The Twilight Saga

A 16 year old girl name Scarlet moves to La Push, she is Bella's Cousin but no one knows that. she is a witch so she can live forever. When she meets Embry he Imprints on her. What will happen? Will their love over come the dangerous that she has to face or will it be too late to save her?


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Preface(Scarlet's Pov)(In The Future):

I screamed as the pain in my throat through my entire body got even worse, I couldnt even think,it hurt so bad, I knew dying was the right thing chose, I couldnt put Embry through anymore pain then I already did, I thought he didnt want to see me but I was wrong, so wrong no one else could have been wrong as me.

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Chapter 1-The New Girl
Scarlet's Pov:

I sighed as I looked my self in the mirror and pulled up my long dark hair up into a pony-tail, I just moved to La Push and today was my first day at La Push Rez school, I picked up my bag off the floor and put it round my shoulder and walked downstairs and then outside, I shut and locked the door and then walked to school listening my ipod and humming along to my favourite songs, the spring brezze blew my fringe into my face. I got to the school and saw People staring at me.
I sighed and though-Great just great, people will judge me as usual. I opened the double door and walked to the office
"Umm Hello I am Scarlet Blackwood, The new girl." I said to the lady at desk.
She lady looked up "Oh just fill out there forms." She said and handed me some forms.
I took them and filled them in with my black pen, I gave them back to her and she gave me class shedule, I looked at the map and found my locker, I opened it up and put my bag in there and took out my books for Science and Maths, I shut the door and then as I turned around I bumped into a guy and my books flew from my hand.
"Oh Gosh I am sorry." I said as I started to pick my books up, The guy was helping.
He smilled softly at me "Its ok, It was my fault." he said as he handed my books.
I looked fully at him and smiled "Hi I am Scarlet." I told him
He smiled "Hi, I am Jacob, but my friends call me Jake." I smiled and nodded
"Nice to meet you Jake." I said when I took my books from his as we stood up.
"Its nice to meet you too Scarlet." Jake replied back and then we both went to our seperate lessons.
I got to my science lesson a bit late, the teacher just walked in and I sighed of relief. The teacher smiled at me and I smiled a little back, I was nervous, my first day at a new school, The teacher faced the rest of the class and spoke.
"Ok Class, we have a new student with us, her Name is Scarlet," she looked at me "So Scarlet tells us a bit about you."
I swallowed, god I always hated talking about my self in front of students at a new school, I faced the whole class and began
"Hello, I am Scarlet Blackwood, I am 16 years olf and moved from New York High School, I am a bit shy but once you get to know me I Kind of open up a little bit." I laughed nervously and bit my lip "I am..."
The teacher cut me "Thank you, That would be enough" she smiled at me and then showed me to my seat,
I sat down and sighed of relief, Thank god the teacher cut in before I emmbarased my self with the story of my life and how I got to La Push, I was sitting next to a girl, she looked a bit older, short dark hair and she didnt look very Happy, I decided that I wouldnt ask her who she was so I didnt because I didnt want to make her even more mad by asking her questions. I opened up my text book, we were looking at Animal Behaviour in Class, I read through the pages and answered the questions in my book, After that the teacher spoke about Animal mating, some of the Class started to Laugh and booded at what the teacher said, I sighed and shook my head and though-What a Bunch of Imature kids.
Science dragged on and so did the rest of the day pretty much. After school, I walked home again, I had bunch of homework, I decided I'd take to the beach with me, I had a little snack when I got home, and took my English and History Homework with me down to the beach, I sat on a flat rock and started to read through my History Textbook that would help me do my homework about Crime and Punishement in the 17th century.

