The Twilight Saga

What if Edward was part of the CIA, who are hired to kill people. He is knowned to be the best along side Emmett and Jasper. Their job is to get close to their target, earn their trust and kill them. To blend in, they work in business as a cover. But now its different because their targets are Bella, Alice and Rosalie and some of the characters are siblings. What if as gaining the girls' trust, the boys fall in love with them? What will happen if they don't have the strength to kill them?

Emmett & Bella Swan
Jasper & Rosalie Hales
Edward & Alice Cullen

This is my second ff. My first first one is called Are We Meant To Be? (not completed but working on it)
Let me know what you think if I should continue. Im really excited to write this fanfic! :)

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Awesome :)

love it please update

awsome u should do this !!!!! u have ny total suport :)


Sounds great keep me updated!!!

Here is the first chapter. I hope you like it :)

Chapter 1
A new friend
Bella POV

This was the day that I was not looking toward to. Today was the day my big brother Emmett, was leaving for his new job in business. Him and I were like two peas in a pod, there was nothing that come between us. He had always been there for me like I had been for him. He was the best brother any girl could ask for.

"Bella!" Emmett was calling me to come down the stairs to give him farewell.
"Coming." I answered already feeling the tears in my eyes. As I came down the stairs, I noticed what he was wearing. He was wearing a nice dark blue business suit with his fresh new haircut he got a few days ago.

