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LOVE,LIES,SECRETS,and FORGIVENESS(an Embry imprint love story)thanks maaaanda for the awesome banner ***

My name is Jazzmin Sky,I'm sixteen years old and this is my all started when I moved to La push an indian reservation to live with my Mom and my brother Quil.I only met my Mom once and that was the day she gave birth to me two days later she disappeared.I never met my brother Quil,well half brother same mom different dad,im half black half indian and that's not the only difference I live in a eight bedroom four bathroom house with a back yard that leads into an ocean.when my mom or "amanda" lives in a three bedroom one house behind their family when my dad told me I was spending the last week of summer vacation with a woman that abandoned me I was pretty upset but my dad thinks it will be healthy for me.
so here I am just getting off a four hour flight from New York I was standing there looking down at all my bags when some one yelled my name.
"Jazzmin,Jazzmin over here"!I looked up and there was a women waveing her hand above her head with a sign that had my name on it,this had to be my mom because we have the same full size lips and the same hazel olmand shaped eyes, the same type of body pitite but i remembered her from a picture inside my dads office.
she walked over and almost hugged me to death.when she let me go she looked me over and said "Im your mother Amanda Ateare I can't believe your so big and beautiful how is Robert". "My dad is fine"I said after a yawn "oh you must be sleepy"she stated"yeah a little" I told her "then let's get you home so you can get some rest".After we got all my stuff in her van we left the airport on our way to la push Amanda pointed out the beach it was sparkeling from the sun it was so beautiful then she pointed to la push high school it what a mediem sized building notting special about it down the road from the high school there was a store that had a big sign on the windoor ATAERAS JEWERLY STORE she pulled up into the driveway and drove all the way to the back where there was a small white house that needed a touch up really bad.
We got all my clothes out of the van and I followed her into the house up the stairs to the last bedroom she pointed to the door across and said that is the bathroom then she opened my room door and walked in,I put all my stuff down and walked to the bed and lade down Amanda said something but I was already sleep.I. don't know how long I slept but when I got up and opened my curtain it was pitch black outside.I walked out my room and went to the bathroom and wet my face then i put my hair into a neat bun with a side bang and fixed my clothes up when I walked out the bathroom and towards the stairs
I heard voices I started down the stairs but then I stopped because there was a boy standing there looking at me as i looked at the him, he was staring at me with the same eyes as me it was like looking in a mirror he walked all the way up to me and we just stud there looking searching waiting for someone to speak then he hugged me I don't know how long we stud there but after a while we let go "Hi I'm your brother Quil"."I know" I said laughing "When did you get here"?he asked "a few hours ago I think what about you"?"I just came home ","oh"as I spoke someone knocked on the front door "Come on in",
It was a boy named jared he looked like my brother in many ways they both had the same russet skin and the short black hair and very muscular."Hey jared this is my sister Jazzmin"! "Hi" I said shyly "So your the one that had my best friend jumping around acting crazy"? "Yeah"I said laughing as Quil smacked him in the back of his head "shut up".
"Don't be mad" I said to Quil "come down stairs", his mom yelled "come on its time for breakfeast"! when we got to the kitchen there was enough food for twenty people but Quil and Jared quickly took there share and it was hardly anything left when his mom walked in the room "really Quil leave some for your sister" "sorry mom" he said well giving me the rest of his eggs, her jazzy" "thanks" I said
"Hey Jazzmin how do you feel about going to La Push high school with Quil"? Jared asked "I'm cool with it,when does it start"? "Tomorrow"he replied" "oh,so soon" I poked out my bottom lip"hey Quil you wanna show her around La Push let her meet the pack"!jared asked" The pack" I said curiously "yeah there a bunch of friends"Quil said "sure I'm cool with that"I said looking at Quil."Where do you want to go"?"I don't know umm the beach I guess","kay Ill be right back" I ran upstairs to my room to decide on what to wear.
I picked my all black with purple poke a dots two piece bathing suit with a white tank top and jean shorts over it with some black flip flops then I packed a small bag with a beach towel in it when i came down stairs they we're all ready to go the ride to the beach wasn't that long and when we got there it was already people on the beach as we walked over they ran to us and stopped when they noticed me, "Guys this is my sister Jazzmin,Jazzmin this is the pack,this is Sam and his wife Emily he said pointing to a beatiful women with black long hair and she seemed like she expected me to stare at her scare or say something about it and was surprised when I didn't,the man Sam had short hair they all did he was very muscular and tall the next person was a boy Seth and his sister Leah she had this exotic look to her the boy seth had the body of a twenty year old but the face of a fourteen year old boy and very cute last was a boy named paul he was short muscular and he was cuddled up with some girl.
"Hey jared wheres kim"?right on cue a girl came running down the beach "she's right here" he said as he kissed her on the head we played at the beach until it got dark and everyone got hungry so me and Quil went home to eat.When we got home Quils mom ordered some pizza then made us go to bed early because the first day of my sophmore year was tomorrow the next morning I woke up early to take a long bath before anyone got up after, I did my hair straight down with a side bang.Then I put on my black. and red tank top that had a big giant wolf on it with my black skinnies and some ankle length heel boots,I grabbed my books and ran down stairs to eat some breakfeast Quil and Amanda was already done so I grabbed an orange and followed Quil out the door as we got close to his school he told me what to expect "okay so here's the deal people are gonna stare and I wouldn't blame them you look very beautiful today"."Thanks Quil that means a lot to me"

"I'm telling the truth"he said "Im ready for anything"! I said as we walked up to the school doors I took a deep breath and walked in after Quil we seen the boy jared when we walked into my first pierod class he pulled me into this big bear hug which made everyone stare.Quil started laughing because I started blushing,then the bell rung for class to start the teacher didn't know I was there until the end of class when she had to sign some paper that I had to give back to the office.My next three periods went pass in a blur the next thing I know Quil was pulling me towards the lunch room.
We quickly got our lunch and went to set down as we walked to the table this boy started stareing at me he even dropped his fork in his plate.


Everyone at there table started laughing and another boy paul was like "oh gosh not another one"! Than he started to blush it was funny when I set down he introduced himself "Hi I'm Embry","I'm Jazzmin,Quils sister."Really"?"yeah"he looked at Quil then muttered the words sorry Quil just laughed and smiled.
After lunch Embry walked with me to english because he had that class to on our way there he started to spark up a conversation "so Jazzmin how do you like La Push so far"?"I like it a lot mostly the beach its so beautiful when the sun us riseing in the morning".
"Yeah i know what you mean but I like to go to this cliff in the forest off the beach sometimes would you like to go with me this weekend"?"Ill have to think about it because you know I just met you". " I understand but I really would like it if you said yes"
As we walked into our english class I noticed the teacher wasnt there yet so seat next to embry."so jazzmin do you have a boyfriend" "no I broke with him before I came to la push" "why, yoy dont do long distence relationshs" "no its just thats I found out he was sleeping with my bestfriend well ex best friend"

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