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My first fanfiction. The chapters are gonna be way to dramatic because I like to write about romance more than kids being innocent. Jacob is just a small 6 year old and Bella and Jacob never fall in love. This is a story of Edward and Bella, Edward is 15, while Bella is 13. Charlie and Renee are happily married. Everyone one is human except Carlisle and Esme. Edward is Esme’s sisters son who passed away.

Chapter 1 Young Love Bella’s POV

I threw a piece of pie in Edwards face and giggled. He whipped it off with his sleeve then laughed. His bronze hair gleamed in the sun while his parents walked into the living room with dad and mom. I quickly poked his shoulder. “Tag! Your it!” I quickly ran away as he was chasing me. This was the best 13th birthday ever. Edward ran into the house and brought out a water gun. I screamed as I dodged the streams of water. I quickly grabbed my dark red water pistol and sprayed Edward in the face as I laughed. He smiled and shook his hair out like a wet dog. Jacob! “Eddie where is Jacob?” “How should I know? Wait! There he is!” He pointed towards the bush. “Jacob?” Edward squirted me with the garden hose. Suddenly he let go and the hose hit my leg causing me to trip. “Ow!” He ran towards me holding his hand out. “Are you ok? I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to.” I took his hand and wiped off the grass on my jeans. “I’m ok.”  He did his famous crooked smile as I giggled. He looked like Jacob when he was excited. I pushed the hair out of his face and kissed his cheek. I smiled as he stood there and his cheeks turned a bright pink. Suddenly I blushed too. We both looked down then at each other. I finally broke the silence. “Let’s go inside.” I grabbed his hand as I blushed more to see Edward and my parents standing outside. Carlisle and dad joking about how we would end up in love and Mom and Esme rolling their eyes. I let go of Edwards hand to see small Jacob standing by the door playing with his hands. “Hi Jakey!” I picked him up and hugged him tight. “Bells, Im 6 now I don’t do hugs!” “What do you do then?” I placed him on the floor as he smiled. “Tickleys!” He started tickling my stomach as I laughed and grabbed him off the floor and put him on my back. “Eddie! Come here!” I couldn’t find him. I looked up at the house and saw him. Edward smiled at me from the roof of the house as I put Jacob down. “Edward get down!” He smiled and shook his head no. “I won’t be your friend and I’ll tell your mommy!”  Suddenly his face was pained and angry. “If you do I will hurt you!”  He jumped from the roof as a tear escaped from my eye. I don’t want to get hurt by a friend. I looked up to see him on his feet holding my shoulders. “Are you ok?”  “I’m fine.” “Your it!” He did his crooked smile and I ran after him when I caught him by the shirt behind the patch of trees. “You caught me. Now what?”  “I don’t know.” “Want to play truth or dare?” He pulled me to sit beside him as I shook my head yes. “Truth or dare Eddie?” “A nice dare.” “I dare you to…” I tried to think when I remembered when I kissed his cheek. “Kiss me in 5 different places.” He blushed. “Do both your cheeks count as two?” “No” He grabbed my hand and kissed the top. “One kiss on your pretty hand” He let go and tilted my head down to kiss my forehead. “Second kiss on your forehead” He smoothed his fingertips on my cheek and kissed my nose. “Third kiss on the princess nose” He tilted my head to the side and kissed my neck. “Fourth kiss on the neck” He placed his lips near my ear and whispered “Fifth kiss on…” He kissed my cheek and smiled. I smiled back. “Truth or dare Bella?” “Dare” “Kiss me on the lips for a minute.” I gulped and nodded my head. I looked at him with pleading eyes but his eyes gleamed with excitement. I leaned into his lips and kissed him. His breath smelt like cool mint and tasted like a pure rainbow of skittles. Soon he pulled me on top of him as I got a bad feeling. I just turned 13 I can’t have a boyfriend like older teenagers do. Soon I fell out of my trance and was in his. I placed my arms around his neck like I saw in movies as he placed his hands softly on my hips. Soon I pulled away as I sensed someone coming. But Edward pulled me into him as I tried to let go. Soon I saw Carlisle from the back of my eye see us. He quickly turned away and started telling my parents we were looking for birds. Love birds to me would be exact. I quickly pulled away and saw Edward he was better looking than before. Young love… I will never understand.


Feel free to give me opinion that was just the start im gonna make it have more. This is my first posted fanfiction. I have a ton that I never posted and never will.

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ahhhhhh keep going
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Thanks :P ill post soon and update :p
Chapter 2 The Beating Of My Heart
Bella’s POV (A week after her birthday and spring break)
I awoke to the sound of Dancing Around The Truth playing on my alarm clock. I quickly rose. Today I could see Edward! I pranced to my new walk-in closet. I grabbed a jewel blue dress, ripped skinny jeans, and black flats. Today I was going all out. After the incident with Edward I felt a strong pull to him. Like he was the magnet pulling me to his soft lips and warm arms. I walked over to the makeup I bought. Now that I’m 13 I should be using makeup. I patted on a light bronzer to give my face color and a pale pink blush along my cheek bones. After I finished I walked into the bathroom and quickly blow dried and straightened my hair. I started to think about when we got caught kissing.
-Flash Back-
I ran to hug Edward goodbye. He smoothed the hair out of my face and whispered in my ear. “My love, I will see you next week, until then.” Quickly he looked around the front and crushed his lips into mine with such passion and force. I wrapped my arms around his neck as I started forming my lips around his. Soon Carlisle came. As I was about to pull away he held me kissing me furiously. He whispered in Edward’s ear and he quickly started kissing like before. Suddenly the front door opened as we thought it was Carlisle. I heard a shocked gasp as we quickly broke apart and turned to see Carlisle trying to hide us from my mom and dad. I quickly looked down ready for the screaming lecture ahead. “Don’t worry they know. Carlisle told them we were together. I hope you don’t mind.” “Of course I don’t unless you do?” “I want to be together.” I quickly sealed the deal with a long passionate kiss.
I smiled at the memory. Now everyone would know I have a boyfriend. I don’t know why Carlisle was so fine and mighty with us making out on the floor. We are teenagers for his information. We don’t think. I pulled that thought out of my head and ran downstairs to get shocked looks from my parents. Mom walked to the stairs with her hands on her hips. “Bella, why didn’t you tell me you had a”, suddenly she broke off laughing. “Go have fun with Edward he’s coming to pick you up.” My eyes lit up in excitement. Eddie! I quickly ate my pancakes and ran out the door. “Bye!” I saw Edward pull up with Carlisle driving. He threw the door open as the car was coming straight across the block and ran to me. I gave him a kiss on the cheek. He slowly cradled my head and I started forming my lips around his when Carlisle whistled. “You can do kiss’ the way there now get in or you’ll be late!” I slowly kissed him one last time, pulled away, and smiled. We ran to the car and hopped in the back seat quickly starting to make out. Carlisle laughed and smiled as I pulled away and looked at my feet. Soon we arrived at the connected schools. Edward put his arm around me as other girls gasped. Edward was the guy of the gods. Some 10th grade girls started saying I was just pretending to be his girlfriend. I grabbed him and kissed him beside their car. He kissed me with such passion my heart felt like it was going to jump out of my chest! I pulled away after a couple of minutes and looked at the girls with their mouths open. “Oops sorry about that!” The girls just glared at me as Edward glared back and smiled at me. This was gonna be the best day ever.
i love the new chapter! <3
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Bella and Edward are so funny!
Love the story. Post more when you can :)


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