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Lunar Sunset------ An Embry Imprint Story. Based off of Seth's unfinised story.

Wolf Pack:




















*Embry's point of view*


Ring Ring Ring. When was Jacob going to learn that you can change your ringtone.I mean, come on, it's sooooooooo friggin boring.


"Hello," Jake answered.There was some woman blabbering on the other end of the phone."Oh! Rebecca! Hi! How is goin' down there in Hawii with those twins?"


Hmm. I thought. I haven't see Rebecca since...since..since...never!


"Really? Are you serious? That would be AMAZING!" Jacob's face lit up. "Yes, we still live in this house," he frowned.


Finally he hung up and said "Guess what guys?"


Eck Em! We heard that from behind us. It was Leah. I wonder why Seth is so normal but has a sister like that. Well, normal for a werewolf at least.


"And Leah," Jacob moaned."Well, my sister Rebecca will be flying in next week with her husband and her twins, Danielle and Kaleigh. I find it weird how a twin girl had twin girls. Odd, right? Well I'm off. I need to go tell Billy!" Then, he ran off.


"So, now what?" Seth asked.


"You could go chase squirrels," Emily said teasing.The whole pack turned around.Exept me, I ran up a tree to find a squirrel and show it to Emily.I heared Cieara giggle has the pack turned around and I ran off, to find a squirrel.

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chapter 2:  Arrivel or Not
Kaleighs POV



My Mom, Sister, and I arrived at the airport. Mom took off running and hugged some HUGE dude and Grandpa.When Mom was done hugging the huge dude he ran over to us.He hugged us both and at the same time with his huge arms.They felt very very hot like fire.I could tell Danielle was thinking the same, plus she was sweating.He let go and I remebered who he was.

"You must be um......JACOB!" I yelled.

"Ha, I have been my whole life... as far as I know," he told us. I couldn't help but laugh.God he was huge "So, how old are you guys now,8?" he asked. UHOH he was going to annoy Danielle.

"Ha, very funny, we're 12!" She Screamed. Yep, I was right.
"I was kidding! Take a joke!" He screamed back at her. Hu i see were she gets it from.

Danielle wispered to me "Somebody's got anger issues,"

"Oh shut up!" He must of heard.I laughed once again.Danielle grabbed her bag walked off to mom. Jake scoft,I laughed took my bag, and ran off after her with Jacob following me.

After we unpacked at the hotle, We went to Grandpas house in La Push .Now we were sitting in his very tiny living room.Then the sound of a ton of boys came from outside.Jacob got up and ran outside.Must be Jacobs friends.Hopefully they were hot! I wonder.....I looked at Danielle.She knew i knew some thing was up I mean why not wait till they came to the house?We were suspicous, so we got up and headed to the door.
"Hey, where are you going?" Mom asked. Oh no were just to go see Jakes friends see if there hot nothing mutch......crap whats the cover story
Outside. It's kinda small in here, no offense." My sister rocks
"None taken," said grandpa.
"K. See ya later!" I yelled has we walked out the door.Only to find 16 hot, tan, shirtless guys! I  Giggled then Blushed.CRAP CRAP CRAP WHY DO I HAVE TO BLUSH AND GIGGLE TO TOP IT OFF! Jake ran over to us"Hey!!! These are my buds!" He pointed and each one and said " That's Sam, Quil, Paul, Jared," He had a chicken leg." Collin, Brady, Darren, Justin, Josh, Kyle, Drew, Jayden, Carter, Embry, and Seth."
"Damn that's a lot of people." Danielle said.
"Looks like she's got her uncle's mouth,"Chicken leg legg -Jared- said.This wasnt going anywere good.
"Shh, she can't take a joke," Uncle Jake said. We all broke out in laughter
"SHUT UP!!!" Jeez can she scream.
"Told ya," said Jacob.I laughed again.
With that she ran off into the woods
"Way to go Jake"i said sarcastly and giving him a thumbs up.
"Shut up" he mumbled
"Well what know do I go find my sister are what? " I asked
"Well we go find her. Split up" sam started naming groups like he was the leader of them.Like the leader of the pack.I stared listing again just in time to hear my name."Drew and Justin ummm Kalleigh if you want to come you can go with Embry"he stoped when both my Uncles shot him a look." Or you can go with one of your Uncles your choces." I thought i herd two growls.What was up with them.Oh well.
" I dont care She wont listin to Jake,so hes out,Uncle P"there was laughing at that even my own"She afraid of you,so i guess all go with Embry" he is very hot.
"Thats fine yout to go check that way" Sam said,elbowing both of my uncles
"Came on lets go fix this" I said Right before we ran off I saw my Uncles giving Embry a look that could Kill.He just rolled hid eyes and we ran off.

