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I am Reign Cullen. My name at birth was Scarlet Denise Reign Johnson (long right). I was only 23 when I was transformed into a vampire. I am a very unique vampire. I was fresh out of college, business major, and in love with Laurent. I knew it was dangerous to be with him but I

didn’t care, after all he was my first love.

 The night of our two-year anniversary I had planned to

give Laurent a night he would never forget. Little did I know that this night
would be as life changing for me. I don’t really remember what I had done or
said to my love react the way he did towards me. All I can remember is for the
first time in our relationship I feared him.

  all comments are welcome


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Okaaaayy... I'm a little late. But it was awesome!! I hope Tremaine makes it. Love ya, Z! Post more soon.

its ok thanx

i think its a 50/50 chance for Tremaine

Hopefully he makes it lol

now its ur turn to update ur fanfic!

Go Edward and Carlisle! great chapter! post more soon...

thank you so much

and you know i will!

ok guys here's the deal, I just moved

Im going to update but I dont have the internet right now

but dont worry because I should be getting it today.

I honsetly cant wait to get back on here to you guys.

So just hold on a lil bit longer ok!

LuVz ya!

I understand. I hate moving, especially when it takes Comcast FOREVER to set up the Internet. No rush. BTW, I'm stuck on Eternal Night. I know I'm gonna introduce the wolves into the story. I just don't know when. WAIT!!! I just got the best idea! Did I ever say where they lived? As in, did I say that they lived in Forks or La Push?
i dont think you did!
This is awesome like the plot
aww i hope Tremaine is okey,awesome chapters tho 


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