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Bella is the cousin of Georgie Henley and is living with her for personal reasons. To Celebrate  the release of Narnia: Prince Caspian movie there is a party of a ship and Georgie brings Bella along to it. Bella there meets fellow actors: Anna, Skandar, Will and Ben. But she and Ben have a connection and they along great. Ben feels like he has know her before. One day when he comes over for dinner they discovers letters and photos from the 1500's that hold the key to Ben's question.Ben and Bella were royalty in the 1500's and they were in love even though their family did not approve. Now they are alive again in the present day time. What will Happen?

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Chapter 1

Early 1550's:


Princess Isabella was walking along the woods of Romania, it was a rather warm day, she was near a lake, she knelled down and splashed her face with some cold, fresh water. She ran a hand in her long soft brown hair and she turned around as she heard the sound of a horse approaching.

Prince Benjamin ascended from the trees on his horse and his eyes met Bella's. The wind picked up and he inhaled her sweet scent, the scent of roses hit his nose. He stopped his horse and jumped down from it. He was a rather tall, handsome and dark haired prince. He walked over to Bella and he kissed her hand bowing to her softly "Hello, beautiful Princess" he said smiling at her softly "I am Prince Benjamin"

Bella blushed and she curtsied to him "Princess Isabella" she said and smiled warmly at him. Her family was not that rich, she was from a lower social group then Prince Benjamin. Ben's parents very rich and they thought low of people that had less money then them. They were driven by power and money, Ben was not like that, he hated to turn out like his parents. 

Being alive in the 1550's was not picking and choosing. The girls always had to get married off first, even at the ages 15, 16. The boys were of course older, always 5 or more years senior of the girls. They always had to be required to be good warriors as well.They could get married later then the girls. The girls were always expected to fall pregnant soon. Sometimes Prince and Princess got married even in the same family, Love was not an ingredient in their parents eyes, only the money and power and passing the throne down to someone else. Bella was currently 15 and Benjamin was 25.

"It's my most humble pleasure to meet you Princess Isabella" Prince Benjamin said as he kissed her cheek softly, he smiled at her, she was the most beautiful girl he has ever layed his eyes on. Bella felt her cheeks flush red when he kissed her cheek.

"It's a pleasure to meet you too Prince Benjamin" she said softly

"Call me Ben" he said "Please, call me Ben" he looked into her eyes as he stepped a bit closer to her, he stroked her cheek softly "You are so beautiful" he said "Your beauty just shines through and it's like a blind man is seeing the sun."

Bella blushed even more redder "You're very sweet....Ben" she said, when she said Ben, her voice was just lighter then air, lighter then silk, even softer then linen. "Do you live far from here?" she asked looking at him.

"Just there" He said as he pointed to the castle on the top of the hills behind the woods and Bella felt her breath catch in her throat, he lived in the castle that belonged to her parent's enemy. The two family were in a feud and did not get along. He saw the shocked expression on her face "Are you part of the family that mine is feuding with?"

Bella sighed and she nodded sadly "Yes, I am sadly" she said looking at him.

He lightly lifted her chin up so she looked at him "Don't fret my dear Princess, I am not mad. For I see goodness and beauty in you, something to love."

Bella smiled at him warmly and stroked his cheek softly, she then heard a voice calling her "I have to go, can I see you again? soon?" she said

"Meet me here tomorrow" He said and before she left he kissed her lips briefly in a soft goodbye kiss before he let her ran off and he smiled watching her.

Bella looked back at Prince Benjamin who stood there still smiling, she smiled back and then she ran off back home, she bit her lip slightly, still feeling his lips on hers.


"Bells, come on, we're going to be late" Georgie's voice bellowed even outside, they were on the deck. They were going to a party for the release of the movie Prince Caspian. 

"I am coming, I am coming" Bella called back as she tried to fix her shoe that kept falling off, she ran after Georgie onto the ship and tripped as her shoe came off again.

"Woah easy there" a voice said as Bella felt strong arms catch her. Bella looked up and saw the most handsome guy she has ever seen in her life, the voice, the hands, the handsomeness, the kind eyes, the longer hair. All Ben Barnes.

"Umm thank you, my shoe keeps coming off" Bella said giggling as Ben steadied her so she would not fall again.

Ben chuckled and smiled at her warmly "It's alright, I am Ben" he said and held out his hand to her smiling at her softly

"Isabella, but prefer Bella" she said shaking his hand softly "Nice to meet you Ben" she said.

"Pleasure is all mine" He said as he looked into her eyes, he got lost in her eyes and it was like he was having a deja vu. He felt like he knows her and like he has meet her before but he could not remember where he has seen her before.

"You okay?" Bella asked seeing the strange expression on his face.

He nods "Yeah sorry, just got lost in your eyes, they are rather beautiful like you" He said making Bella blush bright red.

