The Twilight Saga

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I felt my heart barrel against my chest as he came closer. The only light in the room was a single lonesome candle sitting next to me. I could see a slight panic in his eyes, but it was no match for the panic that was forming a knot in my stomach. He inched closer and the flame on the candle began to bounce, casting shadows all over the room. He opened his mouth to talk but then closed very quickly, but not quick enough for me to catch light bounce off of his teeth. His perfectly white, and impossibly sharp canine teeth.


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(XD just kidding. Nice job though, I really loved it =D)

xDDD Thanks Nikki I'm glad you liked it. :3

Your very welcome :)


Gosh no! I want her to be changed!!! :)

You want her changed? xDDDD Thats a new one! haha!

Thanks Taylor! I can't believe you went through and read it all! It's worked up a bit of length. =P I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading! I should be posting either tonight or tomorrow night! =) Hopefully. :3

Hey everyone! SO sorry for the lack updates recently. Incase you didn't here, I was having some computer problems. I haven't quote gotten everything under control when it comes to gathering Masked up and continuing it. I am working on it though.

Terribly sorry for the inconvienence.

-Claire J. Darling.

so excited for the next chapter :D

This is such an intriguing story.  I love it!

There is a definite spark between Cameron and Winnie.  I wonder what he will do about Catherine's plans to change her.

I also wonder what Catherine's story is and why she can be so cruel...

I hope you will update again soon!

ugh cant wait for more :D please update soon


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