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So guys, this is a little one-shot based off Merciless Angel for the holidays! It's short, and has no realy ppoint but I thought it would be cute to share with you guys! Also, this takes place near the middle of Merciless Angel, and it doesn't affect the plotline or anything. And it takes place on Christmas Eve. I hope you all enjoy, and if you haven't read Merciless Angel, you can go to my page and click the link to it! Also, thanks to Bobina156 for all her help! And I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!



Merciless Angel Christmas Special (Destiny's POV)


“Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the city no evil was lurking—not even a kitty.

All the soulblazers were fast asleep in their lair, dreaming of innocent souls without a care.

But then Faust appeared out of the dark—smile evil and bearing his black heart.

He told the soulblazers of his ploy—they were going to steal the presents of every girl and boy.

They all headed to the first house, as quietly as a mouse.

They took all the glowing presents from under the tree, put them in a sack and began to flee.

No one had seen them do this deed, and keep sleeping without heed.

As they continued towards the next place, a dark angel appeared bearing a mace.

The dark angel was extremely cute, in fact he made every girl hoot.

He muscles were as big as they got, and his smile was nothing that could be taught.

He told the intruders that their time was out, and that he would make them pout.

They surrendered right away, and the dark angel sent them to his sleigh

He flew them to the north pole, then he said “it's time to pay the toll”

They were forced to make toys, for all the girls and boys

They quickly filled the toy shelves, because they had become the busiest elves.”


“Kale, if you don't shut up I'm gonna punch you straight in your stupid mouth. You've sang that story three times already! Your more annoying than a car alarm going off!” I threatened impatiently.


Kale smiled devilishly. “Well, your in luck then. If your tired of hearing my story, I can also do the soothing sounds of car alarms. Wheee oh weee oh—“ I whirled around on my heels and drilled my fist into his chest, which made a hollow sound as my fist collided. His singing was cut off, and he grasped his chest in pain. “Ugg...”


“Seriously Kale, are you five?” I asked. He leaned over, breathing heavily. “Are you kidding me? There's no way that hurt!” But I heard the doubt in my own voice. It was meant to be a warning shot, not a pain causer. I took a step back towards him and placed my hand on his shoulder.


He shot up suddenly and his tough hands secured around my waist. I was lifted into the air, and over his shoulder in one graceful movement. But instead of balancing me on his shoulder like he usually did; Kale went to a whole new level. He let go of me, and I fell face first behind him into a humongous snow drift. The cold immediately chilled straight through my jacket, shirt, and right into my skin and bones. Cold kissed my face viciously and snow lodged under my collar and into my pants. I scrambled to get to my feet and away from the deathly cold, but Kale pushed me back in just as I was getting up.


“Stop!” I cried, swallowing a fistful of snow. I heard his obnoxious laughter behind me, and as I finally climbed to my feet I grabbed a handful of fluffy, white snow. Kale was holding his gut as he laughed uncontrollably beside me. I shoved the pile of snow into his unsuspecting face and watched joyfully as he gasped and brushed it off.


“Not so nice is it jerk-face?” I smirked, frantically trying to brush off the clinging agony of the snow on my body. Kale just smiled and watched me smugly. I scowled at him and shivered involuntarily. He seemd unruffled by the snow that stained his skin, unlike me.e


“Aw, poor princess got some snow on her.” He cooed, opening his arms out in a gesture for a hug. I ignored him, and stalked forward. He snickered and followed behind me. “Are you gonna be pissed at me for the rest of Christmas now?”


“Maybe. Depends how good of a tree you buy me.” I joked. My clothes were now wet and clinging to every part of me uncomfortably.


“I'll buy you the biggest one that will fit through the door of the apartment.” He promised, catching up to me. More snow fell in small flurries above us, and I would said the city looked beautiful except that all the smog and dirt from vehicles made it look kinda awful. “Sound good?”


“We'll see.”


“Ah come on. I agreed to take a day off and have Christmas with you. The least you could do is be nice to me.”


I ignored him and thought back to his song. “The dark angel was extremely cute, in fact he made every girl hoot. You really had to have that in there just to feed your ego?” I asked tentatively.


“That's just how the story goes. The hero has too be hot.” He answered dismissively.


