The Twilight Saga

Gir Pov

Ever since I was little I was a slave... All of my kind are. But im special. I am a lycan , half wolf , half human. The rest of my kind are concidered werewolves. They are yes half wolf and half human too. But they are shifters. I am orginally half and half. So im diffrent. I was born a wolf but at age two I was shot with some darts that were full of poison to keep me in human form. They were broken into my back, into my skin and my bones. But eventually I healed and they fell out. So the vampires came up with a new plan , they made a collar. This collar was designed to keep us human as long as we wore it and we were forced to wear it at all times. But since I was special ,the only one of my kind, they gave me a gold collar and everyone else got silver. They made me work as a slave to the royal family, and everyone else was stuck in the fields. The only one in the royal family that was nice to me was Legion. He wasn't from here but he stayed here because he was being forced into an arranged marrage with princess Emily. Legion took care of me. He promised to free me someday. I loved him but he was Emilia's and if she found out I would be put to death. Legion acted like he loved me too but I wasn't sure. Me and Legion met when I was crying in my room. I was crying because Emily had slapped me and used her vampire strength with it and I was forced to remain human because of my stupid collar. Legion found me because he said he couldn't stand Emily and he had "went to the bathroom" or at least that's what he told her. He found me and comforted me , he even managed to make me laugh. Since then me and Legion were bestfriends in secrecy. This is basically my life and how I thought it would stay... until Zodiac came along. He was a new werewolf or so the vampires thought. But Zodiac was actually a Lycan... 


Zodiac as a wolf


Gir as a wolf


Gir {lycan}

Legion {vampire}

Princess Emily {vampire}

Zodiac {lycan}

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I love it! Keep me updated too!


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