to go talk with his pack, he had said that he would be back in the morning because it was already pretty late.

"He had to go talk with his pack sweety, he will be back tomorrow before you know it"

She frowned at my words and pouted, she hated when Jacob left her without telling her.

"B,b,but why?" She said through a rough voice. I saw a tear run down her check. Edward came over and kissed the tear away before it could run down her chin. "Sweety he had to talk about some things with his pack, some very immportant things. He didnt know why Jacob left either, but I kew all about it.

Jacob had left without telling her because he didnt want tell her anything about the day he was planning for her. He was planning to have a carnival set up for her and the other children on the reservation, so he had to convince the pack to let him do it because the cullens we still not alowed past the treaty line. And he needed money to do it. Thats where I came in. Jacob did not tell Edward because knowing Renessmee she would ask her daddy where jacob had gone and he would surly melt under her brown eyes when she pulled the puupy face on him. I had to give it to her she was good at it.

"Momma, will he be back when I get up in the morning?"

"Yes baby, he will. I promise you" I smiled at her and pinkey promised her.

"Ok, then I wanna go to bed now!" She said an jumped out my arms and pretended to snore.

I looked at Edward telling him that we should go back to our little cottage in the woods as well so I scooped Renessmee up in my arms and ran with her and Edward to the our house. I helped Renessmee get dressed in her night gown and put her to bed. She smiled as she slept.

I felt hands grab me by he waist and carry me to out bedroom. I kissed Edward on the lips and he kissed me back with a fierce urge. And thats when my vampire reactions took over and we drifted off like our first honeymoon. 



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I LOVED IT, please please please keep me updatedd. :)
sure thing, I will have the next chapter up by tomorrow, I would have had it in sooner but I have been busy. Sorry!
anyways it will be up by tonight or tomorrow!
Love Is All You Need part 3
-PREVIOUSLY- I gasped as I looked down at the boy and recognized his face.

Mike Newton.

I was in shock that it was Mike, what did he do to deserve this? His blood smelled strong.It made me want to drink his blood. He gasped in pain and turned over on his side.
"B, bella?" He wondered.
"Yes mike, its me. What happened? Why were those guys beating you up?"
"I don't know Bella! Thats the weird part, I was just walking down to my house when these guys came up to me" "I told them I didn't want any trouble then they started beating me up" Mike sounded really bad.
"What can I do to help mike?"
"Can you take me to a hospital?"
I took him to the hospotal and the docter said his injuries were big. But he would recover. I was relieved.
I finished up my big list and headed home to Edward and Renessmee.
When I got home Edward was right there waiting for me. He rushed up to me/
"Bella! Alice just told me what happened are you ok?"
"Of course Edward why wouldn't I be? It was Mike who got hurt"
"I know, but you didn't lose control did you?"
"NO! of course not! He is my friend!"
"Oh, ok I am glad you are fine" Edward sounded upset that I didn't kill Mike, I guess he still wasn't fond of him.
"Thanks, So where is Renessmee?"
"Right here momma!" She came in through the door with Jacob right behind her.
"Momma!" She jumped into my arms and kissed me on the cheek.
"Hi baby, how was your morning?"
"Good Jakey took me to the beach and I walked in the water!" She sounded like she had a fun day.
I was glad Jacob had taken Nessie to the beach, But had he gotten everthing already? I would have to ask him about that later. Right now, I just wanted to enjoy the time with my husband and my daughter.

Sorry, it is a short one. I promise More soon!
youve been busy hanging out with me hahahaha the boat !!!!!
I like it
Awesome :D I like it :)
*new reader* i love it keep me updated :))


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