“Alright then.” I sighed, hooking a left into the large lot full of green, lush trees. I twirled around them, glancing dreamily at each. Kale walked around too, every once in a while meeting my smile with his lopsided grin. At least I could say that the warmth in my heart made up for the coldness in the rest of my body. I was hoping that this Christmas with Kale would be a hundred times better than the ones I had as a kid. Maybe, just maybe this year there wouldn't be fighting, or hitting, or end in tears.


It was still a mystery how I had convinced Kale to celebrate with me in the apartment. We were going all out; including a yummy dinner and full on decorations. I really hoped that it would go smoothly, and would be special. “How about this one?” He called from a few feet away. I broke away from my thoughts and followed his voice to a large tree that was fully grown and smelled like pine with a hint of mint.


“It's perfect.” I sighed, reaching out and touching the bristles with my finger. Kale's pale hand wrapped around mine, pulled it away from the tree and up to his mouth. He kissed my fingers tenderly, his eyes closed in serenity. A pulse ran through my body at his touch, adding to the fire in my heart.


“Are you folks ready to purchase?” A jolly looking man with rosy red cheeks and a shaggy brown beard asked from beside us.


“Yes, we are taking this one.” Kale stated, dropping my hand gently. The man smiled lightly.


“I'll give it to you for a hundred, with a full set of decorations for it.” He bartered.


“Sound good?” Kale murmured in my ear.


“Sounds great.” I whispered back. The man nodded. Kale passed him some bills from his pocket, and we began to pack up the tree and several boxes of decorations. I carried the golden boxes filled with tinsel, ornaments, and an angel while Kale tossed the tree over his shoulder skillfully. We left the lot, and walked gingerly back the apartment only a few blocks away. The streets were crowded—more crowded than I had ever seen them. People pushed and shoved frantically trying to get into stores to do last minute shopping.


“See, your already not mad at me. I'm just too damn adorable to stay mad at.” He concluded. I rolled my eyes, even though what he said was true. It was nearly impossible to stay mad at the ever harming Kale.


As we came to the door of the apartment building, it dawned on me that this was going to be my very first Christmas without my brother. Even when my mom had failed me and gone out with some jerk on Christmas, Ryan had always stayed with me. Always making sure to get me a present, and cooking me something special. After seventeen years, I was finally having a Christmas away from him. Though I knew that there was nothing left for me and Ryan; it still pained my heart to be without him. Hopefully being with Kale would make up for it.


“You okay?” Kale whispered behind me. I nodded silently and held the door open for him. He looked unsure, but headed through the door anyway. We made our way up two flights of stairs—not a single word spoken—and into door 2D. This apartment was particularly small compared to all the others I had been in. It was just one open room with a tiny bathroom on the opposite side from the door, with minimal furnishings. It wasn't that Kale didn't have money—he did—but staying in a dingy, low-class place was less noticeable than if we stayed in some elaborate penthouse. Not that I really cared anyway. Being with Kale was enough for me.


Kale set the tree down in one corner of the room where there was a single, grimy outlet. I began pulling decorations out of the boxes and decorating the branches of the tree. Kale pulled out his cell phone and dialed the number for a local Chinese restaurant. “You wanted the holiday special, right?” He asked. I nodded. He began to give our order to the person on the other side of the phone while I continued to decorate. After he hung up he began to help me place the glittery ornaments on the tree.


“We wish you a merry Christmas, we wish you a merry Christmas, we wish you a merry Christmas and--”Kale began to sing but I cut him off.


“Stop it. You are a horrible singer, and are butchering Christmas carols for me.”


“Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way, Oh what fun it is to ride in a--”


“Kale, seriously stop it!” I ordered, gritting my teeth. He raised his hands in defense, hiding a smile.


“Love me love me, say that you love me! Fool me, fool me, oh how you do me! Kiss me, kiss me, say that miss me! Tell me--”


“Kalevi Renyolds, do not sing Justin Bieber!” I hissed, punching him the shoulder.


“Oh my goodness. Bah Humbug! Geez, are you scrooge or something. I'm just trying to sing you a sweet song while we decorate!” He defended himself.


I laughed bitterly. “The last time you sung Justin Bieber you were drunk, and puking all over me. Sorry if you don't understand why I'm scared of you singing it.” I argued.


“I don't know what you're talking about.” He said stiffly. “But I'll tell you one time! One time!” And so I gave up trying to get him to stop singing. It was like I was in hell already.


Several minutes later, when all the decorating was done except for the angel, I handed it to Kale . “You put it on.” I spoke, handing him the delicate silver angel.


