The Twilight Saga

Chapter One Introductory


There I sat writing down every word of the lecture over History when the bell rang. I look up surprised to see everyone had fled the once over-populated room. Only I was left- even our teacher was gone, nothing on his desk. I packed up all my things zipping my backpack closed with everything in its proper place.


I walked through the hallways noticing some lingering students still here. I looked at one of the hall's clocks to notice the bell had wrung only a minute and a half ago. I stopped at my locker opening it to see myself in the mirror. I was had cream colored skin that had no freckles, even though I had them as a baby. My chocolate straight hair was pulled into a tight pony tail but my sided bangs still hung across my face.


I heard footsteps coming down the hallway so I finished taking everything from my locker placing it into another bag i had brought. Suddenly principal Polly was standing next to me questioning my clean locker. "Why, Miss Ruwe, are you taking everything home over the three day weekend? I'm sure if you had homework you would've already done it perfectly and turned it in!" He laughed wholeheartedly but I could tell he was very confused.


I responded as I closed the completely cleaned locker, "Mr. Polly, I would've thought you have heard by now. I'm transferring schools to go to boarding school." His face went ghostly white.


"But Miss Ruwe! You're the best student at this school and what will we do without you," Mr. Polly almost yelled.


I spoke softly, in a calm voice, "Why, Mr. Polly I have had a fantastic stay here and this school will continue to thrive tremendously. Now, I have to catch my train if I may." I pulled my bags to my shoulder and walked down the never ending hallway towards the exit. I froze at the door, my hand on the handle. I looked back towards him who was still standing there. "Mr. Polly, please do take care of yourself and have a good day." I then left the school and climbed into the waiting car.


The driver said, "You're late Miss Ruwe," with a tsking voice. I apologized to the woman and we were off towards the sub way. On the chair next to me was a uniform with a Post It note on it with my name, so i quickly changed in the bathroom at the station. No one there was wearing the uniform so I guessed I was the only on going to Kenforthe School.


The train pulled up eventually and my bags in hand said goodbye to my driver- noticing my parents was not around. I climbed the train and placed my bags in the empty chair next to me. I knew it would be a long train ride so I folded my legs on my chair and pulled out a thick leather book with a ∆ stamped onto the front. Sticking out of the front cover was a map of the school and my train ticket along with other papers I would need. I sighed noticing all the other passengers walked right by me and the two other seats available. I was in my own little room with a lot of space but I figured no one would join me so it would be full of my books and more.

Suddenly I heard two voices outside the cabin and I peeked a look through the slightly cracked door. I could barely hear the conversation but I could tell they needed a place to sit. I caught myself saying, “There are two seats in here if you would like.” I suddenly shut my mouth blushing in my intruding.

Both pairs of eyes met mine and they lighted up. The slightly taller boy smiled hugely saying, “Oh thank you miss!” I left the door ajar and moved my stuff out of the second chair. They placed their things along the bottom of their row and smiled gratefully towards me.


I realized they were maybe a little older than me and blushed lightly. The slightly more handsome boy extended his hand to shake mine while saying, “I’m Alexander Scrix and this is my friend Daniel-”

“Dan,” The other boy interjected. “It’s just Dan Acome.” Then there was a silence which made all of us uncomfortable. Dan asked, “What is your name?” That’s when I realized I never shared my name with them making me feel entirely dumb.

I replied nicely, “My apologies, my name is Madeline Ruwe.” The train left the station with a kick and ever so slowly picked up speed. My curiousity claimed the better half of me so I confinuted and asked, “If you don’t mind me asking, are either of you going to Kenforthe?” They looked at me with faces almost like if I had slapped them. I shut my mouth immediately.

Alexander whispered, “Yes, now you do realize it is a completely hush-hush school, and don’t say the name out loud.” I nodded. I wondered what was so bad about saying the name but I figured I shouldn’t ask now.

Over the next few hours we grew even closer friends knowing everything about one another. It was dreadfully my turn to talk about my childhood so I sighed and they urged to know. “I was adopted the day after I was born by terrible people who only cared about their blood related child Lucas. I’m pretty sure I know just about everything- or at least I’m almost there. And I just transferred to this school.”

Dan had sympathy for me, “Sorry to hear about that but how did you just transfer?” A sigh came from me as I relaxed into the back of my chair remembering the day before. My parents had received the mail and they showed me a colorful brochure to a school named Kenforthe. They were all too eager to ship me off and poof! I’m on this train the next day.

I didn’t reply for I fell asleep on the train, curling up on my bag. I’m pretty sure I felt a blanket pulled over me, but then again I wanted more than anything for this to be only just a dream.



Author’s Note: For word pronunciation of the following: Madeline- not the Line, but the lin, Ruwe- row, Scrix- like Trix with a s and the c is silent, Acome- the ac is ack and e silent.


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