The Twilight Saga

Love is pain


Chapter 1

Bella's pov

I was sitting in the cafeteria with my hood on, Angela, Erik, Jessica and mike were all siting at the table with me talking to each other, I was silent,

Ever since Edward left me for Tanya, I felt numb, like I have no feeling now

The rest of the Cullen’s were sitting at their table, even though Edward and I broke up, they stayed in Forks

But now they ignore me, or glare at me like a piece of trash, but i didn’t care, they would always be family to me.

Edward and Tanya were absent today; I shuddered at the thought of what they could be doing right now.

Angela was looking at me with concern, I was getting sick, I never felt well now

"Bella are you ok" Angela asked, all of my friends eyes were on me now, and from the corner of my eyes I could see the Cullen’s head snap in my direction, they were paying attention.

"I’m fine Ang” i paused" it’s just a fever" I said while covering up a cough

"Maybe you should go home Bells, you don’t look good” Jessica said with a concerned face

"No, I feel fine "I said, then there was a pain in my head, I laid my head on the table the chill helped out a little

"Plus ill miss out on all the class work" I told them my head was still on the table, my eyes were closed

"i can get the work for you" Erik said

"Ya Bella, you need to go home" Mike said from across the table

"But ....... "I was cut off by Angel

“Don’t worry Bella, I’ll go to all of the classes’ and help Erik get the work" she told me

"But I don’t think I can drive home" I paused" unless you want me to get into a car accident" I said

I sat up in my chair leaning my head against Eric’s shoulder, he pat me on the bake and Angela, gave me a concerned look

"Why don’t you call Jacob Black" Angela said I could see the Cullen’s eyes narrow in my direction now, some were even glaring.

Ever since I and Edward broke up, I have gotten closer to Jake; we were best buddies now,

But a couple weeks ago, he stopped hanging out with me, because he was sick, he had mauno or something

" I don’t know Angela" I said

“Just try Bella” she said while handing me her cellphone, I signed

I took her cell and dialed Jacob's phone number.

It took a while but he finally answered the phone

"Hello" Jacob said

"Jake Hi its Bella" I said in a low whisper

"Bella, are you ok, what' wrong" he asked concerned

“Jake, I don’t feel well could you come and pick me up at school. I don think can drive home" I said my eyes closed again, the headache was getting worse by the mint

"I’ll be right over Bells hold on" he said ,and then the line was gone

I hung up and gave the cell back to Angela

"Is he coming "she asked

"He coming” I said while cuffing

Erik hit my bake slightly, and I put my head on the table again, wishing for the pain to stop

A couple mints later I heard the cafeteria doors open up, and there was a high pitched laughter Tanya and Edward

Every time I saw theme, they were Kissing, hugging, or snuggling, It would kill me inside, but I ignored the pain

They went over to the Cullen table, as soon as they saw Tanya and Edward a smile grew on their face, I remember when that used to be me, I signed and drank more water.

The cafeteria doors opened up again, this time there were three footsteps,

I looked over to see that it was, Jacob, Quil and Embry

They all looked different there hair was cut short, they had an identical tattoo on their arms

I could see that they were now taller, and more build, all of the boyish fetchers where gone

Which was replaced, by a teenage boy or young man’s features.

Jake looked 18 or 19, so did Quil and Embry

They walked towards our table; everybody in the cafeteria was staring at theme. And the Cullen’s including Tanya was glaring at them, what was there problem. They didn’t do anything bad

Erik helped me up, and I walked over toward Jake and his friends

"Bella I missed you "Jake said while giving me a hug around the waist he almost picked me up

He felt worm and safe, which was good, because the cafeteria was freezing me to death

He pulled away, and then Quil and Embry gave me a hug

"Dang Bella you look like Hell" Embry said, Quil shoved him playfully and apologized

"Sorry Bella my friend is an Idiot” Quil said with a smile

I laughed just a little" come on; let’s get you home “Jake said while putting his arm around my waist. To help support me up,