“Why? Because you're too short?”


I huffed impatiently. “No...well, yeah I am to short—but I thought you should put it on because of some symbolic meaning or something.”


He raised an eyebrow incredulously. “Symbolic meaning?”


“Just put it on the tree!” I ordered, my face flushing peach. Kale smirked, and set the angel on the top of the fully decorated tree; completing the beautiful scene of serenity in our little apartment. As I gazed up in wonder at the angelic scene Kale slung his arms around my shoulders and pulled me against his pendulous body. I marveled over how quickly the heat of his body spreading through my finger tips and straight into my bloodstream.


I gripped my fingers around his neck and pulled his face down to mine. I craved his lips...and I craved them badly. Just as our lips were about to touch in a movement of ecstasy, there was a knock at the door. Kale groaned and pulled away. “There's the food. Those dang Chinese always come at the wrong time.”


He pulled the door open, his face slightly flushed with anger but it quickly turned to surprise. “If your Chinese, then I'm the king of Spain.” He said sarcastically to whoever was standing on the other side of the door. “And on second thought...your not carrying bags filled with mouth watering food so I'm guessing your not the delivery boy...damn, I really wanted to own Spain. You know Spain is—“ But Kale was cut off suddenly by a slender fist hitting him square in the face. He stumbled backwards, and the stranger bounded in.


He was a little shorter than Kale, with tousled black hair that hid most of facial features. He had on an all black attire, and underneath a thin winter coat I could see mounds of muscles. He moved to punch Kale again; but Kale had already recovered and he grabbed his fist this time when it headed towards him. He twisted the man's arm around then kicked him in the gut.


“Your no damn Chinese're just weak soulblazer.” Kale laughed, sending two punches straight to the soulblazer's neck. He doubled over, gripping his neck. “You can't even leave me alone on Christmas?”


The soulblazer rose and weakly attempted to tackle Kale. But Kale grabbed his shoulders and smashed him into the wall. It was a miracle it didn't shatter on impact. “How stupid can you be to come here alone and try to take me on? Don't you know anything about me?”


The soulblazer struggle against his grasp, but it obvious that Kale was winning. I stood back beside the tree; unsure of what to do. Suddenly I heard several pairs of footsteps from down the hall, and I raced towards the small kitchen to find a weapon.


“Oh, you brought friends.” Kale murmured reproachfully. Three more soulblazers all dressed in black entered the room not a second later. Kale slammed the soulblazer in his grip hard against the wall again then dropped him in a helpless pile to the floor. He turned to face the new three soulblazers and he waggled his pointer finger to edge them on.


I fumbled in the kitchen for a weapon, and settled for a stack of plates in one of the oak cupboards. I grabbed one in my hand and threw it at the now full fledged riot going on. The ceramic plate hit the smallest guy in the back of the head—shattering into a million pieces—and he fell to his knees. I smiled wickedly and threw several more. Most of them missed the rolling ball of fighting going on, but every once in a while I caught one off guard. Kale was fighting gracefully with only his fists; and he was still winning. These punks didn't have a chance.


Realizing this; the smallest soublazer decided to leave Kale alone and headed towards me at a light fast speed. I pulled open a drawer—desperately hoping it was filled with knives or forks, but instead it was filled with useless utensils including an egg beater, a plastic spoon and a pancake flipper. I quickly made my pick and grabbed the pancake flipper; wielding it as a weapon in front of me. The soulblazer stopped a foot away from me and laughed out loud at my ridiculous weapon.


I swung my arm out and hit the right side of his pale face with the flipper. There was a brief slap sound and his eyes widened in surprise. A red mark appeared immediately where the flipper had hit him. “Oh yeah, that just happened.” I cooed, this time snapping my fist out to hit him. His eyes glazed over in a haze, and I shoved him backwards as hard as I could. I ran past him, and back to where the real fight was taking place.


Kale had one of them on the floor—blood pouring from it's face—and just as the other one was about to attack he stood up to block the hit. The soulblazer's fist bounced off Kale's arm, and a brief amount of anger was on his face before he kicked his leg up and caught Kale in the groin.


Kale fell to the ground with a girly scream, and I couldn't help but laugh. “Oh my freakin god, the pain!” He cried, gripping his area. The soulblazer that was still standing laughed, and kicked him the side. I grabbed the first thing my fingers touched; which was a bottle of wine, and chucked it at the soulblazer that was attacking Kale. It hit him the chest and spewed a cherry red liquid all over the surprised man.