Georgie walked over with Will, Anna and Skandar "Ah, I see you two already met" she said

Bella nods "Yeah, he kind of saved me from tripping up over my own shoes" she giggled softly.

Anna giggled and smiled "Yeah, that sounds like Ben,  Ben to the rescue" she said and giggled softly "I am Anna by the way" she said holding out her hand to Bella.

"Bella, Georgie's cousin" Bella said shaking her hand softly

"Oh, so you're the one that our Georgie can't stop talking about" Will and Skandar said at the same time.

Bella giggled and nodded "I guess so" she smiled "Yeah, she can be cheeky when she wants to" Bella said wrapped an arm around Georgie's shoulder and smiled "My cheeky little cousin"

"You're only older then me by 6 years Bella." Georgie giggled and she pouts.

"I know I am, but that still makes you the cheeky one." she said and Ben just chuckled as he smiled warmly.

"Yes Georgie is cheeky" Ben said

"You know it" Georgie said giggling

Bella giggled and tried to stand but her shoe kept bugging her "Ow" she winced as her leg went all strange.

Ben looked at her "Let me help" he said and knelled down and he lightly took her leg in his hand and he fixed her shoe so it would stop falling off and not cause her any more trouble. Bella blushed at his soft touch.

"Thank you" she said as he stood up, he was close to her.

"You're welcome" he said and smiled at her, the light breeze blew her hair into her eyes so he gently tucked it behind her ear.

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I will post soon and yeah they had a daughter :)

Chapter 5

Early 1550’s:


The days kept dragging on by and Bella and Ben did not see each other, they missed each other like crazy, both of them were restricted as to where they could go and what they could do, they were being watched by guards when outside so they would not go running off to one another. There was a ball at Bella’s castle at the moment; her parents were trying to marry her off so she would forget about Ben. And besides it was the time they their only daughter be married to someone who would make her happy, but there was one issue.

Bella wanted Ben, he was the one that made her happy, and she knew that no one else would ever make her happy as Ben does.  She kept picturing her self in Ben’s arms, his lips against hers, the way she felt when he made her heart flutter with his sweet, charming comments that made her feel like she was worth something.

The maids walked into Bella’s room and they helped her get ready as the tightened her dress, Bella winced slightly as she had a strange feeling, like she was sick again, she kept getting those flashes every day now for about a week. The maids looked at her “You feeling alright miss?” they asked

Bella faked smiled, it was all she had not to crumble down and burst into tear, she just nodded and looked at her self in the mirror, she had a long, elegant blue dress, shoes that matched and her hair was pined to the side, she ran a hand in her hair and sighed in thought. She longed to be in Ben’s arms where she belonged. She just could not understand why her parents were so dead set against her being with Ben. Why was it that they did not what her to be happy with someone like Ben. What was it that they did not stand about Ben? Surely it was not just the fact that the two families did not get along.  She sighed and took a deep breath and walked out of her room and down to the ball room, it was decorated.

Bella’s mother smiled at her “You look wonderful sweetie.” She said and saw her dull looking expression “For God’s sake, smile.” She said using a slightly harsh tone with Bella as she said the last words under her breath not wanting to make a scene.

“I’ll smile when I want to smile.” Bella simply said as she saw many handsome Princes around, they all seemed to be posing and acting like they were tying to impress her but they were all pompous  fools who had no idea what she needed and wanted. They were all rather attractive and some seemed like they would be nice people but they were not Ben, nothing compared to Ben.

One of them walked over to her, he was tall, had blue eyes and blondish hair that was dark blonde almost light brown in some places and he bowed to Bella and kissed her hand softly “Hello, beautiful Princess, my name’s Prince William.” He said, he was one the Prince that Bella’s parents had picked out for Bella to marry.

Bella tried her best to smile softly at him “It’s lovely to meet you. I am Princess Isabella.” She said, sad tone to her voice, she tried to sound happy but it just was not working. She looked away, she was not in the mood to be charmed by someone she did not know and did not want to talk to.

“You’re parents were right, you are simply the most beautiful girl I ever laid my eyes on and you’ll make me a fine wife.” He said as he stroked her cheek and before she could stop him his lips crushed her as he kissed her.

Bella gasped and she pushed him away from her “Me and your wife?” she said, now raising her voice as her father walked over.

“Oh I see you already met your future husband.” He said

“I am not marrying him, I rather die!”Bella said and she frowned glaring “I do not love him, I love Ben and I am not going to marry someone you have picked out for me just because you don’t understand the love and reasons why I love Ben and only him.” Bella said and looked away and she walked off to the balcony but Will gripped her arm pulling her back. She winced “Let go of me!” she said glaring at him.

