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Based On The Role Play: Loving A Stranger

Loving A Stranger

Blair just found out that she is a witch, magic is new to her she moved to a more remote place, somewhere there were not that many people around, it's where she meets Aaron, at her new job. When she shakes Aaron's hand, she feels a electric shock she can't explain. Later she finds out that is how a witch knows who is a vampire. What Blair doesn't know is, Witches blood is the sweetest, and it is taken everything inside of Aaron not to kill her. Blair in fascinated by Aaron and starts to get to know him, but a Witch is never suppose to fall for a Vampire.


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Chapter One:

I have been in this small little town of nothing for almost three weeks, and still am clueless as to what I’m supposed to be doing. I stared at the pile of dusty old books that are scattered across the empty floor of what should be a dining room. The house echoes with my footsteps whenever I walk and nearly ever sound made came be heard in every room. I moved here to practice magic, which I just found out I had, but with nothing but old books to guide me, I’m lost.

Since I was lacking in the ability to get anything done, or find a way to accomplish something with my newly found abilities, I decided the best thing to do was get a job. I pin my hair up in a tight bun, and sign at what stares back at me. I’m anything but a supermodel. Grabbing my purse, and locking the door, I head out the door and decided to walk to the café I’m working at since the day was so nice.

The manager said there was only one other person that worked at the Café, I had never had a job before, so my insides were squirming. The door is already open but the Café has not get open, I walked thought the door and hear the chiming of the bell above announce my arrival.

A head from below the counter pops up; it’s not the manager, Zach, it’s a guy I’ve never seen before. I stand there awkwardly for a moment; there is something about this guy I can place my finger on. He walks around the counter and approaches me, it’s only when he is a foot or two in front of my does my breath leave me at the sight of his golden eyes that are watching me. I can’t help but admire their beauty.

Shaking my head, I turn away, knowing a blush has crept onto my face. If this guy noticed, he didn’t say anything. “You must be the new co-working. I’m Aaron.” He holds out his hand with a genuine smile on his face, I look back at him, and avoid his eyes. Shaking his head, I open my mouth of give him my name, but as soon as our hands make contact, I feel a jolt of electricity shock my hand. I make no noise but I do jerk my hand from his; giving me a strange look, he says, “You alright?”

“Yeah.” I chuckle, completely embarrassed, “I’m Blair.”

That has never happened to be before, but I know it is something directly related to the fact I’m a witch.

Soon Aaron is showing me how everything works but I only catch about half of what he says because the shock we exchanged was just too strange to set aside for later.

“This is the break room, since today is Thursday, we will be spending most of our time in here.” He said with a chuckle, “Thursdays are our slowest days.” I only nod before follow his lead and sit down. There is silence between us, but Aaron moves around like he is thinking about asking me a question or not.

“What?” I say, hating the silence that was thickening between us.

“I am just trying to figure out why someone like you would ever move to a place like this.”

“Someone like me?” At this, he goes a bit pale – something I did not think was possible since he was the most place person I had ever seen. A lot of people would just look sick, but there was something about him that just boosted how attractive he is.

“Yeah, pretty girl, someone who I bet has a secret talent that could probably lead her to do big things. Why move to this hell-hole of a town?”

“I don’t think it’s that bad.” I avoid the comments about me; I don’t know about the pretty thing, but the talent thing is dead on. Although, I’m not sure I could do big things with it. “Why do you think it’s a hell-hole? I have been here for about three weeks and have not seen anything that’s not normal.”

Aaron stares at me with his god colored eyes for a moment, I can read his expression so I sit there awkwardly, waiting for him to say something. “That’s because you have never been out at night.” His tone is too serious for me to even consider that he’s joking. Before I have time to ask him to explain, the bell above the door rings and he leaves without another word.

I don’t know is Aaron was lying, but the day soon turned busy and I had no time to talk with Aaron about what he meant. A few months ago, I would have just brushed it off, but now that I am a witch, and that I have read about so much – things that are only real in story books, things like that make my skin crawl. I try to remember all the things Aaron told me, but I don’t remember everything, yet, I am surprised about how much I did remember.

“Excuse me,” I turn around to face a young guy, who is about my age, “can I get some more coffee?” He then smirks and I nearly met. I nod my head and take his cup but say nothing, knowing my voice will come out as a girly little school girl. I refill the coffee and hand it back to him. He smirks again, and I curse myself for blushing, but I turn my attention to another customer.

Just about closing time, I head to the bathroom to use it, when I come out; I am stopped by angry voices. I turn the corner, just enough to see Aaron and the guy with the smirk talking, both looking like they are about to rip each other’s heads off. Like they knew I was there, they stop talking, and smirk guy storms out of the room. I wait a pulse before walking back out, I know Aaron knew I was there, but he says nothing, just growls under his breath.

“Ahh crap!” I hiss as I am about to leave and see the pouring rain.

“What?” Aaron comes around, a bit worried, which I am unsure why, but he soon laughs when he sees what is going on outside. “You walk here?”

“Yes.” I grumble under my breath.

“I will give you a ride.” I want to protect, but I knew that will get me nowhere, besides, the sky has fallen, and what Aaron said is still repeating over and over again in my head. His car is a silver Chevy Camaro, as I sit in it, I wonder how the hell he has a car like this with a café salary.

Then I forget that, “What did you mean by I’ve never been out at night so I don’t know that is place is a hell-hole?”

I know I’ve made him uncomfortable but I am not getting out of the car until he answers my question. Sighing, he pulls into my drive way, and I get a look at how huge and how empty it truly is.

“There are things that happen, bad things, unexplained thing.” He turns to me, his golden eyes locked on mine. “Just be careful, this place is not as happy as it may seem. Contrary to what many believe, there are things that go bump in the night.” 

This story looks promising!  There are definitely two types of sparks between Blair and Aaron, and some interesting mysteries that need to be solved!

This is really interesting and even better than the first version!

Aaron is very mysterious and the things he says to Blair are suppose to scare her but instead it just shows that he wants  to keep her safe even though he just met her.

Can't wait for more!

wow I loved the first version and I love this one even more. This is so interesting and love the cliffie at the first chapter, it gives us something to think about


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