The Twilight Saga

So, um, this is a MAYBE daily story. Just want to share my life with you. I will change the names though (and sometimes I will use names from twilight). I hope you will like this and please comment.
I divided it into parts. Like, first part is in the morning until first break. Then second part is after the first break.

September 25, 2009**Part 1-A
sighs, another school day. Another day with math. I thought to myself while walking along the school grounds to my classroom.

A lot greeted me as I walked. Um, Ms. Popular, am I? well, I don’t know. I’m sure I’m not. Very sure.

I lifted my face and smiled as I entered the classroom. As usual, my CASUAL classmates will just look at me and turn away again. My CLOSE friends winks at me, greets me, and smiles at me. And my best friend, Kazelle, would hug me, give me a kiss on the cheek, or whatever. I love Kazelle. I love all my best friends. I have a lot of them.

It’s 6:35am when I went to the door and stood there with my guy classmates and our class president , Kate. I stood there, waiting.

Who am I waiting for? For my crush. For Seth.

He came around 6:50am. Always too late? Well, he is an only child. I’m sure he can survive even if he wakes up late because his father fetches him.
“Look at how he walks…” Jerome said. A not-too-hansome-but-cute-in-a-way guy classmate said quietly at us in the door, “…Bro! are you walking on the moon?” He asked out loud. I smiled at Seth. Who was looking at me too.

Always like that. He would look at me in the eye. A look I can’t avoid. Once I met his eyes, I can’t blink anymore.

I step aside to let him in since I am blocking the doorway.

7:00am already. Our Algebra teacher isn’t in yet. So I decided to stand at the doorway. AS USUAL.

I stood there as an eye for my classmates. I’ll warn them if there is the teacher already so that they won’t get caught making noise and doing nonsense thingy.

Kate went to the office to fetch our Algeb teacher. So I sat down and turned sideways to the right so that I can see him in my peripheral vision.

The teacher came in. Without greeting us, she told us to open our workbooks and answer 2 pages. Then she walked out again.

Luckily, the seatwork she gave us is easy. All about systems of linear equations and graphing and finding the slope and y-intercepts and telling if the lines are parallel, intersecting or coinciding. Not such a work to do. But my classmate, Bam and Deah finds it hard to do. So, after I answered all of them, I went to the seat beside Bam, which is at the front of Seth, and started to teach Bam.

“Nice, Joanna. So you are a tutor now, huh?” Seth said. He knew that sometimes I find algeb hard enough to make me cry and make me go crazy.

“Just now”, I smiled at him, he smiled back and returned his attention to his work.

Is that a simple way of boys to make a girl see that they, guys, like a girl? I don’t know. He’s been my partner on a dance. After demanding that he wants me to be his partner. He knows I love to hear him playing the “21 guns” of Green Day with the guitar.

The hour passed and then it is time for Elective mathematics. Dang it. Another Math.

Nice, the elective teacher didn’t attend the class. Yay! We don’t have elective! I stood up and sat beside my close friend, Pohla. Her seat is behind Seth’s seat. And she knows I want to sit there because of Seth.

Well, He is playing chess. Will he notice me?

I and Pohla talked about whatever. Andi caught him looking sideways at me. So I turned away from Pohla and faced Marie who was sketching a picture of a sexy girl.

“Is it too sexy?” she asked me.
“Not even near.” I said.

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September 25, 2009**Part 1-B
He still played chess but he turned sideways at me. I looked at the tiny chess board and pretended not to notice his glances.

Then Erico said, “our teacjer in Biology is here!!” Darn!

I quickly sat down at my own seat.

We have nothing to do. We just have to copy the lecture on the board which was also posted yesterday and I finished it. So I just grabbed my “My Abnormal Life” book by Lee McClain and started rereading it.

Something is shaking me.

“Joanna, wake up!” A voice said.
I opened my eyes and saw Bam standing beside my arm rest. Nice, I think I fell asleep.

It is 10:00am already. Time for our first morning break. For 20 minutes.

I and Kazelle made it through the canteen and luckily found seats, facing the front windows.

