The Twilight Saga

A note from the author: I know that I have failed with several other stories. But I really adore this one and promise to update at least everyday.



 Chapter One:



 I watched the scene escalate. Edward was fighting with his girlfriend. Again. I wondered what caused this disagreement in paticular. She flailed her skinny arms in the air dramatically.


 I scrubbed the counter-top with absent force. To fascinated with the couple to look away like I should have, like a polite person would have.

My fingers ached with the pressure and numbed with because of the relentless sting of the cleaning substance.

 I payed no mind to my hand. Engrossed.


 Ever since my mother, Renee died, I started up a job cleaning everyday for the Cullens, a sweet, busy family.

Charlie always showed to much gratitude when I got paid.


And since then I  developed a relationship with almost every family member. Excluding Edward.

He didn't call me by my name, let alone talk to me.

 Tanya was Edward's girlfriend. She was tall and slender, with sugary blond hair and hard, peircing blue eyes.

They argued, it was more screaming now. I could tell.

Of course, I couldn't actaully hear the slurs they shrieked, due to the large glass doors. They were in the wide green backyard that was populated with vedgitation.


 A piece of my thick hair unexpectdly fell over my eyes, flooding my view. Flustered, I yanked away from my face. My eyes caught the retreating figure of Tanya, her hips swaying as she strut away. Edward was gaping, his eyes fixed with anger and hurt, just standing there.

Then he wheeled around, I was positive I saw glimpse me watching him.


 I was suddenly intriguided with cleaning, turning my attention back to my work.

I heard the almost ominous sound as they door slid open and was sealed closed again. I peeked put from the corner of my right eye, and through the dark curtain of hair that was relentlessly drooping in my face.

Edward was sititng at one of the stools, his head in his hands, distrought.

"Hello, Edward," I mumbled, attempting to cease the undying tension that clausrtophobiced the room.


 "Good evening..."

He didn't know my name.

I felt the burn in my cheeks, and my face fluttered with ten different shades of red.

"Bella," I added for him, flashing a smile.

"Right, Bella," he said with faux knowledge.


 With a dutiful sigh, I tossed the worn out sponge into the sink at the same time Esme burst through the front door. Her smile was genial as she assested me and Edward in the same room. This surprised her.

 She gave me a small hug and fished around in her over-sized purse.

"Here you go, Sweetie," she said, handing me the hundred, "for today's work," she explained after seeing me expression. I didn't deserve this, I barely worked today. The Cullens were also outragesly gernerous.


 "Thank you, so much," I finally found my voice, remaining stunned.

"Would you like to stay for dinner? The Hales are coming too," she looked hopeful.

"Um, no thank you. I have to make dinner for Charlie, anway," I shrugged and glanced swiftly at my watch.

 "You can invite Charlie." She offered quickly.

I smiled tightly, "its fine, really, thanks again, bye,"


 "Bye, Bella!" She called after me as I dashed out into the cool night. I waved as I slid into my authentic Chevy. I drove faster then usual on my way home, eager to be in my own bed.


 The first thing I heard was the hum of voice as I opened the door. Brushing my fingers across my temple, catching strand of hair, I saw that the TV was on low.

 Ignroing it, I clamped nosily up the stairs. Swinging around the corner, Charlie's door was opened.


 He was exhausted from working an extra shift at the station. He lay, still in uniform, snorring loudly. A small smile playing on my lips I tucked him and closed the door softly behind me.


 I plopped on the bed in my own room. I strained, reaching for 'Wuthering Heights', on the far side of my nightstand.

 I flipped through the tattered pages for an hour, then even reading became to tiring.

I soon drfited into a deep, dreamless sleep.




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