Will looked at Bella “Don’t worry you’ll learnt to love me in time.” He said and he pulled her close

Bella slapped him across his cheek rather hard “I am not marrying you, my heart belongs to someone else.” She said and walked off leaving him high and dry, she was on the balcony, she did not care she just made a scene in front of her parents and in front of the guests, she was not going to be forced into a marriage that she did not want. She sighed and saw a guard on the balcony as well

“Still thinking about that silly boy?” He asked her and smirked slightly

“If by boy you mean Ben then yes and he’s not silly, he’s the most wonderful, loving, caring person I have ever met.” Bella snapped at him and walked off to her room slamming any door she gripped by the handle behind her. She dropped onto her bed and burst into tears and she curled up on the bed and tried to shut her self out from feeling the failure she was at the moment. She kept feeling that strange feeling in the pit of her stomach that made her stomach twist and churn, she was ill, or so she thought. It got worse and she ran to the bathroom and threw up. She leaned over the bathroom sink and she cleaned out her mouth and stared at her self in the mirror wishing she was with Ben and she would know what was going on with her, she knew she would have to see a doctor soon.  Only a doctor could tell her what was going on with her and why she kept feeling so sick all of a sudden.

She let her hair lose and closed her bathroom door and she laid on her bed and she fall asleep dreaming of her and Ben.

She knew that she had to talk to the doctor alone, without her parents, it would have to be in secret, she did not want her parents breathing down her neck and keep asking many questions which she did not want to answer and when she had no interest in talking to them about it either. It was her business and her business alone.

Few days passed and Bella finally found the time to see a doctor, she was in her room, she had the castle to her self, her parents and the guards were out doing something. The doctor checked up on her and he pressed his hand lightly to her stomach examining her, she winced a little and tried not to throw up all over the doctor as she felt sick again.

The doctor looked at her after he took some notes “You’re with child.” He said. Bella gazed at the doctor in shock, her hand rested on her stomach; she was carrying a child, Ben’s child. She never had been close with anyone, only Ben. That day in the meadow. She felt tears in her eyes as the doctor left and the tears slid down her cheeks, how was she supposed to tell Ben? She could not see him, what would he say? Would he be happy? Mad? Would he hate her for this? Would he even want this child? Lot of questions span in Bella’s mind making her dizzy. She needed fresh air, she sighed and walked outside and to the lake, she felt someone grab her and she gasped as she fell back almost in shock, but she realized the strong arms, the soft touch, she looked up, it was Ben.

“Ben!” she gasped and hugged him as she sobbed into his shirt. She had no idea why she was crying, she was scared of being with child, and she was so scared that she would not see Ben ever again, but here he was, here she was, in his arms again.

Ben held her close rubbing her back softly “Shh, its okay. I am here. I am not going anywhere.” He said and kissed her forehead softly and wiped away her tears and kissed her tenderly on her lips and held her close “I love you Bella, and I am not letting anyone take me away from you, ever.” He said and rocked her softly in his arms.

“I love you too.” Bella said, in soft unsure whisper of what to do next or say to him.

Ben saw the change in mood in Bella, he looked at her “Bella what’s wrong?” he asked as he cupped her face in his hands so she looked at him

“I...Umm...I...I am with...with.....with...child.” she stumbled over her words and she looked down.

It took a moment for Ben to take in what she just said, he smiled wide and he hugged her tightly not hurting her though “Oh that’s wonderful.” He said and he kissed Bella and then he kissed her stomach he looked at her and smiled “Bella, I can’t even tell you how happy I am. I know our parents are not letting us see each other but nothing will ever stop me, in fact.” He said and took a deep breath “Bella, ran away with me, marry me.” He said and he got down on one knee holding her hand in his.  “Princess Isabella, I love you so much and I never ever want to be apart from you ever again, you are the best thing that ever happened to me and I am not letting that slip away from me, not now, not ever, will you do be the honour of being my wife?” he said and pulled out a royal engagement ring.

Bella gasped in shock “Yes...Yes I will.” She said. Ben slid the ring on her finger with wide smile and kissed her as he picked her up and span her around softly.



Georgie stared at the picture in shock; Bella looked down at the picture and swallowed “Umm well this is....”

“Interesting” Ben finished her sentence off as he looked at the picture as well.

Georgie nodded not even blinking; she was just sitting there stiff like she was stoned or something. Bella looked at them both “I think maybe we should have a better look at this tomorrow, when we all got some sleep and our heads our clear.” She said as she noticed the clock read 10 past 11. Gosh time did really fly when you were in shock after discovering you had a past life.

Ben nodded “Oh yeah, we should...sleep.” He said and he yawned a bit, he did not realize he was tired until Bella mentioned Bed.

Bella got Ben some duvet, pillows and such to sleep downstairs on the couch, they said goodnight then went to bed. It took Bella a while to fall asleep; Ben just stared at the clock watching it tick.