Chapter 4: Awww
Kaleigh's POV

We walked home in silence.We new we might be in trouble.Hopefully, Jacob wouldn't tell and we'd go for the 'Spent the Night With Cieara' story.When we walked into Grandpa's house I wispered in Danielle's ear "Our cover story is that we met Sam's wife Emily and their daughter Cieara and we spent the night".

"Thanks, sorry about yesterday I was pissed," she said

"Yeah cause thats new," I said playfully elbowing her.Mom walked in then and hugged us both.

"Hey mom," we said at the same time.

"Hey you guys!" She said. "What do you want to do today in La Push?"

"I dont know mom but me and Danielle need to talk about something.We will be right outside and will be back this time," I said pulling Danielle out the door.

"What really happend last night. I went straight to bed.vAfter Embry walked me to Emily's." I asked

"AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW he walked you there," I pounched her "I was running and hit a tree, they found me and took me to Emily's. I tried to fight back but lost."

"So your ok?" I asked.

"Yeppers," she said.

"So he was right," I mumbled under my breath.

"Who was right? Embry? He told you I would be fine?" She asked at a million miles per hour.

"Yep, he was really nice," I could feel myself blushing

"You like him!" she screamed

"SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! What if Jake hears you?! And maybe.Come on, you have to like one of them, too." I pushed her to tell me.OMG! Did she just blush? She did!

"Who" I asked."I mean its not like we have a chance they have ti be like 20 are something and we are 12"

"Seth, kinda," she wispered.Shyish.

"AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Is he the one who carried you?" I asked

"Yes and how do you know about that?" She asked.

"I walked back with you, duh!" I told her.

Chapter 5: Imprint
Embry's POV

I couldn't be;eive it, Jacob was going to kill me for imprinting on his neice.CRAP! There's Paul too.They are going to nueder me! If I didn't stop thinking about her long staight black hair, her deep chocolate colored eyes, her tall slim figure. I need to stop before I'm roadkill.I need to talk to some one.Quil was with Claire, Leah was a no go,,just then my cellphone rang it was Seth.

"Heyyy Seth," I answered.

"Hey, Embry!" He greeted, "Listen, I have a problem, and it's kinda embarassing!" Oh no not this again.

"Seth, I told you, these problems are for your docter, not your friend," I reminded him.

"NOT THAT KIND OF EMBARASSING PROBLEM!" He yelled, "The problem is that I think I imprinted on Jake's neice, Danielle." No way, he couldn't have.

"Really, because I imprinted on Jake's other neice, Kaleigh!" I said.Yep now we were both screwed. Jake and Paul were going to shove are tails up our butts.Paul would put up a good fight too.Now, we have to tell Jake and Paul.

"Um, I gotta go. Talk to you later, K?" Seth finally broke the silence

"Why? Is the mail-man there or what? Leave him alone this time. Pleeeease Seth?" I said trying to lighten the mood.

"Ha, shut up," he said then the line went dead.
Now how to tell them?

Chapter 7: Imprint-sitting
Embry's POV

HOWWWWWWWLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL, my phone was going off again.
"HEYYY Jake," I said trying to sound natural.

"Hey Embry! I need a favor," he said.

"I need 20 bucks!" We laughed.

"No really I need you to watch Kaleigh and Danielle for a while. Becca and Billy are going into Forks to see Charlie and I have patrol. Please dude?" He asked.

"Yeah, sure, be there in a few," I said.My voice was a little rough.

"K, Thanks, man!" Then he hung up.He wanted me to watch them. This was great! I was going to see my beautiful imprint Kaleigh.

I put on a shirt, ran fingers though my hair, and looked in the mirror.MAN, I looked good.So I ran out the door and to Billy's.I ran up to the porch at the same time as Seth.I wonder if Jacob already knows and if this was a trick to get us here so he could shove my tail up my butt.I sniffed. Nope. No sign of Paul. We are good. Don't look at her intil Jacob leaves Embry, you know you have looked away and that would give it away if you looked .I was giving myself a peptalk. You can do this.

