The Twilight Saga

Love is pain


Chapter 1

Bella's pov

I was sitting in the cafeteria with my hood on, Angela, Erik, Jessica and mike were all siting at the table with me talking to each other, I was silent,

Ever since Edward left me for Tanya, I felt numb, like I have no feeling now

The rest of the Cullen’s were sitting at their table, even though Edward and I broke up, they stayed in Forks

But now they ignore me, or glare at me like a piece of trash, but i didn’t care, they would always be family to me.

Edward and Tanya were absent today; I shuddered at the thought of what they could be doing right now.

Angela was looking at me with concern, I was getting sick, I never felt well now

"Bella are you ok" Angela asked, all of my friends eyes were on me now, and from the corner of my eyes I could see the Cullen’s head snap in my direction, they were paying attention.

"I’m fine Ang” i paused" it’s just a fever" I said while covering up a cough

"Maybe you should go home Bells, you don’t look good” Jessica said with a concerned face

"No, I feel fine "I said, then there was a pain in my head, I laid my head on the table the chill helped out a little

"Plus ill miss out on all the class work" I told them my head was still on the table, my eyes were closed

"i can get the work for you" Erik said

"Ya Bella, you need to go home" Mike said from across the table

"But ....... "I was cut off by Angel

“Don’t worry Bella, I’ll go to all of the classes’ and help Erik get the work" she told me

"But I don’t think I can drive home" I paused" unless you want me to get into a car accident" I said

I sat up in my chair leaning my head against Eric’s shoulder, he pat me on the bake and Angela, gave me a concerned look

"Why don’t you call Jacob Black" Angela said I could see the Cullen’s eyes narrow in my direction now, some were even glaring.

Ever since I and Edward broke up, I have gotten closer to Jake; we were best buddies now,

But a couple weeks ago, he stopped hanging out with me, because he was sick, he had mauno or something

" I don’t know Angela" I said

“Just try Bella” she said while handing me her cellphone, I signed

I took her cell and dialed Jacob's phone number.

It took a while but he finally answered the phone

"Hello" Jacob said

"Jake Hi its Bella" I said in a low whisper

"Bella, are you ok, what' wrong" he asked concerned

“Jake, I don’t feel well could you come and pick me up at school. I don think can drive home" I said my eyes closed again, the headache was getting worse by the mint

"I’ll be right over Bells hold on" he said ,and then the line was gone

I hung up and gave the cell back to Angela

"Is he coming "she asked

"He coming” I said while cuffing

Erik hit my bake slightly, and I put my head on the table again, wishing for the pain to stop

A couple mints later I heard the cafeteria doors open up, and there was a high pitched laughter Tanya and Edward

Every time I saw theme, they were Kissing, hugging, or snuggling, It would kill me inside, but I ignored the pain

They went over to the Cullen table, as soon as they saw Tanya and Edward a smile grew on their face, I remember when that used to be me, I signed and drank more water.

The cafeteria doors opened up again, this time there were three footsteps,

I looked over to see that it was, Jacob, Quil and Embry

They all looked different there hair was cut short, they had an identical tattoo on their arms

I could see that they were now taller, and more build, all of the boyish fetchers where gone

Which was replaced, by a teenage boy or young man’s features.

Jake looked 18 or 19, so did Quil and Embry

They walked towards our table; everybody in the cafeteria was staring at theme. And the Cullen’s including Tanya was glaring at them, what was there problem. They didn’t do anything bad

Erik helped me up, and I walked over toward Jake and his friends

"Bella I missed you "Jake said while giving me a hug around the waist he almost picked me up

He felt worm and safe, which was good, because the cafeteria was freezing me to death

He pulled away, and then Quil and Embry gave me a hug

"Dang Bella you look like Hell" Embry said, Quil shoved him playfully and apologized

"Sorry Bella my friend is an Idiot” Quil said with a smile

I laughed just a little" come on; let’s get you home “Jake said while putting his arm around my waist. To help support me up,

At that moment I felt fain, I stumbled a little, it was dizzy and foggy

Jake caught me and pulled me towards his chest" Belles are you ok" he asked

"No” was all I said, and then I felt someone sweep me off of my feet,

“Jake "I grumbled" put me down “i wined

He didn’t respond, but there was a grin on Embry and Quills face, as they both bumped fist

Soon the darkness took over, and I snuggled up into Jake's chest, I felt loved and safe again,

And I could feel rooking movement, and quiet whispers of my best friend

End chapter 1, tell me what you think about it =)R&R

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I like it. But...if you see anything on the news about a strawberry blonde girl and a bronze haired dude that went missing...dont blame me hehehe. Wrtie more please!!
i love it! keep me updated plzz!! thanks update soon!