Embry's Pov:
I was at the beach with Jake and Jared and we were just laughing and having fun, Kim and Nessie skipped over to Jake and Jared and Kissed them on the cheeks, I sighed, I still hadnt found my Imprint and the rest of the pack did well apart from Seth and Leah. I walked around and triped over someone legs. The girl pulled her legs back and helped me up.
"I am sorry, are you ok? I didnt see you, I was well doing my History Homework." She told me and she looked really sorry that she tripped me up. I looked at her closely and when I did it was like.I couldnt even describe the feeling, it was like she was the only person left on earth with me, I wanted to protect her, Love her, be he friend or whatever she needed and wanted. I knew she was the only one for me. She looked at me and she was blushing. I shook my head and snapped out of me staring at her and spoke.
"Its ok, no Problem." I smiled and extened my hand "I am Embry, Embry Call"
She took my hand and shook it "I am Scarlet Blackwood." she said and smiled.
I felt sparks fly between us and I Could tell she felt it too because she was nervous and took her hand back and held her book close to her. I chuckled and smiled.
"Its nice to meet you Scarlet." I told her.
"Its Lovely to meet you too Embry." Scarlet replied smilling.
I smiled and saw Jared and Jake walked over with Kim and Nessie.
"Hey Hey." Nessie said hyperly.
Scarlet giggled and smiled "Hello." she saw Jake and smiled "Hey Jake."
Jake smiled back "Hey Scarlet, oh this Jared, His Girl Kim and My Girl Nessie." He told her.
I was shocked they knew each other. Scarlet smiled at Kim, Jared and Ness.
"Its nice to meet you Guys, I am Scarlet." She told them.
"Its Nice to meet you too Scarlet." Kim and Nessie said together smilling while Jared just nodded along smilling.
I looked at Jake.
"How do you know Scarlet?" I asked well kinda of yelled which Made Scarlet giggle.
Jake laughed "Dude chill, I met her this morning at school." Jake replied.
"Oh." I said and blushed a bit.
Jared looked at Scarlet and me "We're about to play Volleyball, wanna join?"
Scarlet looked a bit unsure and set her homework book down "sure why not" she said smilling.
I smiled aswell "Great, now teams."
"Ok well I pick Jake and Kim." Jared Said grinning
I chuckled "Ok that means I get Nessie and Scarlet." I said and winked at Scarlet.
Scarlet giggled and blushed "Shouldnt we play guys against girls?"
Jake laughed "Yeah right."
Scarlet raised an eyebrow "afraid you gonna get beat?"
Jake scoffed and laughed "Fine! Bring it on Girly."
Scarlet Giggled "You're going down chicken" Scarlet laughed and made chicken noises.
Kim, Me and Nessie with Jared laughed "Ok enough you two, lets play." we said at the same time.
Scarlet giggled "Ok" she said and cartwhelled her way to the net. I stared shocked with Jake and Jared while Kim and Nessie laughed and walked over to her,
Me and the guys jogged over aswell and threw Scarlet the Ball, Scarlet caught it with one hand and smirked playfully, I chuckled.
"Ok girls start." I grinned happily.
Scarlet laughed and threw the ball and then hit it gracefully and it flew over the net and Jake missed as he dived for it.
"Wow she's good" Jared said and smiled,"Maybe we should swap her there for twinkle toes" he said and pointed at Jake.
I laughed hard "Yeah Maybe."
"Oh shut up J-Man" Jake told Jared while Kim and Nessie laughed hard and high-fived Scarlet.
"Are we gonna Play or not?" Nessie asked laughed.
"Yeah sorry," I said and hit the wall over the net.
Scarlet jumped up and hit back over and I missed it aswell. Scarlet smilled and done a happy dance, Me and the rest laughed hard and smiled. Jared hit the ball over the fence, Nessie missed it but Scarlet dived in front of her and got back over the fence. I stared at her shocked, wow she was so flawless and gracefull at this. Jake threw the ball up and hit it over again, Kim jumped up and got it back to our side, I hit it back over the side, Scarlet hit it over quickly and so gracefully I almost missed it, but I still got it over the net. Scarlet was facing back to the net but she still got it as she span around and it hit over the net, Jake jumped up and got over the net, Nessie dived to the side and got it over and Jared missed. I threw it up and hit it over, Scarlet hit it over with force so it bounced and then landed in my hands, I chuckled and hit it over the net, We played for 3 hours and the girls won.
"Yay, wooop we won" Nessie said laughing.
"Good game." I said and patted Scarlet on the back.
"Thanks you too guys." Scarlet said smilling "Ok Umm I am gonna swap with Jake, so Jake is gonna be with Kim and Nessie and we'll see who wins." Scarlet said to us all.
Jake laughed and Scarlet pouted and raised her eyebrow "I bet you I can still win on this team."
Jake smirked and laughed "Fine, its on." Jake said and walked to the other side.
I laughed and threw the ball up and hit it over. Kim missed it so Nessie hit it over the net, Scarlet moved gracefully and hit it over and It flew over Jake's head so high he missed it. Jared laughed and high-fived Scarlet. Kim Picked the ball up and hit it over the Net, I hit it back over and Jake managed to hit it back over and then Jared was about to hit it but he missed, but I Scarlet diving in front of him and she got it over the net. We Plated for another 2 hours and My Team of Me, Scar and Jared won.
"Oh Brother." Jake said and hit the ball and laughed.
Scarlet smiled and laughed "Ha, I told you Jakerz!"
Jake looked up and then he started to chase her around, Scarlet laughed and then gracefully leaped off the cliffs and landed in the water laughing.
"Wow she can even cliffdive smoother then you dude." I said to Jake laughing
"Oh shut up dude." he said and punched my arm playfullly.
I laughed and punched his arm back and then Jake jumped at me playfully but Scar pulled him back
"You Naughty Boy." She told him and shook her head at him laughing.
Nessie and Kim cried with laughed and Jared chuckled.
"Good One." Jared said laughing.
"Thanks." Scar said and smiled.
I smiled and Hugged Scar a bit to tight but she hugged me back with as much strenght, I let her go after a min or two and scratched my head, Scarlet giggled and kissed my cheek.
"I had fun, thanks you guys." she said and smiled.
I blushed a little and grinned "You're welcome."
Scarlet smiled "Well I better get home its getting a bit late," she said
I stopped her when she started to walk away "There;s a bonfire later here, please come." I Said and smiled.
"Sure, I'd love to come." she got her books and waved to us all goodbye and then ran off backtowards the house, I smiled and watched after her as she ran back home, still thinking about her kissing my cheek