"So, are you two going to be the tween-sitters today?" Rebecca asked as she came out of the house pushing Billy.
"Yep" I said

Seth just said "Mm-hmm," . We were both trying to keep it on the down low.

"OK. Keep an eye on Danielle, she'll take any chance she can get to run away." She reminded us.

"I wont forget that," Seth said to her.

"Have fun," Billy said as his daughter put him in the passanger seat of Rebecca's rental.

Seth and I walked into the the house.There she was. Her long black hair layed flat so her big brown eyes popped.She blushed and turned away.

"Oh, look, we have baby-sitters," Danielle said annoyed when she saw us walk in.

Chapter 7:Imprint-sitting part 2
Kaleigh's POV

I'm finding odd how are crushes are baby sitting us.I needed to get out of the room.
I got up and went to the kitchen to find some food.I was standing on a upside down laundry basket trying to reach the chips on the top self when a big tan hand grabbed them.

"Looking for these?" Embry asked holding the chips.

"Yeah, thanks. I'm starving.But I'm always hungry," I said talking a little to fast.

"Want me to help you cook something.I'm not the best cook but-"

"Yeah that would be great," I said smiling.I grabbed a pot and some speghetti and put the chips back .We got to work right away.Things got messy when Embry turned the stove on to hot.It was funny though.I was carefull not to blush or doing any thing stupid. He was awsome for helping me.I sighed and reminded myself im around 8 years younger then him.Then I laughed when I saw what a mess he was.

"Not to be mean or any thing but, you have sause all over you and it's speghetti sause so it looks like blood," we laughed.I really liked Embry.After we cooked he cleaned while I ate.After we went to join Danielle and Seth.Only to find they were not there.I ran out the door and next to my sister and try to get her to calm down.She was shaking and her hands were balled up into fist.Embry looked terrified at Danielle. Him and seth shared a look of shock.Finally Danielle stoped shaking and went back into the house

We heard the car door slam.Mom was home.She walked up to Seth and Embry "Thanks, again, Seth and Embry, for watching the girls. Are you sure was no problems?" Mom asked

"Positive," Seth lied
One the car ride home I talked about my day with Embry.Really I was going over my day to see what all Embry and Seth did.I knew simething was up about them. I just didnt know what.

Embry's POV

Me and Seth were meeting up with Jacob and Paul soon .Telling them we imprinted on their nieces' was not going to be easy.I have to do it for her it would pain her to be away from me.Lets to this.I ran out the door.Not phasing till we were all in the clearing so they wont hear my thoughts. Seth showed up next.

"Hey" I said "Ready to be chew toys?"

"No," he answered quickly.

"Lets get this over with" I sighed.Just then Jake and Paul walked into the clearing.

"Hey guys whats up" Jake asked.Lets get this over with.

"You can go first Em" Seth said. God I was going to kill him, if i made it out of here alive!

"Um, ok, Paul, step back and phase. We dont want you so close when you get all pissed and phase." That was the last thing I wanted!He laughed agreeing and phased.Ok, now that that's taken care of, Seth and I imprinted on your neices'."

"Dude Why did you say my name!" Seth asked.Jacob started shakinging.Paul snarled and showed his teeth.

"YOU! DID! WHAT !" Jacob screamed.He was growling now.

"We can't control it" We both shouted. I Phased to protect my self.Seth did the same.

My niece really!!!!! Paul shouted in his head.

Paul I know ok!!! Cut me some slack!!!! I have to deal with Rachel,Jacob,and her too!! The people who are blood related to her! I know she is still your your niece!!! Bit me get it over with so I go!!! I was really getting sick of Paul

We will make a deal -Jacobs thoughts come out of no were-hurt her in any way I flinched at the thought and we will hunt you down and rip your leg off! he finished

sounds fair Seth thought I was really worried that you would shave all are fur off, cut off our tails, then put pink nail polish on us.

Yeah and shove are tails up are butts and nueder us. I added,we laughed.

Anyways, about the neudering thing, I wouldn't do that to you. I bet Danielle and Kaleigh want kids.Jacob thought.Paul nodded his big empty head

Hey watch it! I'm still pissed of at you Paul said to my thoughts.He was always pissed.

We should change the word pissed to Paul, Seth thought.We all laughed.So far I'm not a chew toy!

