The Twilight Saga

Lunar Shadows

Prologue: Lost

   I wandered endlessly through the vast brush of forest, my bare feet scraping against sharp gray rocks and broken tree branches. I wasn't quite sure of my destination but I knew that I had to get away. . . But get away from what? I couldn't remember. My thoughts began to jumble as I tried to focus on the past fifteen minutes of my life. My hands curled into fists as I began to become frustrated at the fact that I couldn't remember. What happened to me? I barely recognized my surroundings. . . Was I lost? My breaths began to quicken and I bolted ahead, trying to find a way out of this ferocious woodland. I stopped to catch my breath and look at where I was going but I couldn't tell anymore, I didn't know my direction, I was panicking. The harder I tried to remember the farther from my thoughts it went. I dropped my head, chin touching chest, in defeat, tears prickling at the corners of my eyes.




My head popped up as I sniffled and looked around to try and find what had caused the disturbance. I didn't find any so I wearily walked forward, my eyes wavering back and forth as I tried to find my way through the vines and creeping branches of near willows. Up ahead my eyes caught sight of an opening and, thinking it was an exit out onto a street or so, ran forward to greet the approaching light. With a smile on my face, I stepped out onto the pavement, lifting my face up to towards the sky, and letting these brief moments of sun rise calm my essence before I was suddenly yanked back into darkness. . .



Author's Note: Thank you all for reading! In case any of you are confused, this is a Forbidden Romance between the experiment of Aro Volturi, Chloe Armani, and the son of Renesmee Cullen and Jacob Black, Sebastian Black. All will be explained throughout the contents of this story! I shall update as soon as possible! Thank you :)


Important Characters:


Chloe Amberlin Armani


Sebastian Alexander Black

Wednesday Aprilynne Shepp

Benjamin Carter Lamont

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very good so far! Love it!
Thank you so much for reading! I shall update as soon as possible!

hey this sounds interesting!!!!!!!

keep writing and plz update me when u do :)




PS..........LOVE the pix!!

I will! I update all of my friends on here :) And thanks!
np :)



ok so i dont mean to be pushy but when r u gonna continue??


plz do so soon :)


Yes, I am. I am so sorry that I haven't posted yet! But I have a good reason! My computer has been screwed up for the past some odd weeks and won't connect to the wifi. Right now I am on my sister's computer but while she is allowing me on here I will try to write up the next chapter. I intend to have a surprise in every chapter! So please, don't give up on me just yet! Haha. I will keep you updated!


Thank you!

Hannah </3


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