As Ben was falling as sleep the ticking of the clock died down in his ears and soon enough he was asleep. He woke up in the middle of the night to use to bathroom, when he walked back to go downstairs, he heard Bella stirring in her sleep, she mumbled something about Ben leaving her in her sleep.

He carefully walked into her room and he layed beside her holding her close to his chest “Shh, I am not going anywhere.” He said and kissed her hair softly and soon dozed off holding her in his arms, Bella was curled up into him asleep. They slept like that till the morning.

Georgie was the first to wake up the next day and she went to check on Bella only to find Bella and Ben asleep on the bed cuddling to each other, she smiled to her self and left and closed the door behind her not making a sound and walked down to the bathroom to clean her self up, it was only 7 in the morning.

Ben woke up shortly after Georgie to the sound of the water running from the tap in the bathroom which was just next door to Bella’s room, he rubbed his eyes and the noticed Bella curled up into him, he felt him self blush, he carefully unwrapped his arms around her kissing her forehead then got up not waking her, he walked into the bathroom.

“So, curled up to Bella huh?” Georgie said as she washed her teeth

Ben blushed and swallowed and splashed his face with some cold water. Georgie just giggled and smiled and shakes her head then when she finished she brushed her hair and walked to her room to get changed.

After a while all 3 of them were downstairs and eating breakfast, rather silent. After that they got set back on the photos and letters. Georgie pulled out her laptop to do some research and she typed into the search bar

1500’s: Prince Benjamin and Princess Isabella

She clicked enter and wondered if anything would come up and to her luck lots of pages came up, she clicked on the first one “Aha, gotcha.”

“you found us? I mean the past us?” Ben said

“Read what it says.” Bella said urging Georgie on to read, she wondered what the web page would say about her and Ben.

Georgie took a deep breath and she began to read “Prince Benjamin and Princess Isabella were alive from the early 1500’s till 1566. The couple met in 1515 when Prince Benjamin was only 25 and Princess Isabella 15, it was love at first sight for those two, but they had a problem, their families were enemies, Bella’s family was off a much lower social standing then Ben’s and their families did not approve of them being together, Bella’s parents even tried to marry her off to a young Prince Name William who was rather conceited and would not accept that Bella was in love with someone else, the young princess fell pregnant with Ben’s child and the young pair ran away to get married and be together, the whole family died in 1566 when a civil war struck Romania. Their parents never found the lovers, or heard of them until their deaths were announced in the news few days after the war was over.”

She said scrolling down as she read then she came across a picture of Will who was Prince William “It’s Will” she said

“Of course its Will, you said she well me had to get married to Prince William.” Bella said

Georgie shakes her head “No, that’s now what I meant.” She said showing her the picture and Bella gasped in shock

“Okay well now this is odd.” She said and winced slightly

“I can’t believe this” Georgie breathed out in shock

“That makes all 3 of us.” Ben said as he looked at the web page and then the pictures again, it was still rattling in his brain, he sighed and leaned his forehead on the table trying to think how this could even be possible, he was not the one to believe in such things but this just seemed so real, everything, there was even a web page about them. Surely it must have been true. But how did the pictures and photos get here then?

 They spend the weekend wondering what was going on and tried to live their lives as normal but who could when you’d find something like this in your house? Huh?

Georgie’s parents walked in as Bella, Ben and Georgie were looking over the letters and photos again, Georgie’s dad saw them and he frowned “What is this?” he said raising his voice

Bella opened her mouth to say something but no words came out from the sheer shock and surprise that her uncle Jeff was mad. “Well?” He raised his voice and glared. He then looked at Ben and Bella and he frowned “Okay that’s it, I forbid him to see Bella.”

“What? I am, 24, you can’t tell me wha...” Ben started to say but Jeff cut in.

“Out!” He yelled at Ben “Now.!” He saw Bella was trying to go to Ben so he pulled Bella back from Ben when Ben left the house against his own will as he sighed deeply.

Wow just kicked him out like that
which means what happened then is happening to them now

Yes Michalee, History is repeating is self 

Ooh...history is repeating itself isn't it?

I desperately want to know how they will sneak around and see each other!!

Loved it!

Yes it is :( poor Bella and Ben.

You will have to wait and see lol

Interesting parallels between past and future events. Such a beautiful love story! I just wonder how they could find photos from that time period and information on a website. Shouldn't it rather be painted portraits, or is something else going on? And why is her uncle so against their relationship, and this time in the present?!

you will have to find out why the information and photos and if there is anything else that might be at stake. You will have to see why her uncle is so against them. I am glad you like this

Wow!!! Time doesn't change a parents meanness!! :(

Can't wait to find out more!!! 

no it seems that no matter what age and time they are in, the parents are mean as ever

Again really.

How can you forbid someone from seeing each other.

Can't believe that what happen in the past is happening in the present.

Keep me updated

you will have to wait and see why they are forbidden to see each other.

I will post when I get back from Holiday 


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