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3RD Fan Fiction, First Is Imprinted Love
2ND It Means Nothing
Check them Both out, Imprinted Love, is Hella Long

This is a story about Quil and Claire, Claire is 16 and has never met Quil before



Chapter 1
Claire Point of View

Its time to go now, To leave those memories behind. I'll miss them. But there gone now, its time to forget. It was so simple and quick but there gone. Time to live with Sam and Emily for.. a while.
"I love you darling", My mom repeated weakly as the 2nd car hit her. I watched from across the street as 2 drunk driver hit My mom and dad. Typical that it would happen to me.

"Lets go", Emily said meakly pulling the suitcase to the car. Plus side of this, I get to start again. In a whole new world. I've never been to La push. I don't care where I am, as long as its away from here.
"Will we ever come back?", I edged into the front seat of the car and slided in my Cd. Music slowly rose filling the car.
"No Claire, we're not". She answered plainly and simply. I smiled.

The house was small only fit for 2 people, I felt like an Intruder. Just because I was one.
"Claire", Sam stridded over to me with open arms. He hugged me tightly but I didn't return his hug.

He stared at my blank expression. I mearly shouldered him walking into the house. I new I was being unreasonalbe but I was just waiting to die if nothing less.

I sat in the sitting room waiting for them to enter the house, which took them a long time. I could hear there whispers that I blacked out.

I heard Emilys quick footstep enter the living room.
"Claire I invited over some friend tonight to meet you", Emilys voice was full of unesssicary esctacy.
I nodded and rose to my feet.
"Wheres my bedroom?", Sam entered the room and placed a hand on Emilys waist. Emily pointed to the first door down the hallway. I nodded and proceeded to my room.
"Shes depressed is all", I heard Sam trying to comfort Emily.

Depressed?, was that putting it lightly?. I sat on the bed for hours in the same position listing to my ipod. The same song over and over again. I didn't know what the song was called of what the words were, it was just noise really. Something to block out my unerving thoughts.

A black shadow flicker infront of my eyes. They shot open to see Sam leaning over me. I pulled out my headphones and stared blankly at him. Peoples persence in my life was nugaroty.
"Are you comming down?", He asked. I listened to the sound of Laughter and music dancing though the walls to my room.

I ingorned Sam and took a look at the room. It was green, but it didn't make me feel calm. The bed was uncomfortable and the walls were bare along with an empty bookshelf.

"Are you?", Sams eyebrows creased together.
"Okay", I stood up like a robot, hardly moving any part of my body.
"You'l like these people", I nodded mechannily.

Sam closed the bedroom door behind us.
"At lease smile", He muttered under his breath. I sighed, My face was permeantly pulled down into a frown. I tried to smile, it felt painful to try, I didn't suceed.

Sam lead me into a room filled with Giants. I sighed. I felt like a lost midget here. Everyone turned to stare at me. They were all mainly men. Each exaiming me from head to toe. I winced. I wasn't in the mood for this.

Emily came to my side.
"This is Jacob", Emily pointed to a tall handsome man. He shook my hand and smiled meakly.
Emily turned to the next people.
"This is Embry,Jared and Paul, Seth and Leah", I shook there hands, well I nodded at Paul, there was food in his hands.
Emily turned to the last person.
"And this is Quil", She pointed to the boy staring bright eyed at me. He took a while to lean his hand out to me. I shook it mechanilly and walked over to the food table. I grabbed and apple and went back to my room.

Emily and Sam looked rather embarrassed by me.
"I appoligize", I whispered to Emily as I passed her hurridly to my room. I shut the door with a bang and slided down the door.

The room was filled with the sound of roudly men and laughing. I ignored it and put my head phones back on. The sound of depressed music filled my head, alas the words were unknown to me.

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that was a well good chapter please write more XD
Claire's Point of View

Aiden quickly but somewhat sadly pack my belongs together. Which wasn't that much stuff, must of which I allowed him to keep. I hid certain things for him to find, in time. That I hoped will help him with my absence.

Aiden carried my stuff down the windy stairs and to the front door. His feet made no sound as he walked. I followed behind warily.

The sound of the horn echoed. The cab drivers voice screamed for me to hurry on. I stood in the door way staring at Aiden.
"I don't have to..."
"Yes you do!" He said. Aiden fished in his back pocket and took out a roll of notes.
"Here, this should cover and expenses on the way back." He handed me the money.
"Aiden it's fine I got this one," I edged the money back towards him. He grabbed the money and shoved it in my back pocket.
"Take it Claire, please." He said with clenched teeth. I merely nodded.

The horn sounded again.
"Hurry on, your going to miss your flight," A Spanish accent echoed.
"You've got to go now," Aiden mumbled melancholy.
"Aiden I'm really sorry I just..."
"Please, just..."

The ability to complete sentences failed us both.