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Chapter 2-The Bonfire
Scarlet's Pov:

After I got home my heart was still beating fast from me kissing Embry on the cheek, I smiled to my self and looked at the clock, I only had 20 more minutes before the Bonfire started. I grabbed a quick snack and put on some jeans, a Black T-shirt and wrapped a jumper round my waist. I then made my way down to the beach, Embry,Jake,Jared, Kim and Nessie were there already along with some of their friends which I didnt know who they were. Embry ran to me and hugged me tightly.

“You Came!” He said smiling.
I smiled and hugged him back “Of Course I did, I promised right?”
“Right!” Embry said giving me a big happy grin.
I giggled and smiled and sat by the fire and noticed people staring at me. “Umm” I looked at Embry for help.
Embry chuckled “This is Seth, Brady, Collin, Sam, Emily, Paul, Quil, Claire, Rachel, Leah, Abby and Jenny.” Embry explained
“Oh” I said and smiled as I watched that Brady had his arm round Abby, Paul was holding Rachel, Sam was playing with Emily’s hands, Collin was smiling at Jenny, While Leah glared and Seth sighed. “It’s nice to meet you guys.” I said and smiled a little.
Leah looked away. Seth sighed and the others smiled at me nicely.
Embry put his arm round me in a friendly way, I smiled at him softly and a hint of purple glistened in my eyes. Embry smiled at me and I blushed and bit my lip and the wind blew my hair into my face and around his neck, Embry chuckled and pulled my hair behind me and smiled, I felt sparks between us and It felt just wonderful and like I was at home, so conforting.
Jake laughed and sang “Embry and Scarlet Sitting in a tree K.i.s.s.i.n.g, First came marriage then Came kids.”
Nessie laughed “Hey! You stole my bit.”
“Oppss.” Jake laughed and grinned like a crazy dude.
I giggled and I saw Embry blush from the corner of my eyes, I smiled to my self and giggles, it was so cute he was blushing.
“Aww Embry’s Blushing” Kim said and giggled.
“Aww how cute.” Emily, Rachel, Abby and Jenny said at the same time
“I…I am not blushing” Embry said loudly.
“Yes you are dude.” Paul chuckled “Blushy Wushy.”
“I am not. I…”
“Then why are your cheeks red?” Sam asked chuckling
“It’s hot in front of the fire.” Embry protested and we all laughed apart from Leah who sat there glaring at me.
I looked at Leah “Did I do something to you?” I asked her.
Leah stood up and I recognised her, she sat next to me in Science. I felt Embry stiffen next to me and he glared at leah.
“Back off Lee.” He told her
Leah looked at him and snapped “Or what?!”
I stood up and looked at her “Leave him alone, he didn’t do anything to you, what’s your problem?!” I asked getting annoyed.
“You are my problem, with your hair and your eyes, and you with your aww.” She said glaring at everyone who was messing around a minute ago.
Nessie stood up and looked at her “Leave her alone Leah, she’s my friend.”
“Ohh the Bloodsucker has made a friend then huh?” Leah snarled.
Jake jumped to his feet and pushed Leah back “Don’t call Nessie that again!” He yelled.
“Leave Nessie alone Leah, she didn’t do anything to you. So just tell me what I did wrong.” I said and crossed my arms looking at her.
Kim was shocked and stared, Rachel, Jenny and Abby sighed.
Leah looked at Embry and then at me. I looked at Embry too and then at her.
“Oh I see, you like Embry don’t you?” I asked nicely.
“No I don’t! I think he can do much better then you!”
Embry jumped up and looked mad “Do better? How do you mean?!” He yelled at Leah.
Leah laughed “Well better then a bloodsucker.” She said and looked at Jake. Jake let out a growl.
I looked at Jake “Please calm down Jake…If she is referring to Bloodsuckers as Vampires, I know about them, and about Werewolfs too.” I said and looked at the pack and then at Embry.
Embry looked at me shocked “Ho…” He couldn’t even finish.
I looked at him “I’ll explain later.” I looked back at leah “So you think I am not good enough for him then?”