“Get ready to run!” Kale called to me while he limped to his feet punched the soulblazers in the ear. The other soulblazer that had been on the floor got up and grabbed the glass bottle of eggnog off the table beside the door and ran towards Kale. Before I could yell out and warn Kale; the soulblazer was upon him and he smashed the eggnog straight over Kale's head. He was just stealing my move.


Tawny colored liquid drenched over Kale's body in a split second, and soaked into every crevice of his being. Kale's mouth opened wide in shock and he yelled out; “Stop!” So loudly, and so ferociously that we all stopped moving—and breathing. The anger, and viscous look on his face was so large that I almost laughed. He glared with hatred at the soulblazer that had hit him in the face. “I wanted that eggnog. You ruined my Christmas, and now you smashed my eggnog over my head!” The soulblazer gulped loudly and took a step back.


Kale backed up towards me for a second, grabbing the Christmas tree in his hands. He yanked it, unplugging it from the wall, and he swung it outwards towards the two soulblazers that were standing in the same position as a few seconds ago.. He caught them completely and utterly off guard with an attack of in intimate, purely beautiful tree. They were both thrown backwards, and he threw the heavy tree on top of them. There was a bang behind us, and me and Kale whirled around to see the grimy, outlet sparking! Me and Kale threw terrified glances at each other and watched in terror as a blazing fire was set to the drapes next to the outlet. The soulblazer I had hit climbed to his feet and grabbed a shattered piece of plate in his hand.


“Come and get me reject!” He sneered. Kale shrugged, and grabbed a bag of chips off the counter. The soulblazer's eyebrows furrowed in confusion. Kale raced forward, dodging the weak attempt the soulblazer had to hit him, and he smacked the soulblazer in the face repeatedly in the face with the bag of chips. Then he dropped the bag of chips, grabbed the back of the soulblazer's head and smashed it down against the granite counter.


“Lets go!” He ordered, grabbing the two presents from the ground and sticking them under his arm pit.


“Your on fire!” I cried!


He smiled. “Thanks, but now is not the time for compliments!”


“NO! Your on fire!” I screamed pointing to his pant leg where fire was streaming up. Kale growled and shrugged his leather jacket off, smacking his leg violently. I looked around, and was relieved to see that all the soulblazers where still struggling on the ground.


“Go!” Kale cried, his leg still on fire. I took off into a sprint behind him, and we raced out of the room. He jumped awkwardly while he ran trying to put the fire out.


We ran through the hall, and towards the stairs both of our hearts racing feverishly. As we rounded the corner Kale collided into something roughly, that he sent flying. The body of a teenage Asian boy went flying down the stairs from the impact of Kale, and we raced after him. He fell halfway down the stairs, bags of food landing beside him. “Sorry buddy. Put it on my tab.” Kale yelled as he grabbed the bags of food in a single motion as we continued to run, ignoring the cursing the boy yelled after us. We exited the building, hearing the growls of the soulblazers behind us and continued down the street. We shoved past people violently, and ran across the busy streets with the enemies in hot pursuit. Kale brushed his leg against the snow, putting the fire out. He still kept up perfect speed which I would have marveled over if I wasn't occupied with running for my life.


“Who let the dogs out!” Kale sang while we ran.


“Stop singing!” I screamed at wits end. How the hell could he sing at a time like this?


“I'm not singing! There are dogs chasing us!” He replied. I look behind us fearfully to see that there was in fact three chihuahuas chasing us. Could this possibly get any worse??


They barked in the highest pitch I had ever heard, and it felt like my brain was melting. It just wasn't enough that soulblazers were chasing us. Now it had to be evil dogs too. “Woof, woof, get outta here!” Kale demanded at the tiny dogs that was biting at his heels. “I swear to god I'll kick your little, midget butt!” The dog ignored him.


Sweat drenched my body, along with fear. My legs began to feel like rubber, and I knew that I couldn't run like this much longer. Thankfully, Kale grabbed my arm and yanked me into a secluded alley a few seconds later. We twisted a few corners, and finally collapsed in a empty corner of the alley, both panting and out of breath. And best of all; the dogs didn't follow us. They stopped to sniff some garbage on the way.


We waited anxiously to see if the soulblazers would find us, but after two minutes of silence we gave up. “That was a close one.” Kale breathed. I nodded in agreement. “I still can't believe my lovely eggnog is gone.”