I got to go my mom will be home soon.Thanks for letting me have all my limbs I thought and then phased before i heard their reply and started running home.Wow they were really letting me off the hook for now.
I thought for sure I would have at lest a broken leg are arm.I remember When Paul imprinted on Reachle.Jacob was pissed for a week and broke Paul's arms,legs,and ribs..It was a good fight to watch.

Chapter 9:Why Emily WHY
Kaleigh's POV

Danielle and I don't really hang out with mom. We spent a lot of our time in La Push, at Emily and Sam's house. Cieara was just learning to crawl and got into EVERYTHING. She annoyed Danielle the most. Jacob's friends came over when Emily was gone to baby sit us--well mainly Danielle. I could tell Danielle was getting annoyed by them and Cieara. Our 13 birthday was coming up. I really didn't want a party at all. Danielle didn't either. But Emily had other plans. She walked up to us as we watched T.V.

"Hey guys.Guess what?" She asked not waiting for us to answer. "I'm throwing you both a party. Rather you like it or not. You will show up and like it," she stated. WHY WHY WHY!!!! Life isn't going that great as it was! Now we had to have a party!!!!!!!! I wont even like it!!!!!! Why in the hell did we have to have a party!!!!! I didn't relize I was shaking until Danielle was trying to calm me down.

"Calm down! Think Embry, Think Embry, Think Embry," she teased. She wasn't helping me much.

"Shut up!!!!" I screamed. I was really getting pissed. I was taking deep breaths trying to calm myself. Then Seth and Embry walked in.
Seth wispered to Embry along the lines of "Hey Embry, your girlfriend getting a little Pauled off over there?".Seth elbowed Embry. I was blushing and still shaking. Embry walked over to me and put a hand on my shoulder. I felt a little shock go though me.

"Kaleigh.You need to calm down. Please what ever it is it's ok," he said. I calmed down a little.

"Sorry I have no idea what happend. Emily just keep it small" I said, trying to change the subject. This was not going to be good. Embry's hand was still on my shoulder. I didn't say anything, I liked his hand there.What did
Seth mean by 'girlfriend' and why did Embry give him a look. Why am I so worked up it was just a joke. Plus I was 12 he had to be what 19?

"I will have the party ready. All you two have to do is show up in what I give you to wear," Emily said. Great, whatever she wants me to wear.

Chapter 10: Burriots and Shopping

Embry's POV

Kaleigh and Danielle's birthday is coming up. I have no idea what to get her. I'm grounded today for sneaking out last night again. So I'm sneaking out again tonight early to go shopping. Maybe Seth wants to go with me? I'll give him a call. I picked up my phone and pressed 8 on speed dial. I have them all in the order we phased.

"Hey, Em-burrito," he answered.

"Hey. I'm sneaking out early tonight to go shopping to get something for Kaleigh. Want to come with? You can get something for Danielle. And what did I tell you about nicknaming me after food. Do you want Paul bite me again? Wait, don't answer that."

"Sure I'll go with you. Meet you at the burrito shop," he teased.

"Not funny man!" Then he hung up. I grabbed my wallet and jumped out of the window. Crap, I need a shirt. I jumped back up my window grabbed a shirt and jumped back out my window and down to the burrito shop, where Seth was eating a burrito. When I got to Seth I snatched the burrito from him.

"Really Seth? Really?" I said looking at the burrito. It looked good.

"What? I'm hungry!" He said. I sniffed the burrito, smelled good. I took a bite.

"Mmmmmmmmm thats good Seth. What is in there?" I asked finishing the burrito. "Come on lets go." I said pointing to the only jewlery shop in La Push. It just happend to be Jared's
The Jewlery Shop.

"Hey Seth?" I asked.

"Yeah man."

"We can't just give it to them in person, it would be wierd. Walking up to them and giving them something. We would be the only ones of Jake's friends giving them something."

"Good point,"

"Not bad for a burrito right," we laughed.

"How about we ask Emily to give it to them with what ever they wear and say she didn't know were it came from." Seth said. Not bad.

When we walked into the store Seth went to find something for Danielle. Then something shiny cought me eye. A necklace with a silver chain and a little gold heart charm out lined in silver. It was perfect. I walked up to the cashier and bought it while I waited on Seth. The lady put it in a dark blue box with the words Jared's written.on top. I couldn't help but laugh. I went out side to wait on Seth. Finally, he was done.

"What did you get her?" I asked.

"A gold necklace that spells her name. It has to be customizied, so it will come in a day before their birthday. You?" He asked. I opend up the box to show him.

