The Twilight Saga

Love, loss, and despair. The Story of Addison Chloe Clearwater.

History: When Seth imprinted on Marisol, a new character, they had four kids, Chloe Taylor Clearwater, Benjamin Harry Clearwater, Lillian Monica Clearwater and Addison Shannon Clearwater. This story is about Addison, otherwise known as Addie. Her sister Lillian, Lily, is so excited because she learned that Collin imprinted on her. Addie is happy for her sister but, being the youngest, it is hard to see your siblings so happy, when you aren't. Benjamin, imprinted on a girl named Rebecca Blake. They are going to be married in a weeks time. Her big sister, Chloe, is married and has two kids, named Narcissa Abigail Ateara and Bellatrix Hailey Ateara, twins. Quil never imprinted on Claire,but imprinted on Chloe instead. Chloe had a passion for Harry Potter, so she named her kids after two characters she thought had nice names. Addison is pleased with her niece's and the story begins at her two niece's house.

Chapter 1: The twins first day at school.

I was happy today, because, not only was I seeing Embry at the beach after medical school, but I was also babysitting my two niece's and taking them to school. It was their first day and Chloe wanted to stay with them, so did Quil, but I told them to go away for a while, on a vacation.

"Narcissa Abigail Ateara, come here!" I yelled! Narcissa had taken my clothes and put them on, for her first day in high school. "Take my clothes off and put on your own!" She could be a brat sometimes, but I loved her.

"Aunt Addie, I have nothing to wear! You said that you would take me to the mall after school but I can't wait that long! Please! Please! Please! Oh and by the way, please call me Cissa! I hate being called Narcissa," she said, flustered.

I looked at her face and immediately nodded. She was just too convincing. "Where's you sister?" I asked. We were going to be late.

"Bellatrix Hailey Ateara, come down here!" Yelled Cissa, mimicking me.

I looked at her and she smiled. I had to laugh.

"Coming! Just give me a minute! Oh and Cissa, call me Bell," said Bell.

They hated being called by their whole first name. I don't know why, I thought they were awesome names, but, apparently, they weren't 'cool' in high school.

"I'm ready! Like it?" Asked Bell.

I turned around and saw that, she too, had taken my clothes and worn them. I groaned but smiled.

I drove the girls to high school and told them that I had a surprise for them afterward. I had planned to buy them both a car, well, their parents had, but they asked me to buy them and then they would pay me back. I offered to buy half of one car though. I was about to become a doctor and half of a car wouldn't hurt me.

Here are the outfits for Bell and Cissa.


Here are the pics of the characters:







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I dunno, I thought it was kind of pretty but, after I thought it would be cool if she had a nickname as well.
Chapter 2: Medical school.

I drove my car through the mid morning traffic slowly. Every minute I had to slow down to at least 10 MPH. Who wants to drive that slow? one!

But, finally, I got to The La Push medical school and parked in a small space for my Volkswagen bug.

When I walked in the door, a bustle of young men and women filled the atmosphere. Everyone seemed to be in a big hurry, because today we were going to the actual hospital to perform a surgery we were preparing for. A man, about 50, needed heart surgery, and, though we were young, we were well trained to do this. If we passed, and we were supposed to, we got our medical degree. If not, well, we had to start med school all over again. Let's just say I didn't want that to happen.

I was glad that everyone was hurrying, because that put me in the mood to hurry as well. I normally didn't want to, but I had to, and it was easier when everyone else was too. I quickly opened the small locker that held my necessary medical items and my scrubs and quickly walked over to Dr. Kim Estrella, to tell her I was ready. She smiled and motioned for me to follow her through the doors of the school. They led into the main building, the hospital.

I was deep in thought, remembering each medical procedure I had ever learned, and whispering silent words of confidence to myself.

Dr. Estrella looked over at me and smiled. "You can do it. I know you can. That's why you're at the top of every class I teach."

I smiled. "Thanks. I hope I can."

We walked quickly over to the patient's room.

A nurse came over to us and grinned. "Hello Dr. Estrella, is this Ms.....Addison Clearwater?" She asked.

I nodded. "But call me Addie."

"Okay...Addie," she said, trying to remember to say it whenever she saw me, probably.

She motioned us over to the door and led me inside. The man, Martin Buck, looked weak. I smiled at him and walked over. "You'll be okay."

He slightly smiled, trying to, but not able to really. "That means a lot."

I turned to the Nurse. "I'm sorry, I didn't get your name."

"Gabrielle Florence," she murmured.

"Thanks," I said, then turned back to the patient.

"Well..Addie, are you going to start?" Asked Nurse Gabrielle.

I nodded, still looking at the frail man.

They took him into the OR and I breathed in and out many times. Suddenly, Gabrielle gave me the phone. "It's La Push High."

I nodded and took the phone. "Hello?"

"Hi Addie. Are you Narcissa's guardian?" Asked a man I assumed to be the principal.

"Well...I'm watching her for a couple of days for her mom. I'm their aunt," I said, confused.

"Narcissa has gotten into a fight with Miss. Missie Blake at school and you need to come pick her up immediately," he said.

"Um..I would, except, I am about to perform a surgery and I need to be here," I said. "Is there anyway I can get someone else to pick her up?"

"Well, if you tell me their name I could allow that," he said.

"Um..His name is Embry, Narcissa will know him," I said.

"Alright, have a great surgery," he said.

"Thanks! Bye!" I exclaimed.

Then I dialed Embry's number and got no reply.

I started to get angry. Why did Narcissa have to do that?

Then the phone rang again. I answered. "La Push General, how can I help you?"

"Hi Addie, it's Embry! Did you call me?" He asked.

"Yes, can you pick up Narcissa?" I asked.

"Yeah. I'll get going," he said.

"Thanks! Love ya," I said.

"Love ya too," he said.

I hung up. Then I hurried over to the OR and began to prepare myself.


(Narcissa POV)

I walked into high school with pride. I was in high school! But my day was ruined right after 3rd period when stupid Missie Blake told me I was goth. Now normally, I am pretty cool about things like that, but, today, she was just being a @@@**^^&77$$$# ! You get it!

So I punched her. I mean seriously, punched her. the principal was really mad too. So he called my Aunt Addie.

Whatever! Missie totally deserved it anyway!

Then the principal told me that Embry was picking me up. Great! Thank god Aunt Addie isn't missing her surgery for me.

Embry came exactly 10 minutes later.

I walked out to his car.

I sat on the comfy velvet seats.

"Hey Cissa! What did you do to have to come home on the first day of school?" Embry asked, as he got into the car.

"Oh...I just punched Missie Blake in the face," I said, proudly. I was proud for what I had done.

He looked shocked but just chuckled and drove off, dropping me off at home.

He stayed there for a while until Aunt Addie came home, a smile on her face. When she saw me, instead of being mad like I thought she would, she ran over and hugged me while squealing with joy, then she hugged Embry. "Thanks for picking her up."

Then she told us that she had passed the surgery and had become a doctor. I was so happy for her!


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