At that moment I felt fain, I stumbled a little, it was dizzy and foggy

Jake caught me and pulled me towards his chest" Belles are you ok" he asked

"No” was all I said, and then I felt someone sweep me off of my feet,

“Jake "I grumbled" put me down “i wined

He didn’t respond, but there was a grin on Embry and Quills face, as they both bumped fist

Soon the darkness took over, and I snuggled up into Jake's chest, I felt loved and safe again,

And I could feel rooking movement, and quiet whispers of my best friend

End chapter 1, tell me what you think about it =)R&R

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i liked it! and pls update me!!!!!!!! :D and post more


Love it!!!!! I cant believe she's all alone!!!!!!! Can you post a chapter in Edwards POV? Please write soon!!!!! Cant wait!!!!!!! :)
Awwwwww POOR BELLA!!!!!!!!!! I love the story though plz more soon!
I love it!
Chapter 3

~Jacobs’s pov~

Bella looked up at me like I was crazy” what are you taking about Jake, they hate me” .she sobbed into my chest, I pulled her into a hug again,

The Cullen’s loved Bella before, I don’t know what happened to theme, but after the as…Edward left Bella for the bimbo, Tanya, me and the pack wanted to go after the leaches, for hurting Bella so badly,

I was now dating Leah Clearwater, she and Bella are close friends, after the Cullen’s started ignoring her they boat became good friends, and she wanted to go over to Edward and tear his head off, well woe didn’t want to, Even Balla’s human friends wanted to do something to the Cullen’s

But of course because of the treaty we could do nothing about it, when the Cullen’s ignored Bella. She came over to my place a lot, we would hang out all the time in the shed, and I was trying to fix my car, I was in love with Bella, and I was thing about asking her out, and making her my girl friend

I would be there for her, protect her, love her, and give her anything she wanted, unless it was dangers or stupid, but soon after I started to get all moody, I didn’t feel well, at first I thought it was the flu that I got from Newton at the movies, but it got worse, ever part of my body was in pain, I couldn’t get up without cussing or swearing,

That’s when I found out that I was a shapeshifter, and I started to avoid Bella, because I was a monster now, I could kill or hurt Bella if I lost my temper,

I almost lost my temper when I saw Cullen all up on the blond, good thing Embry and Quil were with me, of I would have killed him and his coven right there

I hurt Bella to, I told her that we couldn’t be friends any more, and that killed me inside that I had to tell her that,

“Bella” I signed “not all of the Cullen’s should hate you” I said

“What about Esme and Carlisle, They don’t hate you “there like family to you.

~Bella’s pov~

Carlisle and Esme still loved me, once in a while I would end up hurting my self, and I would end up in the hospital, Carlisle was still the fatherly figure and he said that Esme missed me , I missed her to she was like a second mother to me,

“I don’t know Jake “I said
“Let’s go over there and See” he said

“No Jake I can’t go over there “I wined

“come on Bells” he paused “ I herd that the Culles kids are out of town right now, so they wont be there “he said

I signed” fine ill go, as long as there not there “I said in a shaky voice

Jake pulled me into another hug and pulled away

“You’ll be fine Bella” he said “plus if the Cullen’s hurt you “well just go over there and kick some as...” I slapped his arm” Jake don’t do anything stupid” I said

Jacob had a smile on his face; it felt like I was missing out on something important

“Get some of your things packed” he said “ill weight for you out side” with that said he walked out the front door and closed the door

~10 Mints later~

I had my bags packed with some of my stuff, all of Charlie’s stuff. Would go into a

Jake was driving my truck to the Cullen’s place. I had to show him the way or we would end up lost in the forest

I was looking out the window “are you ok” Jake asked me

I just nodded my head,

And then I saw it the Cullen’s mansion

This was going to get interesting.