She ate spaghetti and I ate nothing. I really didn’t want to eat anything. Not on a diet but I just don’t want.

Then Seth came with his best friend Ken. They bought something at the canteen store outside. He smiled at me and I simply smiled back a tiny smile.

I don’t know why I feel sad.

I guess it is because my relationship with Seth isn’t that great. We aren’t together, YET. But there is SOMETHING.

Could Part 2 be tomorrow? kinda sleepy. Sure i won't forget a thing that happened today. :)
i like it!! you sould keep posting
i like it
hope you post more soon
September 25, 2009**Part 2-A
Seth stood across the corridor of our classroom when I saw him. He is watching a badminton game of his former classmates when we were freshmen.

I stood at our classroom corridor exactly across him. I pretended to watch the game but actually I am watching him.

Sometimes he look at my direction then back to the game again.

“Stop staring or he’ll melt.” Gemie said.
“He won’t melt for me.” I winked at her.

Then she giggled and hugged me from my back.

Then Kate shouted in irritation, “Guys and girls! Do you want to attend computer classes or not??!”

“…I thought we don’t have computer classes…”I heard Seth say to himself.

I didn’t move from where I am. I am waiting for Kazelle. She always gets ready late. Because she still gets her things at her locker. Not for me though. I get my things before leaving the room.

Then we went to the Computer Laboratory.

The teacher greeted us and said what we should do and told us to proceed to out respective computer stations.

Dang. I and Seth’s in a different com lab. I am at com lab 1 and he is at com lab 2. Well, whatever. It is better this way so that I could concentrate to my work.

When I finished, I went to com lab 2 to borrow a USB from a classmate. He let me borrow it then got it back after I saved. After that, I checked my email and my account at My fan fictions aren’t in a great condition. I don’t know how to continue them any longer.

Then someone knocked at the door of com lab 1. It was Seth. He glanced sideways at me then went to Ken, his best friend.

I didn’t pay much attention to him. Then quickly turned off my station and went for the door. When he saw me walking out, he also headed for the door.

I entered their damn freezing com lab 2. It is way colder than our lab. Then he sat at his station and played. I helped my classmate, Trisha, in her game. Mystery Case Files. Where you should find the thing that is needed.

Sometimes I watch him, sometimes I went to other stations and watch what my classmates were doing. It always goes like this. After an activity, we have our own world. Ha ha. Some scanned through their pictures, some wrote stories like I do, some played, some just turned their stations off and do same way like I am doing.

We have 2 hours of computer lessons every Friday. That’s why we have loads of time.

Then, the teacher said it is lunch time. I waited for Kazelle out side the lab. Then we went to our classroom and leave our things and went to the canteen. We ate rice. Seth also did. He sat 3 seats away from me. But he ate fast and I know why. Playing badminton again.

I and Kazelle bought ice cream and went to watch the game.

He plays good. He can return almost-not-returnable-shots from his opponent.

Then the time for lunch ended.
oh dba dba? ha ha. :] saya magkuento pag maganda nangyayari. XD
Next Part would be what happened today. :]
October 5, 2009**Part 1
A lot of families still doesn’t have a place to live in, nothing to eat, nothing to drink, no money, not a piece of cloth saved but the ones they’re wearing.

The Northern part of the Philippines is heavily damaged because of Typhoon Ondoy. Most tragic ever. 5 Water dams gave off excess waters. And caused flood. People aren’t ready for this because they thought it is just a normal heavy rain.

There are a lot of garbages around. Hopefully, the water didn’t reach my home. But it did reach Seth’s home. It flooded the first floor of their house. I am so worried.

One week. One week without classes just to clean the houses of the affected people.

Today, we are going to clean our school. Our classrooms are at the first floor and the water covered up the whole first floor. So, we, sophomores are gonna clean our own rooms and the juniors which aren’t affected will help clean the school’s other facilities.

I wore blue shirts since it would match my blue boots.

My dad gave me a ride to school since transportation is very hard.

I walked through the corridors and was stunned by the sight of mountains and mountains of garbage at the grassy area. And I got more stunned when I stood at the door of our room. No chairs, no nothing but our locker which every door is forced open. And I got more and more stunned when I saw my locker. All the lockers are emptied. Dang it! Where are my things now?