I love it! You should really write it ^^

Please keep me updated!

Oh, and Edward's a foul vampire. Along with Tanya.


- LoveCookkies

This story sounds interesting....can't wait for more!!!  :)
I really like it please continue!
Sounds awesome!!!
sounds awesome plz continue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love it!!!!!! Awwww YAY Jake to the rescue!!!!
love it!
Can't wait for more!!!
Chapter 2

~Bella’s pov~

I woke up in my bedroom I was lying in bead with my shoes of and the blanket covering me, someone had tucked me in; the window was open letting in the cold air in,

I felt to hot I was sweating like crazy, I went to my drawers to find some new cloths, then I went to the bath room and took a shower,

As soon as the hot water him my bake I relaxed immediately, the steam helped clear up my sinuses, and I could breathe again.

I got out of the shower when all of the hot water was running cold, I dreesed in dark blue shorts and a wight tank top

I was drying my hair with a towel, when I walked into my room to find Jake sitting on the edge of my bed; he had a brown bag in his hands,

“Hey” he said while getting up and walking towards me, he pulled me into a hug, that’s when I noticed that he wasn’t wearing a shirt; he was crazy it must be freezing outside of the house, did he walk here?

"Jake" I said while pulling away” why aren’t you wearing a shirt" I said while throwing my towel at him

"It got wet, when I was walking over here" he said, there was a T-shirt tied to his leg, some type of thread was holding it up,

He took off the thread and put the black T-shirt on, and then he gave me the brown bag

“What’s this “I asked while opening it, inside there was a container,” I picked up some soup on the way” he paused “ I thought that after all of this sleeping you might get hungry,

“Thanks Jack, im starving “I said while giving him a hug again, he chuckled and hugged me back” what are friends for “he smiled

Down stairs the phone began to ring, I pulled away to go answer it, Jake followed after me, with the soup in his hands

“Hello” I said into the phone
“Hello is this Bella Swan” the voice asked

“Yes this is Bella Swan” I said

“Miss swan in Doctor Smith, ive been treating your father, Charlie swan.

As soon as I herd my dad’s name I panicked

“Is there something wrong with him doctor” I asked in a shaky voice

There was silence…………………

“Miss Swan” he paused”im sorry to tell you that your father wont be living for that long”

“no” I wisped in a shaky voice” how long does he have to live” I asked almost crying

“Not vary long “he signed” he has about a week until we have to pull the plug”

“We did all we could, were sorry to inform you about this news, you should come and see him for his last couple days “the Doctor said

“Ok, good bye Doctor Smith” I said and then I hung up the phone

Jake was right next to me. He saw the tears and pulled me into a hug” im so sorry Bella “he said while my head was buried in his chest, tears were soaking his shirt.

“What am I going to do Jake” I sobbed “he was my only family left” I started crying even harder

About 5 months ago Reene and Phil got into a car accident, Phil died on the impact of the car, Reene lived for about 3 days the passed away, Charlie ,Jake and my friends helped me threw it,

But the thing is, im never going to heal, I already lost my second family and soul mate to the witch, Tanya

I lost my step dad and mother

Now im going to lose my dad

What was I going to do, Im only 18, and still going to high school

The bills won’t be paid, where I will live,

I cried even harder thinking about how my life could be so perfect, and then the next day turn into hell.
Now I only had Jake, and my friends to help me out

“Its ok Bella, things will be alright” he pulled away and wiped my tears away with his thumb

“You can come and live with Billy and me” he said while moving a piece of hair out of my face

“no I can’t Jake” I paused” your place is already to crowded, I don’t want to be intruding”

“But Bel……”I cut him off

“Jake you already have problems sleeping in your tiny room” I smiled a little

“How would it help if I came and lived over there” I paused” you would have to sleep on your roof or shed, and I can’t do that” I smiled

He was thinking, at moments he would start a sentence and then stop in the middle, trying to find out different alternatives for me to live with him

“Jake I can find a Motel down in Port Angela’s; I have my own job “I said

Jacob shook his head” there is now way im going to let you live in that place by yourself Bella” he said in an angry voice

“We have some crazy people out there” he said with a worried voice

He started rambling off about what bad things that could happen to me and that if someone harmed me he would end up in jail, Jake was an overprotective idiot, but he was my overprotective idiot

“Ok, ok……. Jake come down I won’t go there “I said and he shushed

“That’s better “he said and pulled me into a hug again

“What about the Cullen’s? “He asked …………………………..

End chapter 2 hope you liked it, R&R =)


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