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I am Reign Cullen. My name at birth was Scarlet Denise Reign Johnson (long right). I was only 23 when I was transformed into a vampire. I am a very unique vampire. I was fresh out of college, business major, and in love with Laurent. I knew it was dangerous to be with him but I

didn’t care, after all he was my first love.

 The night of our two-year anniversary I had planned to

give Laurent a night he would never forget. Little did I know that this night
would be as life changing for me. I don’t really remember what I had done or
said to my love react the way he did towards me. All I can remember is for the
first time in our relationship I feared him.

  all comments are welcome


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lmbo. Thank you for reading.

I'm sorry I havent updated

But i promised im going to work on an updated when i get home from work today!

Chapter Eighteen:  I love you Bella!

Reign’s POV

“Night cap… hot!” Emmett said with a wink.

“Oh God Emmett,” Esme and I said in unison.

Gotta love ‘em Edward thought.


No I don’t I thought with a smile. Tremaine and I went to sit in the love seat; we started whispering to each other. After a while Emmett Carlisle and Edward decided that we should go out to hunt. Of course Edward knew that Tremaine and I would leave soon and came over to tell Tremaine goodbye and tell me he will see me later.

After they were gone we were stuck in the house with all the girls and Jasper. Jasper is kind of creepy plus it was way too many women in the room at one time. Tremaine thoughts mirrored my own so he decided that it was time for him to leave.

Jasper’s POV

I was walking out of the kitchen when I noticed Tremaine and Reign were preparing to leave. Tremaine had told the women goodbye, and after talking to Esme he promised her he would come back. When he was done I approached him.

“Hey you have a minute?” I asked Tremaine.

“Yeah,” He answered looking towards Reign who shot me a look.


 Its ok I thought, I just want to ask him a few questions.

She nodded but kept an eye on me.

“So, uh Tremaine. What are you intentions with Reign?” I asked him. And I could feel everybody’s eyes on me. Especially Reign’s.

“I love her,” He said matter of factly. “I intend to be with her forever.”

I know that his feelings for her are genuine because I can feel them.

“Okay so let me guess… You want to be one of us?” I asked him.

“Is it that obvious?” he asked me.

“Yes,” I said. “How soon may I ask?”

“In about a month.” He said.

“Oh.. no. No this again!” I said shooting a look toward Bella. “And there’s no changing your mind is there?”

“Nope Reign tried that already.”

“You’re just as stubborn as Bella.” I said more to myself. All of a sudden I was blown backwards. When I looked up Bella was standing over me.

“I’m sorry I didn’t hear your last comment.” She said sweetly.

“I er said I love you Bella.” I told her.

I could hear laughter coming out of the kitchen.

“That’s what I thought,” she said “glad to see you’re considering joining the family.” She said to Tremaine.

“I can hardly wait,” He told her.

“Alright you two that’s enough,” Esme said. “See you soon dear.”

“Yes ma’am,” He said walking out the door with Reign by his side.

Tremaine’s POV

“That was weird,” he said after we were in his car.

“Well that’s Jasper.” She said.

“I thought you just met them.”

“I did, the day I met you.”

“Well, the way was he was interrogating me, you would have thought you grew up together.” I said and she rewarded me with a laugh that was as sweet as honey.

“Yeah, I realize that they already see me as a part of the family.” She said, “and soon that will treat you the same.”

“How can you be so sure about that?”

“Because the will have no choice.” She said. “So what do you want to do now?”

Something told me she already knew but I answered her anyway.

“Well I want you to meet my grandmother.” I said.

“You… What?!” she hissed.

Wow. I thought. She didn’t scare me but I wasn’t expecting that reaction.

“I want you to meet my grandmother.”

“No I heard you alright. Is she expecting us?” she asked.

“Yes, well no, she’s expecting me.” I said, “Reign don’t make me beg you because I will.”


“Come on, I met yours.” I said.

“Ok,” she said giving in.



*GROWLS AND SNARLS* I...........WILL..................BE..............FIRST!!!! D@$# Anyways, *clears throat* This is awesome, and sweet, and I LOVE the new POV. It's awesome! BTW, I'm posting a sneak-peek of Chapter 6 soon. I don't want to leave y'all in suspense.
ok after i finish up on the writers challenge i will read it!

cool first damn comment wait we have to make a keyboard design watch this



cool right lol cool update soon

lol will do
That was awesome! cant wait to see whats happening next!

thank you so much for reading!

WOW !!! The Cullen clan is getting bigger................until you post again....................PS I wonder how the visit with Grandma is going to go?
Who knows lol
Thank you for ready.
this is great, cant wait for more!
thank you


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