The Twilight Saga

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By: Lilly Donnell

Inspired By: Stephine Meyer’s

Twilight Saga








Chapter 1

Life Sucks


“Ahhhh!” I woke up screaming. “Just a dream. Just a dream.” I muttered to myself. It was the sixth time this week I’d had that nightmare. I glanced at the clock. It was three am on the first day of school. “Great.” I sighed. I rolled right back over and went to sleep. Beep. Beep. Beep. “Ugh.” I moaned. I got up and in a simple hour I was ready for my fist day seventh grade. I walked to the bus stop and got settled into the bench for the wait. The bus was taking its time today so I started to think about the dream. It was the same as the others. I was running. Not away from anything, but for enjoyment. The trees, buildings, and roads were flying by. Why? Because I, Crystal Ashley Diomandheart, was a vampire. It would have been a good dream except for the end. Out of the blue my house came into view. I went into the house and then it hit me. The smell of my family’s blood was too good to resist. I got into a crouch and then sprang upon them. I started shaking from the thought of it. Honk! I jerked my head. It was just the bus. Ms. Siren leaned out the door and said, “You coming or not Crystal?”

I sighed and climbed up the stairs. When I got on I started looking for Jesica and Cathy. Eventually I saw Cathy’s waving hand in the back of the bus. I trudged down the aisle with my head down until I got to the seat. “Hey Crystal. What’s up? You seem glummer than usual. Did you have that nightmare again? I’m sorry. Is there anything I can do?” Jesica babbled. Ah Jesica, the friendliest goth you’d probably be able to find on the planet. Not to mention the most beautiful to with her long, wavy auburn hair and her deep emerald green eyes. Cathy on the other side of the coin has the same personality just a little quieter. In the looks department she is the complete opposite of Jesica with her chin length, strait, off white hair and her mysterious sea blue eyes. Even though they are my best friends it makes me feel so plain to stand next to them


with my purple streaked, shoulder length black hair and my mist gray eyes. The only way we look alike is our pale skin except theirs make them look like super models while mine just adds to my dullness. Screech! I picked my head up. We were at school. I looked around. The bus was nearly empty. Sigh. I got up and left the bus to start my first day as a seventh grader. I stood outside the school doors for a minute debating internally on whether or not to run for it. Finally, I gathered up the courage I needed and walked through the door… It was a madhouse. There were paper airplanes and spitballs flying everywhere. In a back corner the eighth grade bully were taking lunch money from the sixth graders. To my right the ‘cool’ kids were criticizing the clothes of everyone who walked through the door. Yes, that includes me. To my left were the super dweebs talking about a role playing game. Directly in front of me were freshman high school students writing “Middle school Principal Mrs. Brea is a %&@!” on the lockers. In my head I came to this official conclusion… I was going to die. I’m not a very religious person, but I just about fell to my knees to pray to God for mercy on my gothic soul. I took a folder out of my bookbag to use as a shield while I walked to homeroom. When I was safely behind the classroom door I glanced down at the folder and then threw it out. No way would I be able to get all those spitballs off even if I wanted to. I searched the classroom with my eyes to find an empty seat… There was only one. “Oh crap.” I muttered to myself as I (very slowly) started to walk toward to my doom. Halfway to the chair I glanced up again to see the reason the chair was so horrible… The reason, my friend, was that it was right between Logan Lewis and Jamin Johnson the two most annoying people in the history of annoying people. The only thing I could hope for was that they would ignore me like everyone else in the world. See most people don’t even know I exist, because apparently I should be invisible for all the attention they pay me. The only people who acknowledge my existence that aren’t my family is Jesica and Cathy, my best goth friends… Well that’s not


all the people. See there are these three boys who are always following me, but they never actually talk to me. Nobody knows anything about them (trust me I asked). They go to our school, but they don’t attend regular classes. My first suspicions were the REACH students (a.k.a. the smart kids that are not dweebs). Nada. Next, I tried the special educations kids. Again nothing. My hypothesis now is that they are just rich kids whose parents don’t want them interacting with what they consider poor people. Of course being rich they are freaking hot. They look almost all the way alike except for height, hair, and muscle amount. They’re all chalky pale (even paler than me) and have seemingly golden eyes except for one of them. His eyes seem to change color. Of course I’m the only one who notices it.  Suddenly, I heard a bell ring.  I glanced up at the clock. What the heck! Lunchtime already! I scoured the room with my eyes. Everyone was leaving so I quickly got up and followed them out. When we were seated (Jesica, Cathy, and I) I let my mind wonder. I thought about the school year, my friends, and those boys. Riiiiiiiiiiiiing! What? That’s inpossible. There is no way it is six period. I looked around the lunchroom. It was empty! I glanced at my watch. “Holy @#&$!” I cried. It was one’o clock! I had missed two periods on the first day of school! I quickly stood up, dumped my tray, and sprinted to Ms. Lights’ class. When I got to her class I found I was in luck. The teacher had not come yet so I grabbed a seat in front of Jesica, laid my supplies out, and then turned to glare at my supposed friend. When I was facing her she wasn’t looking at me, but I knew she knew I was there. I looked down at the notebook she was drawing. I stared at the picture a minute confused and then I understood what it was. In the picture I was strangling her with my bear hands. I couldn’t help it I laughed. Very slowly she looked up to gaze at me. Before she could see my smile I quickly composed my face into a furious scowl. A second later see made eye contact with me and then quickly put her head back down to start doodling. That was the last straw. She was going to see me one way or 


another. I snatched the note book from underneath her and as a knee-jerk reaction she lifted her head up to look at me.  What she saw in my face obviously scared her because her eyes got as big as dinner plates. In her eyes I saw that she knew she couldn’t look away. She took a deep breath and in a timid voice she said, “Hello Crystal.” “Hello Jesica.” I replied my voice dripping with acid. She flinched back and then recollected herself. I continued, “So Jessica can you guess where I was for the last two periods?” She didn’t respond. “Well since I know your just dying to find out I’ll tell you. I’ve been in the lunchroom because my ‘friends’ left me there!” I was yelling now. The whole class was staring but I didn’t care. Jesica waited a minute before responding to see if my tantrum was over. When finally spoke she explained, “I’m sorry we abandoned you, but we thought you had ditched us. When lunch ended we didn’t see you so we left.” Now that she had said I was madder than ever. Why would my friends think I’d left them? They where the only people who cared that I existed and they’d thought I’d just go away from them? I was so angry I felt like I was going to explode, but I was able to keep my face calm. Just then Ms. Lights walked in so I turned around to focus on her lecture. In the middle of class I felt a tap on my shoulder. I knew it was Jesica so I ignored it. A little later she stared patting my shoulder. I continued to ignore it. The patting stopped. I sighed in relief and refocused on the lesson. The teacher had stared to explain the dress code when I felt a sharp blow to the right side face. I couldn’t believe it. Jesica had slapped me! I whirled around and screamed, “What!” The whole class had stopped what they were doing to stare at us. The teacher asked, “Do we have a problem Crystal?” Through grinding teeth I replied, “No Ms. Lights"

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I like it so far. Please post more! Just wondering, is it supposed to be the first full day of school or just the first day of school because most schools don't have lunch on the very first day.
Well I kind of based it on my school. Of course my school is not as near as bad as I made this one.


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