The Twilight Saga

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I felt my heart barrel against my chest as he came closer. The only light in the room was a single lonesome candle sitting next to me. I could see a slight panic in his eyes, but it was no match for the panic that was forming a knot in my stomach. He inched closer and the flame on the candle began to bounce, casting shadows all over the room. He opened his mouth to talk but then closed very quickly, but not quick enough for me to catch light bounce off of his teeth. His perfectly white, and impossibly sharp canine teeth.


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This sound intresting.
Very interesting

Omg! This is




































Awesome  Claire






























Please Update














I'm in the spaces mood ;)

XD Thats okay! spaces are okay! XD Thanks forreading it Nikki!
No problem
sound very good

I will soon! I promise!!! =)

i love it :)

Interesting. You better keep me updated or I'll stalk your page 24/7. Nah, not really but please, update soon!

XD Yes Ma'am!

*Note to self: Keep her updated!*



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