The Twilight Saga

there was a girl who loved a boy with all her heart.he loved another girl.they were best friends.when he talked about her the girl wanted to scream"WHY HER!?!?!?WHY NOT ME!?!?!?WHATS SO SPECIAL ABOUT HER?WHATS WRONG WITH ME?"but she cudnt.she knew she was day she saw them kissing and cudnt take it anymore.she went up to him and her and asked"why do you love her?why not me?"the boy had a puzzled look on his face and said"what are you talking about?"the girl started crying and said"are you really that stupid?u cant figure it out?""figure what out ?""that i love you!god!"" sorry..i didnt"she cut him off"i dont give a damn if your sorry.i cant look at you anymore.go find a new best friend.i never want you to look at me or talk to me again!""WHAT?"bye"she ran home crying for hours.never stopping.she went to her bathroom got a razor and started cutting herself.the boy came over and found the girls dead body in the bathroom and started cring and saying"what have i done?"he looked around the room for a phone and found a note on the wall saying"he never looked at me like he looked at her.never hugged me.never really he doesnt have a best freind or a person in the background thinking"why not me"

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thankz (:
Well......u might have other opinions than me...i dont think love exists sooooo i wrote a story about that
Im not really a twilight fan...more a volturi Fan...And just to state me opinion...Who r we to say love exists?....There is no1 in the world that truly loves any1.......Ppl cheat...Ppl lie....Basicly ppl r down right horrid.....and i believe no1 in this world knows wat love is
thats sad
And u can have ur opinion its not like im gonna aruge with you about wat u believe in (:
ik....And im not mad...and ill read ur story...And thankz (:
i have no clue wat that says....
haha nice kenna kill the girl will ya! hehe and i think ur right, love doesnt exsist. its just heartake and a whole bunch of drama right?!?! haha


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