“Pity.” I panted.


“But at least we have Chinese food!” He grinned, lifting up the bags where a heavenly scent radiated from. We ripped the bags open and began to shove the assortment of food into our hungry mouths rapidly. The food tasted better than I could ever explain and my body that was aching for energy that it provided me with. It only took several minutes for the bulk amount of food to be gone.


“I've never been so hungry in my life.” Kale revealed.


“Me either.” I agreed. He grabbed the partially ripped presents from under his arm and set them on the moist ground beside us. He picked up the smaller one and passed it to me. “Merry Christmas, Destiny.” He smiled.


It was amazing how in like 10 minutes my Christmas went from perfect, to horrible, back to good. It was weird that I still felt cheery and happy in a stinky alley hiding out with Kale. I couldn't it any other way. I guess I should have known that Kale never got a day off.


I took the fragile present in my hand and opened the bright wrapping paper slowly. Underneath the paper a there was matte black box. I opened it and gasped at what it beheld. A intricate silver chain necklace was laid gently in the box, and there was a single, diamond encrusted charm of a male angel holding a girl tenderly in his arms at the end. Tears pricked at my eyes from the blinding beauty and thought-fullness of the gift.


“I love it.” I said honestly. I leaned against Kale's rigid body and hugged him tightly.


“I'm glad.” He kissed the top of my head sweetly, and massaged my back with his strong fingers. “Now give me mine!” He ordered childishly.


I grabbed the second gift from the ground and passed it to him. He ripped open the paper savagely to reveal a slick black leather jacket. He picked it up and unfolded it. He turned it around, and his emerald eyes widened in wonder at the stitching of dark wings on the back of the jacket. They were an exact replica of his, and the tips were decorated in silver studs. “I'm gonna look hot in this.” He smiled, standing up and taking off his ripped up and sticky jacket. He threw it across the alley onto a pile of garbage.


He slid the jacket over his sweat stained t-shirt and zipped it up. It fit better than his old one—well, too me at least because it showed his structured muscles even more. “There are even slits on the back for your real wings.” I added. He smiled widely. He crouched back down beside me and looked straight into my eyes.


“It's perfect. Thank you.” He said quickly as he began to lean in towards me. I closed my eyes, willing him forward so that my lips could finally get the taste of him I needed. Just as his lips brushed mine there was an evil sound that made both of us freeze in terror.


There was the eerie jingling of cheap bells clambering down the alleyway. And the heart racing sound of heavy footsteps that echoed closer towards us each second. A shadow shaded in front of us, and our terror filled eyes looked up to see the dark figure of an extremely robust man. He stepped into the light, and we could clearly see his jolly red cheeks, raspberry red suit, and pearl white beard.


“You're got to be kidding me.” Kale muttered in awe.


“Hohohoho.” The disproportion, jutting man said bitterly. He shook the set of bells in his chubby hands again, and I saw a flash of silver streak through his pure black eyes. Kale stood up bravely, and squared his shoulders towards the man.


“Well Santa, looks like I've been a bad boy this year. I hope you brought me some coal.” Kale spat, shoving up the sleeves of his new leather jacket. The evil man smiled behind his curly beard and beckoned Kale over.


“To all; A merry Christmas and a good night.” He hissed, before sprinting towards us, bells swinging behind him savagely. And guess what? In he shadow of his portly body three bulgy eyed chihuahuas emerged. This was going to be one long Christmas Eve.



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That was FANTASTIC!!!!! That was the best Christmas present I have gotten all day:)
Awww thanks
That was most definitely your funniest chapter, R. I was laughing throughout the entire thing. I can never resist reading your fanfiction (Because you're such a talented author) so I was reading this during "bonding time" with my sister. She's still concerned because as we speak, I am still laughing at your chapter. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaa.....

Ugh..I must go. Please post as soon as humanly possible!!!!!!!

Love your biggest fan,
Lexi Volturi

Thanks for Reading....your always so sweet

Haha I'm glad. And I agree...his cockiness just makes him more loveable

That was so funny, yet so serious. Loved it. Especially the eggnog thing.


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haaahhahaha looooooooooooooool man it was amazing as wel as funny :D loved it ! <3
haaahhahaha looooooooooooooool man it was amazing as wel as funny :D loved it ! <3
Thanks. And I'm glad your dad is better!


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