"You know I love you right," He said, slowly caressing my cheek.
"I love you too Aiden."
He didn't wait to kiss me, it was very sudden and warm. Like each part of my body was wrapped in his warmth. But he pulled away to quickly. But I understood why...

Sometimes you don't do things because you don't want others to know that you want to do them.

"What are you going to" I asked holding his hand very tightly, ignoring the drivers obscene calls.
"Em, I'll probably go back to the pack and go back to normal."
"Normal, like drinking every night at the beach?"
"It's what we do best," Aiden laughed shrugging his shoulder
"You come see me right?" I asked, more like begged.
"If thats what you want?" He brushed the fly away hairs from out of my face.
"I'll always want you."
"Then I'll visit.."
"Often?" I warned.
"All the time," He laughed, kissing my nose.
"I love you."
"Love you too."

I grabbed my bag and jumped into the back of the cab. It was too painful to turn back and watch him as we pulled away. Instead I kept my eyes on the headrest of the driver the whole drive to the airport.

The flight was long. I was wedged in between to screaming 8 year old's that didn't shut up the whole plane ride. That was at least 10 hours. I taught my insides were going to implode on me.

When the plane skidded to a halt on runway 3 I wiped the condensation of my forehead. I hated planes.

I waited by the conveyor belt for what seemed like hours. I was glad when my bag appeared first, other passengers gave the stink eye as I walked away.

I got in a cab again, it was bringing me back...home? Quil didn't exactly know that I was coming, I didn't text him. Would a surprise scare the crap out of him?

The cab winded down sinuous lanes until we reached La push. I had no idea how long I had been sitting there for, but I didn't feel like moving.
"Final stop," the driver said dropping me at a shop about a mile away from Sam's house. I got out and grabbed my bag and paid the man. With the last of Aiden's money I bough a small lollipop, the apple ones we used to buy when we were younger and began to walk.

My feet sunk into the soggy grass outside Sam's house. His car and Emily's car was gone. No one was home, but yet the sitting room curtains were closed with a light on. In the distance there was a simmer of golden sun shaking through the trees.

My feet creaked up the porch steps. I could hear the tv, I wondered if Emily was home, or maybe seth came along to watch tv. I nibbled on my lip for a while before I gave 3 gentle knocks. The sound of heavy foot steps dragged towards the door. My heart raced and bated so loud.

Very slowly and subtly Quil opened the door. When he saw me he dropped the tv remote on the ground. The first thing that came to mind was something so stupid it was brilliant still.
"Why aren't you in school? It's the middle of the day Quil. How to you expect to get a job in the future if you don't get an education. How are you going to take care of me and the baby if you don't have a job aye? Do you want us to live in a hole for the rest of our lives? Is the the kind of future you want for us? If you don't have an education then how are we suppose to pay for the wedding aye? There not cheap nowadays, there's a lot of money needed for does you know? And how do you expect to pay for our house. But oh no, you'd rather waste your time watching Jerry springer, cause that's where were going to end up if you don't get a proper education." My rant came to an end. When I realized what I had said I froze. Oh gosh.

Quil stared at me for ages without speaking. He really was a rare and dazzling order of beauty. A quick flame sparked in his eyes.
"We're not painting the child's bedroom until after we have the baby, because yellow is not gender neutral," he said sheepishly.
"and don't worry, I'll always take care of you," he said slowly taking me in his arms. I dropped the bad and wrapped my arms meticulously around his neck. I ran my hands through his hair.
"You need a hair cut," I said whipping my tears into his jumper.
"You smell like Spanish cab drivers," he laughed stroking my hair so slowly it didn't even feel like he was holding me.
"You smell like beer and dried in ketchup."
"Yeah well your hair looks like it's been back combed upwards." He laughed a bit louder this time.
"Yeah you...I got nothing."
"Good, cause I had nothing else."

Quil hugged me tighter, not bring me into the house but not moving more outside, just being where we are is perfect.
"And Quil?" I said.
"Yellow is gender neutral." I protested. He chuckled pulling me into the house.

"What ever you say babe. What ever you say."
Love it
Keep writing more
AH I LOVED IT!!! you should write more soon!!! :] LIGHT GREEN IS GENDER NEUTRAL :]

you still have readers...and im one of them :] please keep me updated!!
awwww love the endin
hey! new reader!!!
can u plz keep me updated???
i really luv it!!!
I love it! Now that is how the story is suppose to be. :)
i just just i hate to say it but finished your story!!! i loved i hoped it would never end, but all good things must come to an end. hm hm YELLOW IS A GENDER COLOR. that wasnt ment to be in all caps, just YELLOW. your such a great writter hm i dont believe its
ov-over. i LOVED it! i think i just might cry. the second best (Bella and Edward first) happy ending EVER!!!
Those 2 chapters were amazing!!!!!! I loved all of it. Im so glad Claire is back with Quil. Im glad that you got back into writing this story. Its one of my favorites of yours. :)


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