"Cool," he said.

"I need to go run patrol, can you take this for me? I'll get it later," I shoved him the box and ran into the woods. To run round and round like I'm chasing my tail in a really big circle

im missing some chapters i forgot to save so it may jump around a little

Chapter 11: Rotten Tomato Smelly Dude and Shampoo

Kaleigh's POV
Danielle and I were jumping from bed to  bed in our hotel.Then, Mom came in.
"Hey, you two. Can you go to Forks and get me some shampoo for me?" she asked.
"Sure mom can we have 30 bucks" I asked. Shampoo only cast about five dollars but like she would know.
"Yea. Here, hurry," she said giving me the money and pushed us out the door.
When we got to the street Danielle asked "What's the other 25 dollars going to be for?" To be honest I didn't really know.
"Whatever it wants to be for," I didn't have a better answer at the moment. Finally we got to the store and went straight back to the hair care stuff, only to see a big dude with short black hair looking at all the shampoos. He smelled like rotten tomato, he was so pale too. Maybe that is because all the time we spend at the reservation, where everyone is tan.
Danielle whispered to me "I think he needs a shower and some extensions."
"I know, he doesn't need any special shampoo for his manly locks of man hair." I said sarcastically and we laughed. I walked over the girls shampoo, sadly right next to the smelly dude. What in the hell was he looking at extra shiny shampoo. I couldn't help but laugh. He then asked us "Do you lady's know which one I should use for my lushes locks of man hair," he asked touching his hair then added "I'm Emmett". Danielle and I had a hard time holding back are laughter.
"Mm, maybe you can get a wig and try them both before using them on your man hair." Danielle said cracking up.

"Use the extra shiny." I laughed.This was to good. "Oh and you don't drink it, just to let you know, you put it in your hair." I said has he put the bottle up to his mouth.
"I know that," he said looking around trying to avoid it.
I grabbed some shampoo and walked up to Danielle and said "We have 25 dollars."
"Lets get something to prank some one with," she said. Always the evil one.
"DID YOU SAY PRANK" Emmett yelled."I have a whole closet full of pranking things, you have to come see it! It cost 25 dollars for 2 people to enter!" This dude has got to be kidding me. He looked 20 but acted like he was 5!
"Later. We have to get this to are mom. Where do you live?" Danielle asked. It took him a couple minutes but then he figured it out and told us to meet him there at five. Great! Right after we have dinner at Emily's. We walked up to the check out, bought mom's shampoo, and went back to the hotel.
"Mother! We are back, but are going again soon!" I yelled. I threw the shampoo at her and grabbed my things to go to Emily's.

"See you at dinner!" Danielle yelled. We ran out of the hotel room not waiting for the answer. We all knew it be 'be safe'.
"Emily's or grandpa's house?" I asked as we ran. When did we get so fast? Danielle was still faster than me but still we are flying. I could tell I was faster than before because the forest was flying by me.
"Emily's" She answered. We made it to Emily's in a record of time. Only Emily wasn't the only one there. Seth, Embry, and Sam were all sitting around the table. We went and sat on the counter.
"Any of you know a smelly dude named Emmett?" I asked. I wasn't just going to a strangers house.
"Big, short black hair," we giggled a little. Sam, Embry, and Seth looked at each other.
"Umm, yes we do know him. Are you OK? How do you know him?" Sam asked all protective-ish. Embry and Seth shared a look of worry and fear.
"We met him when we went to the store earlier. We had an extra 25 dollars and Danielle said we should buy something to prank someone with. He said he had the perfect idea, and we are going to meet up with him after we eat. Calm down!" Seth was first to calm down. He didn't look that worried to begin with.
All three of them looked at each other for a moment. Then Embry spoke up "Oh, thats sucks. I was going to ask if you guys wanted to go cliff diving," he said. Seth slapped is arm."Sorry fast thinking," Embry said.
"I guess he can wait," I blushed.
"Hmmmmmmm. Sure I'll go" Danielle said. I knew inside she was jumping up and down because she was going to Seth shirtless, but I knew she would never say it out loud. Big deal, I get to see Embry shirtless! Plus, I get to jump off a cliff!
"I'll be at grandpa's until dinner," Me and Danielle said at the same time.


Im sooo sorry I don't have the phasing chapter or any thinfg immmm soooorrryyyy. I have to skip to chpter 19

Ok so why my I worked up over mom and grandpa. Well mom because she’s going to think that me and Danielle are going through a stage and cutting our hair off, which means there will be A talk. Grandpa cuz it would be a whole other kinda talk. The don’t bet the sit outa your alpha talk.


