The Twilight Saga

ok this is my first fan fic I hope you like it.tell me if i should write more.



this is a story about bella swan she is 17 years old and lives in forks washington.she has a difficult life with renee and charlie are going to divorce and are fighting wether which parent she is going to stay and they woudnt listen to her choice of who she wanted to stay.she got tired and ran away in to the woods she hits her head with a rock and finds her self in a house she never knew was in forks. 




I've never gave much thought to what I was doing untill i was out in the woods running away from my house I wasnt sure where I was but I still kept running untill I tript and hit my head with a rock the only thing I remebered seeing was somebody standing there watching me before I closed my eyes.




I woke up confused I didnt know where I was the room was very neat to be my room.The walls were white,there was a shelf full of cds and a old cd player in the north wall there were big windows that took most of the south wall.I went to look out the window there were 5 people they were aruging with each other.Only one got my anttintion he looked familiar like Ive seen him some where before he had beatiful bronze hair and a turtle neck t-shirt.I looked away thinking why he looked so familiar (was he the stranger in the woods?) I looked back again if I could identify him but he was staring at me.I just backed away from the window back to te bed a few minutes later I heard a soft knock

"come in" I said my voice trembling a little.

"how are you?" said a musical voice 

I looked up to see who it was."Good" I mumbled 

"Im Alice by the way"she siad happy now

"HI Im bella swan" I siad my vioce still trembling a little I really hoped she didnt notice.



"are you hungry?"she asked

I didnt know want to say I was starving but I was mostly afraid if the others were as friendly as Alice espaciley the beatiful boy with bronze hair (oh well only one way to find out.) I thought to my self

so I siad "YES"

"ok first lets get you cleaned up" she said with way to much happines in her voice I really had a bad felling that she can play dress up and make-up for 4 hours strait with out stopping I took a shower when I was done alice already had a pair of jeans and a blue tanktop I lift my hair down I was grate full Alice didnt come to check on me.Alice was waiting for me down stairs with her familiy she presented me her boyfriend Jasper. Jasper"s twin sister rosalie and her boyfreind emmett.everyone I saw  outside was there exept the beutiful boy with bronze hair he was nowhere to be seen and Alice didnt say anything about him I wanted to ask her very bad but not in front of her familiy.Alice lead me to the kichten she made eggs with bacon for the both of us.This probably was my chanceto ask

"Alice" I started

"yes" she said confused but curios

"who was the boy with the bronze hair?" I said looking downat my plate

" oh thats edward he is our youngest brother ."she said

"oh" was all I could say but I really hoped to see him while im here.

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Pretty good grl! Just include a summary to kik it off!
This is very good... Please write more asap... ^_^
write more please. keep me updated
ohhh please write more!
Write more its awesome
Love Elizabeth
i loved it
i lovee ittt (:
i love it plz write more soon and plz tell me wen u update
r they vamps or humans?? really great story plz write more and keep me updated!!!!!!
can't wait for more.
hahahaha told u so i was right n keep writing :P


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