“Yeah exactly, you’re nothing but a human.” She said and smirked/
“Oh How wrong you are.” I said and looked mad at her and glared “Now Leave Embry alone, I Don’t give a flip what you think about me, but Embry does so you better not push it if I were you.” I told her.
Leah laughed and spat at me “Or what?!”
“Leah! Calm down!” Sam said and pulled her back.
Leah shook him off and yelled at him “Back off! And leave me alone! You already hurt me enough.” She said and glared at him and Emily.
Emily sighed and looked down.
“Leave Emily out of this.” Claire said upset and looked at Leah.
Leah let out a growl and then snapped and turned into a wolf. I didn’t back away, I wasn’t scared, I just looked at her.
“Turning into a wolf, wont make your problems go away Leah.” I told her.
Leah snarled at me and then jumped in the air, I waved my arm and she froze in the air and I moved away, then I waved my arm again and she unfroze and landed on the floor she span around and ran at me. I jumped in the air and landed behind her. She span around and went to attack me but I jumped out of the way before she even had a chance to lunge on me. Leah growled at me and I snarled back, I wasn’t a wolf but I was a Witch and My snarl sounded like a wolfs one too. Leah backed away and then Phased back and pushed me back.
“Leave Scar Alone.!” Embry yelled and pulled me to him with his arm tightly round my waist.
I didn’t wince at his strength, I looked at Leah “Yeah just stop it Leah.” I said together with the others at the same time.
Quil has his arm round Claire who looked about 10 or 11 and he glared at Leah.
Seth got up and looked at her “Just stop it sis.” He told her
Leah growled at us all, she then phased again and ran off into the woods.
I sat down and looked at the ground and felt Embry’s eyes on me.
“How? Umm how can you? Umm growl?” He asked bit freaked out by this whole thing.
I looked at him “I am not a Werewolf but I am a witch. And as one I can growl and live forever kind of like Werewolf’s can and I can tell when people are Wolfs because of their warm touch and touch, and Werewolf’s and Vampires can tell I am a witch because I smell of Rosewood.”
Nessie looked at me “Is that why you smell so? Umm lovely?” She asked
“Well kind of yeah.” I giggled and bit my lip and looked at Embry.
Embry just smiled and hugged me tightly “Are you ok?” He asked me
“Yeah, no worries, I am immune to Wolfs bites or scratches as well a Vampire Venom, and if I got bitten by a Vampire it would only make my power stronger.”
Embry looked a bit shocked “Wow.” He said a bit breathless.
I giggled and smiled “Yeah, So why is Leah mad at Emily? She didn’t do anything to her.”
Emily sighed and looked at me “Well she and Sam used to date but after Sam turned into a Werewolf he didn’t talk or see her for a while and then he met me. He Imprinted on me and I am Leah’s cousin so she is well mad.”
I looked at her “Oh, that must suck and what’s Imprinting?” I asked a bit confused.
Yeah I did know about Vampires and Wolfs but I had no idea what Imprinting was.
“Well umm..its kind of hard to explain.” Embry said looking at me.
“Oh well I got time.” I said and smiled at him.
He smiled back “I know, I’ll explain at a better day.” He said.
I nodded “Ok then, no problem.” I said and smiled.
It started to snow and the snow fell on my hair, I smiled and span around it the snow giggling, Embry chuckled and tackled me in the snow lightly. I giggled and tickled him. He laughed “No no, god I am ticklish.” He squirmed.
I giggled and then stopped tickling him after a while. Me and the guys goofed around most of the night till 11pm, after that I went home and smiled as Embry dropped me off at my house, we said goodbye and I walked inside my house, took a shower and then went to bed, I slept till the morning, it was only Tuesday, I packed my stuff for school and headed to school in warm clothes because it was snowing, it was a bit icy and as I was walking to school, I slipped on some ice.

