The Twilight Saga

what if bella was a dance teacher and meet edward at one of her lesson, well it be love? or be death? read and find out.THE CULLEN'S ARE VAMPIRES, bella is human and not a klutz.

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chapter 1: new studnets
bella pov
Beep,beep,beep ugh i cant believe i have to wake up so damn early, but the kids cant teach them self, i got out of bed and went to the bathroom took a quick shower stringhted my long brown hair got dressed in my tightes and dress i ran down stairs and i got a pop tart and flew out the door with my bag and keys, i drove all the way to settle, i pulled into the parking lot took a deep breath and got out, i walk up tot the door and unlocked it, i turned on the lights took off my jacket and moved to the middle of the dance floor and took a deep breath hit the play botton on the stero and started dancing to ready to love by cascada i dont know how long i danced until the song was over and i heard claping, i spun around and relax since it was my assintnet Angla weber, i took a deep breath and spoke.
' Hello Angla i didnt know anyone was here,' i raised my eyebrow and she blushed and cleared her throut, she looked down at the floor when she spoke.
' Well i came early and the door was unlocked so i came in, then i came to see why there was music, because i thought you would sleep in sice your first class starts late today, am so sorry i came at a bad time,' she said still looking down i chuckled how could i ever be mad at her, she looked up when i chuckled then blushed again and looked down i spoke,
' Angla am not mad at you just didnt know you come this early, so can you tell me whats going on today?,' she looked up and nodded took a deep breath and spoke,
' Well you have 5 new studnets umm they called the cullen's, they have a privet class of umm all classes,' she said looking confused and shocked i was to all class that means, hip hop, jazz, ballet, ballroom dancing this is going to be a long day and with only 5 that means one is going to be my partner again, i sighed and nodded and walk to get ready for my hell of a day.

chapter 2: dance class
alica pov
Uhh being a vampire is so boring sometimes, i am sitting on jazz's laps looking at my nails while jazz played with my spiky hair, then i had a vision, it was of all of us dance hip hop and a girl there showing us what to do edward couldnt take his eye's off of her, he had love in them the time it was down i was jumping up and down jazz loved at me confused and spoke,
' Alica dear what is it?,' i looked at him and said still jumping up and down i knew i could not tell edward and i knew jazz can keep it quicket,
' Well i need you to not think or speak it got it?,' he nodded his head'good' ' anyway i say us taking privet dance classes and edward going to fall in love so am going to get us all ready so g2g love you bye,' i ran out and went far away so noone can hear me i pulled out my phone and diled the number i girl that sounds 20 answered the phone.
' Hello bella dance stuido how can i help you?,' the lady said with a lot of kindness, i spoke
' Yes i would like to have a privet lesson with Miss,bella?,' she was writing somthing down and spoke,
' Ok how many people well that be? i thought i know am going to get killed but might as well ,
' I well be bring 5 people with me,' she was writing again and spoke,
' Ok what classes are you taking? i thought i might as well do all and see what this bella can do i giggled for to myself this was going to be soo much fun,
' I would like to sigh up for all of it please,' she intook a breath and almost choked on it but spoke,
' Are you sure? well if so that well be umm $1500 is that all right?,' i was shocked so little wow thats not even half of what i spend on clothes umm i wounder if this bella peron has style, i was brought back from my thoughts by a throut clearing,
' Mam are you there?,' ofcourse where would i go?
' Yes and that well be fine,' she was writing again man can this girl write she spoke,
' Ok your lesson is at 12 noon have a good day bye, i smile,
' You to bye,' i closed my phone and smile this was going to be so much fun i put the phone back in my pocket and ran home to tell everybody but i was worried about one person edward, right when i walk in the door something happen i didnt see coming.....

chapter 3: oh no
Alice pov
I walk in the door and there sat tayna, all smile' for god sake i cant deal with her right now' i looked around edward was not here, i think he went hunting all well one less to deal with i walk to chair where jasper sat he welcome me back with open arm's i smiled, he began playing with me hair, i was thinking about the dance classes, when i heard running, i looked up and stiften, jasper looked at me, but i didnt not look back, i ran right upstair's hiding my desiner shoes, i then ran right back, jasper looked confused, i shocked my head right then edward and emment came through the door, i began singing addict by saving abel

Lyrics | Saving Abel lyrics - Addicted lyrics he looked a me weird and he go very mad, he ran and go all in my face i back an intch jasper growled, edward didnt care and spoke,
' What are you hideing from me alice?,' i looked at him shocked like i didnt know what he was talking about and spoke,
' I dont know what your talking about edward,' i said looking away from him, he straghed and spoke,
' Ok if your not going to tell me then am paying a litle visted to your closest,' i started shocked then i yelled at him.
' EDWARD CULLEN IF YOU GO NEAR MY CLOSEST I WELL RIP YOU TO PIEACES,' i laughed and hen ran to my clothes i ran afer him i took my blue cashmer shirt and held it up,
' Y ou have one more chance to tell me what your hiding.' i was so mad that i saw red,
' Give me he shirt edward NOW!!!,' i ran to him and tried to grab the shirt but messed the next thing i heard is what almost kill me, i didnt want to turn around but i had to, on the floor was my shirt rib into three pieace's i ran to it and fell to my knee,
' OH NO, WHY DID YOU DO THAT EDWARD? AM GOING TO KILL YOU.' i ran to him but emment and jasper where holding me down, jasper spoke,
' You didnt have to do that edward she was going to tell you now your going to have to wait tel we find out to, so that means when carlise comes home now lets go down stair's and wait,' jasper brought me down so i dont hurt him but i though' oh no am so dead'

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thank you sorry its taking so long i just have alot to do with school but more well be up before the end of the week maybe even to chapters
I'm a new reader.I love this story.Please keep me updated.Please write more,also.You are a great writer.It was so funny when Alice dropped to her knees and her ruined shirt.It would be so funny if she started sobbing because of her ruined shirt.Anyway,I can't wait for more! Sorry for the long rant,it just shows how much I love your story! :)
Thanks sorry i havnt wrote alot in a longggggggggg time i just been soooo busy with school and stuff i hope to rite more soon
i love it plz keep going and plz keep me updated


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