The Twilight Saga

this is as you know an edward and bella story its all human, the story takes place in forks..bella is dating edward he is the most sought after guy ever bella is in love until she finds out that edward isnt being so honest with her? she starts to unravel his secert but then turns around and wishes she hadnt.


expect to be blown away, and expect twists and turns in all threw this story. i will add the prolog first then tell me what you think from there.



When you love a person so much that you only invision your life with them and then you turn around and then find out that they werent being 100% honest with you, you find yourself left with a choice should you give them the benfit of the doubt or should you get pay back?

when someone better comes along for you and he is everything you wanted and more but your still stuck with what you have and cant let it go?

i felt like that once but now i was left with the most daring choice.....ignore the lies and suffer...

or do something about it.

consequences are sure to take it toll.


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Sounds really interesting. :)


Sounds good
sounds pretty good...
Sounds really good write more soon please!
Love the prolouge! Please update me when ch. 1 is up 
soungs reel good post soon.
hey just wanted to say thank you for your comments and i am working on chapter one now so it will be up soon :) thanks again

Chapter one

Life was meant to be a beautiful thing you grow up you meet someone that completes everything about you, then you fall in love with them then your life with them eventually begins to start.
My name is Isabella marie swan, I am 17 years old and I live a quite little town name of forks Washington.
I am currently a junior I wasn’t what you call the ‘’popular’’ girl I was average, I am small with long brown hair.
But I didn’t know how I managed but I was dating the most popular guy in all of forks.
Edward masen.
He was the most beautifulest man I have ever seen and some how or another he was all mine.

And for some reason or another every time I start to think of Edward he would always manage to be thinking of me to, then suddenly my phone began to ring.

“hello?” I said.
“hello there beautiful lady” Edward said on the other end.
“hey Edward” I said with a smile.
“so I was just thinking about you and I was wondering if I could come on by and see you” he said I knew he was doing that sly smile of his and he knew if I saw it then I would completely melt.

“I wish you could Edward but Charlie is home tonight and he isn’t in a very good mood” I said to hym with a sigh.
My dad was chef of police and given that he didn’t much care for Edward that wouldn’t have worked out very well.

“oh I wouldn’t want to break daddy’s little rule would I?” he said in a mocking tone.
“hey that’s not fair Edward” I replied.
Edward and Charlie never have gotten along the first time I brought Edward home to meet Charlie.
From then on I kept hearing “bella he isn’t good enough for you” or “you can do so much better” but I would always come to Edward defense.

“dad you don’t have any room to talk you don’t know hym”

“well never the less I get to see you tomorrow” Edward relpied pulling me out of trance.
“ok then” I said to hym.
“ok sexy goodnight” he said and I couldn’t believe what was going to happen next….
“I love you” and then I realized what I just say what was I doing?
He was just silent for a mintue.
“love you to” he said and the dial tone came back up.
I went to thinking about what just happen I hope tomorrow he would ignore my brief moment of insanity and forget all about it well heres to hoping…..

love it!!!
I love it!!!
Interesting......I am eager to see where this is going.  :)


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