~Carlisle pov~

I was up in my study room, reading a book; my loving wife was in her room designing Edward and Tanya’s new house, I shuddered, when Tanya got here, things got out of hand, first my children, treated Bella rong, she was apart of the family to ,and they had no right,

Tanya was always throwing her self at Edward, and for some reason he would agree with it, they were all changing, and I was desponded in Edward and my kids, what happed to theme,
Edward hurt Bella so badly, I herd so many rumors about her, cutting her self, Bella drinking, but I knew Bella she was better than that.

I also missed Bella, she never came around anymore. She was like a daughter to me,

I was taken out of my thought when I smelled a foul odder, a werewolf odder and something else, I sniffed the air and it was a human, Bella.

Esme was at my side now” what are we going to do “she said

“They have Bella, what if they hurt her “Esme said

“Just stay behind me “I said, nothing was going to hurt my wife or daughter,

We went down stairs, to get ready; the kids were in New York, so they were no help

But why was there a werewolf on our land,

I herd a car pull up into the front yard, boath me and Esme went in to the front,

Infront Bella was holding bags and it looked like she was crying,

The werewolf looked at us, but he had no anger in theme only sadness

And I could tell that he wasn’t going to attack,

Bella walked over to us, the boy behind her, I pushed Esme behind me just incase.

“Bella its grate to see you gain” I said

“Esme why don’t you and Bella go inside “I paused” it’s going to rain soon “I said

Esme and Bella went instead I turned my head back to the boy,

“Why are you here” I said to the werewolf in a calm voice

“My friend needs your help “he said………………

~5 mints later~

After he explained everything about Charlie, Bella was now homeless,
And of course she was welcomed to stay here, even if the kids didn’t like it

We talked a little; His name was Jacob black; I made a treaty with his grand father, years ago

He was a young werewolf, but amazingly he could control himself vary good,

“Thank you for telling me the news” I said putting out my hand to shake his

“Your welcome “he said, shaking my hand” if Bella ever needs me pleases call me “he said then handed over a piece of papers with numbers riten onto it

“Your aloud on our land if you need to speak to Bella “I said” just make shore to tell me before you come” I said

He nodded” tell Bella I'll see her later “Jacob told me

“I will “I said

Then he got into his car and drove away,

My phone started to ring, it was Alice

“Hello” I said into the phone

“Carlisle are, you ok, I couldn’t see your future,” she said panicked

“Im ok Alice calm down and I have to…….”Alice caught me off

“You can tell me later Carlisle, the family is worried were coming back”

She said and then hung up, I closed my phone and went into the house

Esme was in the living room sitting on the couch

“Are you ok” I asked walking up to her and giving her a kiss and hug

“I just fell sad for Bella” she signed”she’s suck a good kid and bad things are happening to her,

“Things will get better “I said she rested her head into my neck

“Where is Bella” I asked

“Asleep in her rooms “Esme said

“She never gets sleep now” she said in a sad voice

“We have to get ready” I told her

“For what “she asked in a shaky voice
I took in a deep breath” the kids are coming home” I said

Her eyes started to widen at the news………….


End chapter 3 hope you liked it R&R =)
I absolutely loved it please update soon!
love it update soon
Wow! Love it plz keep me updated
Love it!!!

this is a REALLY good story..please update soon


Ch 4


Alice pov

We were on the plane going back to forks because Carlisle and Esme future disappeared

I was sitting next to jasper my head lying on his shoulders

Tanya was sitting with Edward, I tried to smile about theme being together, but there was something Rong

It didn’t fell right; it gave me this dead feeling

Seats away, I heard her talking about Bella with her sister

They were laughing about her

It didn’t feel good herring things about hurt, it made me hurt in side

Emmet Jasper and Rose said nothing they were silent but smiling and the jocks

But could tell by looking in their eyes that they were upset like me

Jasper glanced at; he grabbed my hand then gave it a squeeze

"Are you ok?" he whispered with worried eyes

I gave him a smile “fine, don’t worry"

