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I am Reign Cullen. My name at birth was Scarlet Denise Reign Johnson (long right). I was only 23 when I was transformed into a vampire. I am a very unique vampire. I was fresh out of college, business major, and in love with Laurent. I knew it was dangerous to be with him but I

didn’t care, after all he was my first love.

 The night of our two-year anniversary I had planned to

give Laurent a night he would never forget. Little did I know that this night
would be as life changing for me. I don’t really remember what I had done or
said to my love react the way he did towards me. All I can remember is for the
first time in our relationship I feared him.

  all comments are welcome


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thank you Miss Selveena
;-) Im glad you love it!
Awwwwwww....... That is soooooooooooooooooooo sweet!!! I hope Tremaine likes Reign back!
I hope so too lol. Thank you for reading!
Love it! can't wait for your next update. You are a great writer
Kelly Im glad you love it... and I promise not to keep you waiting too long ;-)

Chapter Seven: Gone

Alice is really starting to annoy me.

He likes you, she thought.
“I know,” I say aloud
“And you like him too?” That didn’t really sound like a question, but I answer her anyway.
“Yeah Alice, I guess I do… I mean he’s the first human man I’ve seen since my transformation (sure I flew past them countless times). But how can I feel so strongly about a man I only just met hours ago? And I never felt this way about Laurent.”
“As you said Reign, Laurent was your lover when you were human; your past life” she explained.. “But Tremaine is now your love. See once we vampires fall in love we will forever love that person.”
This all is a lot to take in at once. It’s crazy but I’m glad I have Alice to break things down for me.

I felt the electricity running through me and then I had another vision. I saw Laurent standing in a meadow, and just started running… something was obviously chasing him. The next thing I know he was being mauled by this pack of huge mutant wolves. My eyes went wide… and I started to sob tearlessly.
“Reign?” Alice asked a little puzzled.
“He’s… he’s dead?!” I screamed “Gone…” sobbing harder. Alice was no longer smiling her face became serious.
“Reign, I want to wait to tell you this but Laurent was killed off a few months back.” She told me all about Victoria, James, Laurent, The Denali Clan, Edward, his Bella and the wolves. Apparently he had it coming. While I listen to her story I wince a few times and continue sobbing.
“Reign… Im so sorry.” She said.
“No, no, no,” my words barely audible. “ Its not your fault… they were just doing their jobs.”

Sorry its so short but i hope you love it

it was awesome!!!!=D love it.....more soon i hope!!!!=D
thank you and more is definetly coming!
Amazing as always. Love it Zanica :)
thank you miss lady!


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