Embry’s Pov:

I saw Scarlet slipping on same ice and I ran to her and caught her before she landed on her bottom on the floor.
“Are you ok?” I chuckled as I steadied her back on her feet.
“Yeah thanks.” Scarlet said blushing as she looked at me.
I smiled “Good.” I walked with her to music class, that was good that we had few classes together. I was still thinking of a way to tell her that I Imprinted on her, but I just didn’t know how to bring it up in a normal conversation.
The teacher looked at Scarlet “Ok Miss Blackwood, up to the front.”
Scarlet swallowed nervously and stood up and walked to the front.
“Ok, I am gonna Play a well known song by Abba and you’re gonna sing.”
I saw scarlet took a deep breath and nodded. The teacher started to play-Knowing me, Knowing you and Scarlet started to sing note perfect.

No more carefree laughter
Silence ever after
Walking through an empty house, tears in my eyes
Here is where the story ends, this is goodbye

Knowing me, knowing you (ah-haa)
There is nothing we can do
Knowing me, knowing you (ah-haa)
We just have to face it, this time we're through
(This time we're through, this time we're through
This time we're through, we're really through)
Breaking up is never easy, I know but I have to go
(I have to go this time
I have to go, this time I know)
Knowing me, knowing you
It's the best I can do

Mem'ries (mem'ries), good days (good days), bad days (bad days)
They'll be (they'll be), with me (with me) always (always)
In these old familiar rooms children would play
Now there's only emptiness, nothing to say

Knowing me, knowing you (ah-haa)
There is nothing we can do
Knowing me, knowing you (ah-haa)
We just have to face it, this time we're through
(This time we're through, this time we're through
This time we're through, we're really through)
Breaking up is never easy, I know but I have to go
(I have to go this time
I have to go, this time I know)
Knowing me, knowing you
It's the best I can do


I smiled wide, whoa she was so good, I smiled as I watched and when she was finished me and the rest of the class clapped.

nice keep me posted

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