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When Bella comes to Forks, it was because she was broken-hearted,
because a golden-eyed vampire named Daniel Rosen left her.. in the
same reason Edward did in new Moon. This vampire has the power to
trick humans into believing he is a human,he does not glitter in the sun and he
can make his eyes any color he likes. But Bella found out he's a
vampire, and then the story unfolds like she loved him and he her, but
things got messy when he almost killed her. He is a nomad, he has no
coven.He never knew his human parents.He loved Bella too, but like Edward
wanted to protect her from
himself. So, he left her, much like how Edward did, and Bella comes to
Forks, because she and her parents wanted her to fix her life again.
She was broken-hearted, she was numb, but like in twilight, she meets
the Cullens, the only different things is that she knows what they are
in her first day, and she hates them, because they remind her of him. Bella is
not Edward's "la tua cantante" in this story, i figured it
will be harder if they're both angry at each other. Edward can't read
her mind too, and Bella hates the Cullens.. so how will the Bella Edward
loveteam unfold?... What if someone who is after Daniel comes after Bella? Who
will save her? Will she even be saved? Will time run out? And what if
"he" shows up at Forks, exactly
when they fell for each other already? And what if he has a deep
connection..with one of the Cullen's human lives?


Chapter 1~Reality~Bella

Chapter 2~Biology~Bella

Chapter 3~He What?!?!~Bella

Chapter 4~Port Angeles Bookstore~Bella
Chapter 5~Lifetime~Bella

updater (please ADD TO BE UPDATED)

writen by:littlemisswriter-rexanne
edited by:julia cullen

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Isabella Swan looks so much like




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thanks! i will!
okay okay. Sorry for the LONG WAIT, but this is not chapter 6 yet. Chapter 6 will be done in Edward's POV. This just provides an insight, and I'm not saying Edward's POV starts after this sneakpeek. I just want to tell you that this will provide an inisght to the next chapter. :D


"Don't get offended but, why do I get the feeling that danger follows you everywhere?"
"It does." I said, staring at the garlic bread basket thoughtfully.
I shrugged.
"How much do you really know?" He muttered with a sigh.
"Enough for a lifetime." i replied.
He don't know how true those words are. I know enough to make someone call my lifetime off.



I looked out the window when I suddenly caught sight with the wall clock. It said 7:30. And my curfew lasts only until 7:45. Damn.

He followed my eyes and frowned.

"We should go now" we said in unison, and I blushed a little pink.

I stood up, my muscles groaning because of my sitting so still while talking to Edward. Guess what? Yeah. We're on first-name basis now.

The waitress took a long time walking till she reached us, taking precious time.She gave the bill to Edward, and her fingers wanted so badly to touch his but he kept it far away. I laughed internally as Edward didn't even look at the receipt but just slipped a 20 dollar bill inside.

He nodded to me, and I hurried walking, but he caught up with me anyway and I can feel him beside me walking gracefully.

Inside the car, he kept on asking stupid questions such as "do you believe in magic" and "what's your favorite color". I think I smiled the whole time I was with him, and too soon we arrived at my house.
Charlie's lights were still on. I glanced at the little clock in the Volvo, 7:55. I know charlie won't mind ten minutes, as long as he thinks I was with girls anyway.

I can feel my cheeks burning when I remembered i used to tell Mom I was with girls instead of Dan.... but that was another life.

"We could have had 10 minutes earlier if you hadn't complain so much at my driving." Edward grumbled.

I frowned at him, and said goodbye.

I was about to open the car door, but it was suddenly open, and he was outside, he opened the car door for me...just like in movies...Stop thinking about that!

I got out, but being me I stumbled in the step. He caught my hand, and grinned.

"Careful" he whispered in a too-near- spot in my ear.

I shivered and tried to get the electric current going in my hand because of his touch.

Once I was on my feet again, he asked me in a serious face to survive the night.

"How hard can it be?" I teased back, even though I knew it might as well have been close to impossible, with the note and all.

I glanced a tentative look on the door, expecting Charlie to come out any second now.

"He's on the shower" he muttered. I nodded.

He gave a final "salute" and opened the driver side.

"Bet you won't sleep." I told him and winked. He gave a dazzling smile, and I forced myself to turn around.

"Bella" he called. I turned back to him.

"I won't."he whispered tentatively, and added
"Sleep tight" a little while later,as if he added something in his earlier sentence that was too low for me to hear.

I nodded, ordering my heart to shut the hell up.

Once I arrived at my house, true to Edward's word, Charlie was in the shower.

"I'm home" I called.
"Food on fridge!" Charlie yelled, and I frowned when I saw a take-out box on the table.

The phone rang suddenly, and I groaned.


"Oh my God Bella! What happened! I've been calling you for ages!" Jessica's shrill voice demanded.

I begged her, for one thing, my father might be out any second now, and for the second, tiredness really was getting the best of me. hey, it's hard to be normal once you're a victim of attempted murder and spent dinner with a vampire.

"Oh, okay Bella." her tone said it was not okay, but whatever to her. I really am tired...

"Bye" I said. Thankfully, she replied the same and I hang up.

Charlie then asked how my day was. I was sure it was just small talk, both of us usually have nothing to talk about. And we're comfortable with that.

"Night Dad" I yelled as I climb the stairs. "night" he yelled back.

Once in the privacy of my room, I contemplated three things I was absolutely positive about.

First, Daniel Rosen will never be back.
Second, someone who wants him to pay might kill me anytime because of him.
Third, Edward Cullen is not an enemy anymore.. He's my ally now.

I brushed my teeth and showered for 5 minutes, brushed my hair in the drawer when I caught sight of the piece of red hair on the floorboard.

How much time do I have before whoever she is, comes after me because of Dan?

That night, I hugged my pillow tight, with tears running down my eyes as I think about how my parents will feel when one day they find me dead. My heart started beating loudly because I know that Renee will blame herself and Charlie's guilt will eat him.

I realized also, with a resigned sigh, that this is the first time I'm not crying for Daniel. At least my heart's love wounds healed before I died.This time, I'm crying for myself, and the people who loves me and who actually cares when something bad happens to me, few as the are.

I was just smiling as I recalled the day me and Daniel said "i love you", even though I knew now that his part wasn't true and mine was now gone.My memory skipped back to the day he said goodbye, and my heart ached a little but I also felt acceptance that what we once shared was really a lie and there was nothing now, when a dream started.

The swing swayed happily, but the sound was wrong. It was terrifying. I looked at the next swing, and saw my nightmare many nights before tonight: he wasn't there. Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye something red materialized. "Time is over" a chilly voice whispered.

I sat up suddenly on bed, my head swirling with the panic rising in my chest. I blinked tears away from my eyes, wishing my heart will at least quiet down. The darkness made me feel disoriented, yet it was also comforting because I was afraid someone else might be here..someone from my nightmare.

I shivered when I realized my windows were open. A cold breeze made me freeze to my bones.It was not that cold, but reality hit me. Hit me hard.

I closed my windows last night.

Something cold touched my arm. I was about to scream, but then a hand closed over my mouth.

mwahahhahahaha.i JUST LOLOLOVE torturing y'all. To julia,I didn't send this because this just is not chapter 6. chapter 6 is in epov. hehehe.I know, I know, I left you hanging for many times, but I'm doing it again to make sure you hang on to the twists and cliffies that are bigger in the next chapters!
i love it <333
keep me updated!!!!
love shauny
im saying its edward because she cant nearly die or be killed so early in the story
or daniel coming to get her back
thatl; happen in the next..3 chapters
love it but did why end it right there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
omg who iz it!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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