When almost every is there, we started scrubbing out walls, and cleaning our jalousies which are all covered in mud.

I noticed my close friend went to a far bench table, and I followed.

“Pohla my dear?” I asked. That is what I call her ‘my dear’. ^^
“Hmm?” her voice broke. She was crying. I held her face between my hands.
“Why are you crying?”
“Francis pushed him and she slipped.” Jandrea said.
“What?! Why the hell did he do that?!” I never did like Francis much.
“He said he’s just kidding! What! Just kidding!? When my face slammed to the floor?! We all well know it is wet! Why did he-“ She cried again.
“Shush. It’s okay. He’s going to pay for this.”
“I hope so he does!”
“He would.”
I asked her to go back and clean with me.

I am washing the jalousies when a voice from the back startled me.

“Hiya! Can I borrow that container for a minute?” Seth said.
“Um, sure” I stuttered.
“Thanks!” He said cheerily.
“Can’t even refuse.” Pohla teased me.
“Just trying to be polite, that’s it.” I said.

He took a while borrowing the container.
“HEY! SETH! Why so long?” I shouted from across the room, teasing.
“Ugh. It’s not so easy to get water here.”
“Right.” I said.

We finished – well, not finished. But we’ve done our task for the day. Some have started to wash out muddy chairs but didn’t finished.

I, Kazelle, Jake (Kazelle’s Bf), Pohla, Marikriss, and others went out of school to find something to eat. We’re starving. When we’ve bought something to eat already, we returned to school. We decided to eat there.

As we were eating, Jake and Seth walked past Kazelle and I. (Kinda cute isn’t it? Jake and Seth are bff and I and Kazelle are bff, too.) When they returned, they’ve changed clothes. Jake wore bright yellow while Seth wore pink. Nice. Pink.

“Kazelle? Mind to change our clothes too?” I said.
“Oh yes, Jake would be happy when I changed clothes.” Because Jake isn’t too happy with her wearing off-shoulders.

Now I still wore blue and Kazelle wore orange.

Then I went to Drea. Drea is the girlfriend of Aron who is Seth’s another bff.

“Hi, Drea my loves” I said. We call each other with ‘my loves’ on our name.
“Hello! How’s it going?” She asked. She knew everything about my feelings for Seth. She knows I love him already. And she really votes for me as Seth’s girlfriend.
“Fine, fine. We talked, the end.” I smiled at her.
“Good! Just keep talking to him, alright? Look, my cellphone won’t turn on! Ugh!” She complained.
“I turned it off. Then it won’t turn on again. Dang it.”
“Hey, want to come with us?” Jake interrupted our conversation.
“Join who? Where?” I asked.
“The boys are going to the mall.”
“Oh. Are we invited?”
“I just invited you and Kazelle.”
“Will we?” Kazelle asked.
“I guess. . .Drea? would you come?” I asked.
“Even if Aron is there?”
“Okay then. I won’t come too.” I thought it’d be better if Drea would come. She would be my moral support.
“Okay, I’ll tell them I’m not joining.” Jake said.

Then we watched ‘the boys’ approach the main gate.

“HE DIDN’T EVEN SAID ‘BYE’ TO ME! HOW DARE HE?! I SWEAR I WON’T TALK TO HIM TOMORROW! Well. . .” Drea trailed off. I raised my eyebrows.
“I really won’t come here tomorrow. . .We have to arrange our embassy papers.” She said.
“Does he know you won’t be here tomorrow?” I asked.
“Then tell him that you didn’t want to come because you don’t want to see his face.” I said.
“Right! You really are so great!” She danced on her seat.

We went to II-Triton’s classroom to chat with some friends. We shared stories for 2 hours. Then we’ve decided that we will go to the mall – a different mall – to eat.

We ate at McDonald’s.

We chattered again. But Kazelle have a curfew so we have to go home early.

Seth won’t get off my mind.

Then here I am now, just finished writing my days’ story and have posted it in here. I hope you’ll like it. :]


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