The Twilight Saga

what if edward married Bella as a cover? what if he loved someone else? what if her name was Alix Cullen? what if she was edward legal wife? what if everyone hated Bella? Renesmee never born.


chapter 1


edward's p.o.v

I had just walked into the lunch room when I saw her sitting alone reading a book. I chuckled and thought, "I guess some things will never change." I saw her look up from her book and look around. I smiled as she saw me. I started to walk over to her when someone put their hand on my shoulder. I turned around. It was Rosalie. "Edward, where are you going?"she asked. "Alix is here," I told her not looking away from Alix. Rosalie followed my eyes and gasped. "She really is here," Rosalie said.

Me and Rosalie walked over to her. I sat next to Alix. "Edward, are you really here?" she asked. I nodded. "Yes, I am really here," I said. She smiled and leaned over and kissed me. I kissed her back. She slid her hands into my hair and pulled on my hair. I chuckled. "Somethings never change Alix," I said. She giggled. I saw Bella,Alice,Emmett and Jasper walk into the lunch room. I sighed. Rosalie looked over to them. "We need to tell Bella, Edward," Rosalie said. I nodded and looked at Alix. "I will be right back, I promise baby," I told her. She smiled and nodded. I smiled and kissed her cheek and got up with Rosalie. Me and Rosalie walked over to everyone else. "

Edward, was that...?" Alice asked. I nodded. "Yes, it was," I said. 'Who?" Bella asked. "Um," I said. Alix walked over. "I'm Alix Cullen," she said laying a hand on my shoulder. Bella looked at me. "Edward,who is she?" she asked. "I'm his legal wife,"Alix said. I watched as Bella got up and slapped Alix. I growled and grabbed Bella's hand. "Don't you dare hit my wife again, Isabella Marie Swan. I married you as a cover and Rosalie and Alice both knew about Alix," I growled.

Bella gasped and ran outside. I smiled and looked at Alix. "Come home?" I asked. She smiled and nodded. I smiled and pulled her down to my lap. She giggled. I smiled. I saw Alice go into a vision. I gasped. "Fill us in please," Emmett said. "Bella is Cauis's daughter," I said. They growled. "She played us," Rosalie said. Alix rubbed my arms. I smiled at her. "I love you and only you," I said. She smiled. "I know," she said. The bell rang for the end of lunch. "I'm gonna go home," I said. "I'll go with you," Alix said. "Us too," everyone else said. I smiled and helped Alix up and got up. She smiled. I smiled at her. We all walked outside and went to the parking lot. 'I walked here," Alix said. "That's fine, you can ride with me," I said. She smiled.

We got into our cars and drove home. 20 minutes  we pulled up to the house. I saw Bella and Jacob talking in the front yard. Bella saw me and smiled and glared at Alix. I got out and ran around the car and opened Alix's door and held out my hand. She smiled and took my hand got out. I smiled and closed her door. Bella walked over and pushed Alix onto the ground. I growled. "Don't touch my wife Bella Klutzy Volturi. Yea, I know that you are Cauis's daughter," I growled at her. She gasped and growled. "So what if I am?" she said.

"Leave Bella and don't come back," I said. She frowned and ran away. Jacob walked up to me. "What the hell, Edward?" he said. "Go away Jacob," I said to him walking inside wth Alix. She smiled at me. I smiled back at her. "I love you," she said. "I love you too," I said. I was so happy that Alix was back. I wonder if Damen and Darren are back as well. I saw Alix looking at me. I smiled and kissed her forehead. She giggled. I smiled and wraped my arms around her tiny waist. She wrapped her arms around my neck. I smiled and leaned and kissed her. "Yuck, get a room," Emmett said walking into the living room. I laughed. Alix blushed. "Its good to have you back,Alix,"Jasper said walking into the room. "It's good to be back,"she said.I smiled as I thought about what I as gonna do to her tonight. "EDWARD,stop that,"Alice yelled from upstairs. I chuckled. Alix looked at me liked I was an idiot. "Leave Alice alone, babe," she said. "Fine," I said. She smiled and played with my shirt. I smiled and kissed her forehead. "Are Damen and Darren back as well?" Rosalie asked

who are Damen and Darren?Well will find that in the next few chapters

this is everyone so far:








coming soon:







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sounds very good, please continue!

will do should i do the next chapter in alix's P.O.V or edward's P.O.V

some information from Alex's POV would be cool...which ever you decide is fine :-)


yea your right and do you think you can get more people to read it

My name is alix.. Alex is my twit twin brother who is also on there

as you write usually more start reading

ok thanks

nice....can't wait for more


Rosé you have my pic add my request and you can use it~ alix


Kay thnx


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