He smiled then peeked me on the lips and turned to Emmet

Then I turned to the window and glanced out, I just got a bad feeling

That someone close to me and to the family, is going to get hurt

Bella pov

The Cullen kids were coming back, my eyes widen

Esme and Carlisle stood in front of me worried eyes

I ran past theme they fallowed after me

They shouted my name, tears ran down my face, I can’t face theme, not right now

" Bella, where are you going?!" Carlisle shouted

I turned around to glance at my second parents

"I can’t stay here" I trailed off" they don’t like me and Edward is with Tanya" I choked out

They looked in shock and guilty now

"I could never see theme living together so close, it would kill me "I finished my sentence and got into my truck

I drove away tears running down my face, were would I go now

As I drove out there drive way I spotted their cars

It felt like slow motion as we passed cars

They didn’t pay attention to me they were all smiling

As I passed Alice car she noticed me a frown on her face then she turned her head away and I did the same

Then and there, I knew that I hand nothing else to do but Run, I had to get away from Forks

To many memories lingered here, I now wished that Edward would have never saved me that day
If a life without my parents, the Cullen’s and Edward….Edward, I can still remember loving words that he would whisper to me at night, I was truly going to miss him

As I pulled up at my old house, I couldn’t help but smile, still tears came out, and this would always be my house

If I was leaving ,I would have to do it tomorrow ,I still had to say goodbye to all of my real friends, I would miss theme ,but it was for the best, I hated putting theme in pain, it was shelf’s of me

Letting myself into the house, I noticed that the place was still the same, Jacob had told me that Sam Uley and some of his firmed, were going to pack the stuff up and move it into a storage or Jacobs place
Jacob’s place was cramped already, I couldn’t imagine, how packed it would be with me living there

Running over to the kitchen I open up the Cabinet and saw the money jar, usually that where we put the money for groceries, but Charlie would have no use to it now, so there was no harm in taking it

I grabbed the money and quickly contend, there were only 900, but it would have to do, I ran up to my room and started to pack Items that I would need, like clothing maybe a couple books, I grabbed my I pod and shoved it into the bag, then grabbed another bag, I rushed down to the stars and packed food

But I only grabbed things that wouldn’t need heat, like can foods and stuff that were still sealed in plastic
I ran back up to my room to grab something, when I noticed Charlie’s room and tensed, I never went into his room, I don’t think he ever used it

I walked over to his room and opened up the door, to my surprise it was clean, the bed was fixed a family photos was on the stands, walking over I pulled it out, it was a picture of me, Charlie and Renee, they were smiling and I was still a baby, raped in my mothers and fathers arms, I smiled

From the corner of my eyes’ noticed something shiny, it was Charlie’s gun, my hand shook as I grabbed it, maybe this would come in handy one day, there was an open drawer and I noticed a box of bullets just lying in there, I also picked that up, then ran out of my father’s room

The day passed by and it was finally night, I felt lonely, knowing that Edward not even Charlie was going to be in the house tonight, I was balled up hiding in my sheets, waiting for the pain to end, my arms were around my chest, keeping my heart from falling out

The next morning I bolted up from a nightmare, my heart nearly beating it way out, when I was calmed enough, I threw on a pair of pants and convers, I grabbed my blue tank top and jacket then slipped it on
Checking in the mirror, I looked like hell, bags ley under my eyes my heart was a mess, but who cared

I grabbed all of my bags and threw theme into the back of my truck then there a blanket over the bags, I didn’t want anyone looking at the bags, and then I drove to school…for the last time

End Chapter R&R

I love it! It was sad about what Alice heard how people were talking and laughing about Bella! I'm glad that Rose and the others (besides Edward) fell the same. This is a GREAT fan-fic, please update soon! Hoping the Cullens stay safe since Alice has a bad feeling!


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