"She’s awake" Jared called. I groaned. Sue walked over to me around Embry. Put a hand to my forehead and winked. I rolled my eyes, she just smiled.


"How do feel honey" she asked flashing a smile I had seen on Leah once in a memory of someone.


"I don’t see how Emily can handle that fat shhhhshshhhshshssssssshs stuff" I didn’t cause cuz my mother wouldn’t have that blah blah blah. All the wolf pack laughed poor Seth even cracked a smile, but I earned a growl from Samuel.


"I’m taking that has better. Quite a fall you girls took down the steps". Sue replied. I smiled. My mom tried to walk over to Dani. Seth would mom so she slammed into Jakes lap like she was his little sister. I reached up to run a hand though my hair were it was so post to be long, it wasn’t and my hand slipped and hit my shoulder. I hissed in the pain it made in my ribs.

Suddenly Embry turned around with worried eyes.

"Funk you ok" he asked in a rush. I nodded my head and he turned back around, Emily handed him a new icepack. I've always been a good kicker. I maybe right handed but my left foot could shoot Cieara to Hawaii. Now if you add the wolf strength......... Anyway I feel bad. Dani moved a little, good she waking up. Set smiled a huge smile.

"Jezz Seth way to hind imprintinnnn..." Darren was cut of by many MANY death glares.


"What in (told you mom wasn’t on for causing) is imprintin" Mom shouted. The room froze or maybe it was i said it in super fast speed.


"Dance" it slipped out like magic. It was something able to fool mom and for my entertainment.


"Its um a dance. Called the imprint" Seth exclaimed. He grabbed a groggy Danielle and swung her around.


"Gredd tha well off mwe" Dani mumbled. Seth laid her back down and sighed with relief, she was back.

"That’s not the imprint Rachel and Paul were doing last night" Jared mumbled to Kim. We all heard. Paul growled at Jared and Jake growled at Paul. Kim smacked Jared upside the head. We all laughed even a half awake Dani who was talking to Sue.

“Al right Rach your finally getten some! Hey has long has he has been tested for AIDs and they have some kinda protection I’m all good" mom said. She is where I and Danielle get it.


 random missing chapter lol



Kaleigh POV: strapless Kim?


 "You wanna know what’s funny. It looks like were doing drugs. Put were just a cuzins to pugs" Danielle laughed at her own little joke. I giggled a little.

 I ran down the steps full blast and into the kitchen and stopped behind Jake to make sure I didn’t slide.

 "ITS SO FRICKEN HAWT TODAY MAKE IT STOP!" I complained to Jake and the rest of them. My sister nodded and plopped into a chair. I saw Seth’s eyes never leaving her new body, sick-o. I looked over at Embry who’s eyes were glued to my legs. So going from 13 to 16 has it effects.


"Hottest day in La push, in a long time" Emily replied from her spot sweating over te stove. I snapped my finger and pointed to Emily to lazy to help myself. Embry and Justin got up to help.


"Were going to the beach later and having a bomb fire so you can hear the legends" Sam said not looking way from his staring contest with Jayden. Dani snorted.


"What more is there to know" we replied in the same freaky twin way.


Rachel dumb it down for us " What he means is, were are throwing a party on the beach just us, your grandfather is going to do the thing that he thinks makes him all big bad in middy".


"Ohhhhhhhh" once again in the same freaky way.


" I’m going to go get into my suit. It’s too hot" I complained.


"Straps" Emily said in a sing song voice. Danielle just looked at Emily in awe.


"Emily who goes cliff diving in a strapless- I stretched the word seeing both Seth and Embry's jaws go slack- swim suit" I asked.


"Kim" was her one word reply.


Kims head snapped up."Emily that was privet!". Emily just shrugged has I ran upstairs to dig out a swim suit that might fit.

I pulled out a red and black swim suit and Danie with a pink similar one. Time to La-push some people off a cliff!

For those of you who didn't read the last chapters or the missing ones. Dani and Kaleigh are twin sisters. Rebbecas kids. They are now werewolfs and live in la push



I wont be able to reply intill Danielle sends me a chapter i sent her to edit awhile ago
I like it but its confuzing. Lol

THe orinalg story got delted and i didnt save all the chapters


goood story!



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