The Twilight Saga

Doctor Edward Cullen,never believe love existed.He married with the innocent Bella Swan,only for her fortune,to get his ambition!!would he find the means of love from her??can she change his life??







"Arent you dressed yet?"

Bella thought scattered as she wheeled to face Renee,her stepmother,who have entered the rooms without knocking."i dont hear your knocking,Renee?"she said try to calm herself.

"dont be sassy with me,missy.get ready,now!!"angrier now.she give Bella the dress,and leave.

Tonight,her father have ball at their house,with mission to find husband for her.She hate it,but she couldnt refuse it either.

When Bella was ready,then she went down to meet all the people her father have invited.dozen of pairs of eyes followed Bella progress as she gracefully descended the staircase.But none were more intent than the pale figure lounging carelessly against a huge white column across the rooms.His fathomless eyes missed nothing as they raked Bella flithe form outrageously displayed in the revealing blue gown.Somehow Edward Cullen hadnt expected such an ostentatious display by young girl.

"well,what do you think Edward?"his companion asked."does the lady suit your purpose?"

"oh,the lady suit well enough"Edward grinned wolfishly,leaving little doubt to his meaning 

."the lady is wealthy enough to suit no matter how she look.Hells fire,Emmett,that young lady creating such sensation with the men is the reason i am here."

"this is party, took a lot of doing on my part to get you an invitation."

Edward nodded,turning his attention back to Bella with her lates partner dance at the center house

"if fortune should shine on me and i retrun to Forks with an extremely wealthy bride,i will be a model husband-by long distance.lokk here Emmett,im not the monster you think me.My wife will be well treated and want for nothing."

"but i never expected you'd be so determined to marry money that you would select wife on those merits alone."Emmett complained.

Bella know he was watching her.she felt his green brooding eyes on her,sense his disapproval.whenever she chance to glance in his direction his heavy-lidded gaze was upon her,assessingly.Bella shivered.

Bella watched warily as her last partner's long muscular legs swift closed the distance between them.

"i believe this my dance,miss Swan."his voice ,velvet and sensual,sent ripple of awereness through Bella,and she made a great show of studying her dance card to allow her heart time to slow down to normal beat.

"Doctor Edward Cullen??"Bella asked,recovering her composure.



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chapter 1                                                     

chapter 2

chapter 3

chapter 3 part 2

chapter 4 and 5

chapter 6

chapter 7

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chapter 9


chapter 11

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chapter 13

chapter 14

chapter 15  (temporary missing,,,rewrite soon!!! )


Epilouge continue



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sure things,thanks a lot guys!!
thanks,i will try to make the first chapter done by today.seriously,im so excited with this story!!
thank you,i realy apreciative your comment!!
im happy if you like it!!
luv it
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sure things!!are you jacob fans??well,in the mindle this story i will bring him,dont worry,i will put him as the good one!!hehe...thanks a lot for your comment guys!!
chapter 1:

"i believe this is my dance,miss.Swan?"
"Doctor Edward Cullen?"
Edward nodded,at the same time sweeping her onto the dance floorwith amazing ease.He was pleasantly by the sound of her voice.The slightly breathless quality lent it sensuality that made it difficult for him to concenterate.
Bella thought Doctor Edward was holding her much too closely,but because it fit her mood and circumstance,she did not rebuke him.Instead she studied him surreptitiously from beneath long feather lashes.She thought him rather handsome,ai rugged sort of way,and difinetly more verile than any man she had seen thus far tonight.
But sudenly she felt his lips was on hers,then she gasped."stop,you no right to treat me like this!"
"i tought you enjoyed this kind of treatment."edward said blandly.
"How dare you accuse me of wanting this?">Bella cried ,nearly incoherent now with rage.
"Just as i thought."He said with hint of disgust."You are merely child playing at seduction.Next yime you'll know not to trifle with man unless you mean business.Stick to untried boys."
"But-bu-i didnt tri-trifle-with you."Bella stuttered,tugging frantically at her bodice.
"May be not."Edward conceded grudgingly,"but your wanton behaviour tonight led me to believe you'd be receptive to my advance.Surely you dont expect to snare a hushband by boldly flaunting your charm for everyman in sight,do you?No respectable man wants a wife who will cuckold him at the first opportunity."
Bella tear dried instanly.Hot indignation surged trought her sa she retorted."Thats the whole point!Idont want a husband!I dont want to be offerered the marriage mart like piece of goods."
"So,thats your game little one?"Edward whistled softly as comprehension gave him insight into Bella little plot.
Sorry it short chapter,because the next chapter will be very long.Enjoy!!
gotta go for work,i will update as soon as im free.
I Love it!!!!!
thanks.i love it too if you enjoying this story!!
love it
cant wait for more


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