"Bella, I know you still don't like saying goodbye but we, will see each other very soon and I will call every week or so to check up on you." He said as a tear escaped my eyes. "Don't cry Bella. You won't even notice that im gone." He had no idea how much that I wish that were true or how it pained me to say goodbye. I have never been good with goodbyes, so I just opened my arms to give my brother a hug. He gave me one of the hugs where he picked me off the ground. He was so strong and so tall compared to me. He finally loosened his arms around me and set me on the ground.
"I'll miss you Emmett. I love you." That was all I could say before he finally left.
"Likewise Bella." Emmett said with a smile. He picked up all the belongings he would need, opened the door, gave me a kiss on the cheek, saying goodbye one last time and left. I felt so depressed after he left but I knew I needed to keep myself occupied. I wanted to read but all the books I had, I read so I knew them by heart so I decided to go to the book store in Port Angeles.

~~~~~~At the bookstore~~~~~~~~~~

I was walking through the aisles, trying to find an interesting book. When I finally found one, I decided to go get some lunch and to read my book. As I started walking to the restaurant, I accidentally bumped into someone and almost fell on them.

"Oh my! I'm so sorry. I am a klutz, are you okay?" I said with concern. She turned around and she was so beautiful. She was basically a pixie. She was short like one and had hair like one. She had amazing makeup on that made her face glow and the most in-style and most fashion clothes on.
"Oh im okay. Are you?" She asked I guess just to be polite.
"Yes, I am. I'm sorry for almost falling on you. I was just on my way to go eat and I didn't see you." I hoped she'd understand my explanation.
"Really? So was I and a little bit of shopping. Would you like to have lunch together? I can tell we are goingto be great friends!!!!!!" She said with so much excitement that I got scared a little but agreed.
"Yes, I'd love that. I'm Bella." I smiled.
"I'm Alice. It's nice to meet you, now lets go to lunch." She said as she turned around taking my arm in hers. She seemed like a wonderful person already.

We made it to the restaurant. We sat down, ordered our food and got to know each other.
"So Bella, tell me about yourself." Alice said as we sat down.
"Well, I'm eighteen years old, I just graduated high school, I have a big brother named Emmett, my father works as chief of police in Forks. I love to read, I'm a klutz if you didn't know already." I laughed. "Then my real name is Isabella Swan but I go by Bella. Your turn Alice." I said as we received our food and started eating.
"Well, I love fashion, love to shop and throw parties. Im kinda sorta rich. I also am eighteen and just graduated high school. I have a twin brother that looks nothing like me named Edward and is going away on a business trip for a couple of months at a time. I also love to sing and dance."
"What type of business is your brother in? And what do you mean your 'sorta somewhat rich'? " I asked.
"I actually don't know what type of business my brother is in but he left today to start his job. And my father is a doctor along with my mother."
That's awesome. Oh, and my brother just leftbfor his business trip today too" I replied. "Wait. Is your father Dr.Cullen? Because I've been there lots of times due to my wonderful ability to not stand on my own two feet." I smiled.
"Yes, that's the one. Hey Bella, I know it's kinda out of the blue, but would you like to come over to my house to Ight fro a sleepover? I promise you'll have fun." She said basically pleading for me to go.
"Yes, that sounds wonderful. Why not?"
"Well here is my address, my house is kind of in the woods so don't think your in the wrong place. Can you come over around let's say six?
"Yeah, I'll be there Alice. It was so nice to meet you. See you later tonight Alice." I said as I got up from the table and went to my car to go home, but before I had even made it ten feet away from the table my name was called.
"Bella!!!" I turned around to find Alice running toward me and having her arms opened. I accepted her hug and then let go.
"Bye Alice." I said smiling. I was so happy that I made a new friend today who was a wonderful person with a great personality.

Sorry if it is boring and short but I hope you enjoyed it somewhat. Ill try to make it more interesting when they meet Rosalie. I'll try to update as soon as possible. Now I have one question. How should Bella and Alice meet Rosalie?

~Alice Cullen**{Elite Pack}
Okay yeah. Do you have any siggestitions for situations that could have that with Rosalie?

Awesome update!!!

Love it post more soon please!!!

love it you should post more

I have written the next chapter it's in Emmett POV. I'll most likely tomorrow :) I hope you check tomorrow and like it :)

Love it! keep me updated!

Chapter 2
Emmett POV
The Job

It was so hard to leave my baby sister behind. So hard to have lied to her about my new job. Truth was I have no idea when I'll see her next, but this is the job I signed up for and I was good at my job. I am wart of the CIA. I was told I was going to work with two other men that were just as good as me in the job. We were going to be a group, and have targets to kill. I couldn't wait to meet these men and work on our new project together. I finally reached the headquarters, not too far from Forks. I parked my car into a spot, turned the engine off and got out of the car. I was trying to relax as I came upon the door. As I came through the door, a man named Patrick was at the front desk. He was a blue eyed, brown haired, short of a guy. I could tell that he was a guy with lots of money.

"Emmett? Emmett Swan?" He asked.

"Yes, that's me." I said with a smile.

"Okay, the elevators are that way. Go to the eight floor. The office will be down the hall on your right, then take your first left, and the boss is in there waiting for you along with the others."

"Okay, thank you Patrick." I somewhat yelled as I heard him say that the boss was waiting. This definitly was not a good first impression to make. I came to a big wooden doors. There was a note saying "knock three times if you're here for the new job' I followed the instruction. Then I heard a big rough voice saying "Who is there?"

"Emmett sir. Emmett Swan."

"Come in Emmett." I took the handle and opened the door. I was amazed by how big the office was. It had a desk, a couch, a nice glass table and a glass wall with a view. There were two other guys that were on the couch having a drink with the Boss. "Close the door Emmett. Come here and sit with these two important men." I listened to his orders, not realizing I was still in the doorway.

"Sorry sir." I said as I walked calmly to the couch.

"Want a drink Emmett?" He asked.

"No sir, I'm good. Thank you though."

"Okay. These two men you are sitting by are your partners. These are the men you will tell everything to, keep no secrets from each other and definitely do not double cross them. Men introduce yourselfs."

"Hello Emmett, I'm Edward." Edward was a tall man about three inches taller than me with green eyes and messy reddish brown hair. He was big but not as big as I was. He seemed like a really good guy.

"Emmett, I'm Jasper." Jasper had curly blonde hair with blue eyes. He was also built but not as built as Edward. He was just a bit shorter than me but just by an inch or two.

"Hello, well it's great to meet the both of you." I said with a smile, offering my hand. They both shook it making the meeting official.

"Emmett is the best at taking a man down as in killing, Edward is best at making strategies and Jasper is best at making covers. You all have certain jobs that make you part of this team. You all will compromise on what is best for the team and your targets. For your first assignment, I have certain people I want died. You better have no problems with this. The targets are in the city, not too far. You all will have different identities, you will have your first name but as for your last name, it will be Black. Here is the address you guys will be living at. It is my old home that I use to live in, that nobody lives in anymore. Fill free to make different arrangements. I look foward to a long and great career together men. I will send you information on your targets in a couple of weeks, in the mean time get to know each other inside and out. As far anyone knows I am a cousin and you guys are adopted siblings. Any questions?"

"Yes one, if you will be posing as our cousin, what may we call you?" Jasper asked.

"Of course, my name is Jacob, but Jake for short. Now men it is time to go. Have a wonderful time getting to know one another." We all got up and exited the building. I looked at the paper with the address on it. I put it on my GPS on my phone. I realized that the house was in La Push, less than half an hour from my old home. As I did that, I started walking towards my car saying "meet you guys there." I was suddenly looking foward to my future, hoping everything would work out better than fine.

I hope you like it. Sorry it took so long for me to update. I'll write sometime this week and post next weekend. Thank you for reading. Please leave your opinions and suggestions. :)


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