The Twilight Saga

So Edward cheats on Bella. But to get away Bella escapes to the south, works with the Volturri, and much more as she finds her new found freedom. Will she think about it? Will their love last? Will  Edward win back her heart, trust, and body?

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This sounds interesting! :) Keep me updated!

sounds good


sounds like a great story!  please post again soon!

Sounds great keep me updated!!

Chapter 1: Bella’s POV: I Am So Sorry,

“Bella, don’t please.”

“I can’t Edward.  I tried. I am sorry, okay? Just leave it!”

“But  you can’t do this! Please just don’t leave us Bella! Think about our family. Think! C’mon! Just try for me and Renesme!”

“Don’t you DARE bring our CHILD into THIS!”

He stepped back. I looked at him. I sighed and stroked his face. Remembering the feel of his smoothe face. I kissed him on the forehead. And right when he went to embrace me, I ran for it..


cant wait for more

great start!  please continue!


Update soon.. Love it!!


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