The Twilight Saga

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I felt my heart barrel against my chest as he came closer. The only light in the room was a single lonesome candle sitting next to me. I could see a slight panic in his eyes, but it was no match for the panic that was forming a knot in my stomach. He inched closer and the flame on the candle began to bounce, casting shadows all over the room. He opened his mouth to talk but then closed very quickly, but not quick enough for me to catch light bounce off of his teeth. His perfectly white, and impossibly sharp canine teeth.


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Chapter Three; Part Two



“Cemetery? Why are we in a cemetery?” I asked them, completely exasperated. But again, I was deprived of an answer.  What were they planning on doing to me? Were they going to kill me? I felt my heart speed up faster than before. They wouldn’t would they?

I felt my arms and legs begin to flail. I flung my body from side to side, up and down, I pushed and fought his strength the best I could, but I was no match for him, I began to lose my breath quickly and he wasn’t even straining himself to hold onto me. I dug my teeth into his flesh out of fury, but it did no good. He didn’t even flinch. The skin wasn’t even broken.

Hot, salty, angry tears began to slip down my face.  I gave up, letting my body go limp on his shoulder, digging my corset into my stomach.

I looked at his face for the first time since he slung me over his shoulder, they were large and sad. He wasn’t enjoying this anymore than I was.

He realized I had calmed down and looked at me with those wet eyes of his before whispering, “Please, forgive me.”

I had no reply for him.

After what seemed to be an hour or so of more walking, first through the cemetery, then through the woods behind the cemetery, we came to a little cottage. My heart had slowed down once we had left the cemetery, but the fear flowing in my blood was still running hot.

The tears from earlier had dried on my face and could feel the tightness of the dried mascara covering my cheeks. I knew I looked like a wreck, but it was the least of the worries on my mind at the moment.

Catherine looked behind her, checking the woods for any suspiciousness it seemed, and then looked from Cameron to me, her eyes were hard and not readable. She looked back at the door and took out a large black key, shoving it into the lock and pushing the creaky door open. Cameron rushed inside and Catherine locked the door behind her as she rushed in.

Cameron finally lowered me to my feet. His eyes looked into mine, pleading “Please don’t run.” He almost mouthed.

Catherine came over to us, stomping her little feet as she walked. “How much does she know?” His mother demanded, looking him in the eyes. “What did she see?”

Cameron sat me down by the shoulders and then chose a seat across from mine, Catherine stayed standing. He explained what happened in a slow and careful way, thinking through each phrase before he said it, and sugar coating things when he could see his mother get angry.

“Well,” She said in a clipped voice, she looked over to me, “You know an awful lot that you aren’t supposed too little girl. You know what happens now don’t you?” My heart took on a racing pace. “You can’t tell a soul. You can’t lead any one on, and you certainly may not leave, not yet” She sighed and rubbed her forehead intensely. “Take her to the guest room Cameron.” She made a motion with her hand, letting him know she meant now.

He stood up and jerked his head toward a hallway. I cautiously got up and followed, committing every room we passed to memory. At the end of the hall was the “guest room” but the only thing inside was a bed, with no covers and single pillow. The prissy little rich girl inside me wanted me to stamp my foot and demand something better while the rest of me said to accept it, it was the best thing I would get for a while.  

Cameron didn’t say anything as he closed the door behind me.

I sighed heavily and sat on the bed. The springs were hard and uncomfortable. I pursed my lips and stood up, going to the window and opening the dusty curtains. There were six wrought iron bars locking my inside. I suddenly got the feeling that this had happened before, with someone else. A flame of curiosity burned in my stomach while I tried to think of whom.

 Maybe it was one of their servants, or maybe even someone I know. I tried to think of all the people that maybe acted suspicious or strange around them, but no one came to mind. They hardly left their house. Maybe it was one of their servants.

“Can’t figure it out can you?” Cameron’s voice startled me. I spun around looked at him. “No, you can’t get out that way, and yes, this has happened before, but not the way you’re thinking.” He pursed his lips and looked down at his shoes before looking back up at me. He sighed and laid a blanket on the bed. He sat down and looked up at me before saying, “It wasn’t a servant, or a friend of ours, it didn’t happen like it did with you, and yes you know the person.” Pain filled his eyes and he looked at the wall across from him.

“Who was it?” I asked in a barely audible voice, standing by the window.



I'm SO terribly sorry it took so long! I had an awful time getting this out of my head and onto my Word document. But never the less, I did. I hope you enjoy it!

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