The Twilight Saga

3RD Fan Fiction, First Is Imprinted Love
2ND It Means Nothing
Check them Both out, Imprinted Love, is Hella Long

This is a story about Quil and Claire, Claire is 16 and has never met Quil before



Chapter 1
Claire Point of View

Its time to go now, To leave those memories behind. I'll miss them. But there gone now, its time to forget. It was so simple and quick but there gone. Time to live with Sam and Emily for.. a while.
"I love you darling", My mom repeated weakly as the 2nd car hit her. I watched from across the street as 2 drunk driver hit My mom and dad. Typical that it would happen to me.

"Lets go", Emily said meakly pulling the suitcase to the car. Plus side of this, I get to start again. In a whole new world. I've never been to La push. I don't care where I am, as long as its away from here.
"Will we ever come back?", I edged into the front seat of the car and slided in my Cd. Music slowly rose filling the car.
"No Claire, we're not". She answered plainly and simply. I smiled.

The house was small only fit for 2 people, I felt like an Intruder. Just because I was one.
"Claire", Sam stridded over to me with open arms. He hugged me tightly but I didn't return his hug.

He stared at my blank expression. I mearly shouldered him walking into the house. I new I was being unreasonalbe but I was just waiting to die if nothing less.

I sat in the sitting room waiting for them to enter the house, which took them a long time. I could hear there whispers that I blacked out.

I heard Emilys quick footstep enter the living room.
"Claire I invited over some friend tonight to meet you", Emilys voice was full of unesssicary esctacy.
I nodded and rose to my feet.
"Wheres my bedroom?", Sam entered the room and placed a hand on Emilys waist. Emily pointed to the first door down the hallway. I nodded and proceeded to my room.
"Shes depressed is all", I heard Sam trying to comfort Emily.

Depressed?, was that putting it lightly?. I sat on the bed for hours in the same position listing to my ipod. The same song over and over again. I didn't know what the song was called of what the words were, it was just noise really. Something to block out my unerving thoughts.

A black shadow flicker infront of my eyes. They shot open to see Sam leaning over me. I pulled out my headphones and stared blankly at him. Peoples persence in my life was nugaroty.
"Are you comming down?", He asked. I listened to the sound of Laughter and music dancing though the walls to my room.

I ingorned Sam and took a look at the room. It was green, but it didn't make me feel calm. The bed was uncomfortable and the walls were bare along with an empty bookshelf.

"Are you?", Sams eyebrows creased together.
"Okay", I stood up like a robot, hardly moving any part of my body.
"You'l like these people", I nodded mechannily.

Sam closed the bedroom door behind us.
"At lease smile", He muttered under his breath. I sighed, My face was permeantly pulled down into a frown. I tried to smile, it felt painful to try, I didn't suceed.

Sam lead me into a room filled with Giants. I sighed. I felt like a lost midget here. Everyone turned to stare at me. They were all mainly men. Each exaiming me from head to toe. I winced. I wasn't in the mood for this.

Emily came to my side.
"This is Jacob", Emily pointed to a tall handsome man. He shook my hand and smiled meakly.
Emily turned to the next people.
"This is Embry,Jared and Paul, Seth and Leah", I shook there hands, well I nodded at Paul, there was food in his hands.
Emily turned to the last person.
"And this is Quil", She pointed to the boy staring bright eyed at me. He took a while to lean his hand out to me. I shook it mechanilly and walked over to the food table. I grabbed and apple and went back to my room.

Emily and Sam looked rather embarrassed by me.
"I appoligize", I whispered to Emily as I passed her hurridly to my room. I shut the door with a bang and slided down the door.

The room was filled with the sound of roudly men and laughing. I ignored it and put my head phones back on. The sound of depressed music filled my head, alas the words were unknown to me.

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I like keep going!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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love it! this is a story many people forget about...
This is good!
Sounds interesting.
Keep me updated.
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Please write more!
update will be soon everyone :)
Thanks Stacy :D
I really like it, keep me updated!
Will do Amy :)
I like it!


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