The Twilight Saga

Lu·na·tion [loo náysh’n] :
By definition is, the Period between New Moons.

That is exactly what Rosalie’s adaptation of New Moon will be. The events that will fill in the gaps when Edward and the Cullen’s were gone. Staying true to my vision, this will all be from Rosalie’s perspective, so of course, some things you , as a reader will be aware of - she will not !

If you haven't read it already, Check out Rose's Version of Twilight, BitterSweet Fate




From Rosalie’s thoughts, to my lips : “This, was the story of our lives. We all desired something we couldn’t have, so why was Edward above that ? Why should he be granted an opportunity that the rest of us would never receive ? ”

**Disclaimer : I don't own any of the characters. They are Stephenie Meyers'. But the plot, is all mine (:

Thank you to Jesse Desplat, for giving me the initial idea that continuing the Saga in Rose’s perspective, that would give some light to her character. And to my faithful readers, and maybe those to come - I hope you enjoy Rose’s version, it’s blunt and straight-forward- just like Rosalie =]

A Million thanks to Paige for the most Outstanding Banners EVER !

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i'd read it if you did
thanks Brandie =] that means alot
this is sooo gonna be good ! i love the introduction ! it was great !
Great idea. I would totally read it and it would be interesting to see your take on what Rose was thinking and feeling when she told Edward that Bella was dead and how she felt when she realized he was going to the Volturi after she told him. You seem to understand her so well, I think you could give a very interesting take on just why she did it.
Ahw, thanks Becki <3 that means alot that you feel iunderstand Rosalie. iDon think most people do.. but that would be exactly how iWould do it.. iThink iWould give her thoughts about the birthday party then the whole 'her calling edward thing' because in a sense, iThink it was fate that she was the one to call Edward.. it could of been anyone to tell him --x but SM chose Rose.
i would read it it sounds AMAZING!
thank youu Phoebe ♥
lOl ; thanks Safeya
OMG! Another Rosalie story! Ahhh! Can't wait!
lOl ; you know iCouldn't stay away from Rose =P she's my muse
ahw thanks Rose (= it means alot !
Yes definately yes u should write it n v'll surely read it.


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