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I am Reign Cullen. My name at birth was Scarlet Denise Reign Johnson (long right). I was only 23 when I was transformed into a vampire. I am a very unique vampire. I was fresh out of college, business major, and in love with Laurent. I knew it was dangerous to be with him but I

didn’t care, after all he was my first love.

 The night of our two-year anniversary I had planned to

give Laurent a night he would never forget. Little did I know that this night
would be as life changing for me. I don’t really remember what I had done or
said to my love react the way he did towards me. All I can remember is for the
first time in our relationship I feared him.

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Chapter One: Successful

Laurent was in this crescent like stance. In an instant he had transformed from my lover into my hunter. My eyes were
wide with fear and shock. Before I could make since of what was about to happen he sunk his razor sharp venomous
teeth into my neck. The pain for the venom was excruciating, I could literally hear my heartbeat drumming loud and fast (I
knew I was dying). My body began to shake uncontrollably and my head burn with fire. The pain was too much for my
human body to bear. The only thing to do in response to the pain was to scream as loud as I possible could. My scream
startled Laurent and he fled leaving me for dead. But after he was gone the pain continued and seemed like it lasted for

When the pain and the burning finally ceased, I knew that I would wake up in heaven, hopefully. After being in the dark for
so long I was finally able to open my eyes to see if I were indeed, in heaven. When I sat up, I was surprised to see that I
was still in my bedroom (my sheets and clothes were stained with my blood). At least I’m not dead I though. I placed my
food on the hardwood floor, it wasn’t could like I had expected it to be, and I looked down at the floor and I could see
every imperfection in the wood. I guess I wont be need glasses anymore.

I began to feel this unbearable thirst burning in my throat. I stood up and it was so fast that I barely felt the movement. It
was like as soon as I thought about getting up I was. But I didn’t really pay it that much attention. I decided to go and
raid the refrigerator. I was so thirty and hunger that it seemed like it had been days since I last eaten or drank anything. It
felt like I literally flew into the kitchen. I opened the fridge and I just about ate and drank every damned thing that was
inside. I dropped the glass in my hand once I realized what I had become. A Vampire, a cold, soulless vampire! I flew to
the bathroom going so fast that the hallway literally flew past me. How is this possible… how could anyone move this
fast? I looked into the mirror to check my neck, but there were no marks. Just a scar that appears to be years old and
shiny? My face was beautiful, flawless even, and my eyes they were a starling bright red.

The relief I felt from the food was only temporary. When the burn in my throat returned, it burned ten times worse than
before. I knew what I had to do but at the same time I knew that I did not want to murder innocent people. I had to think of
something and fast.
Just then something strange happened, my head was suddenly filled with images. There was this beautiful dark-haired
creature draining blood from animals. She was pale white, very petite and graceful. There was no doubt that this mystical
being was a vampire like me. This confused me because I thought vampires could only survive off of human blood. But I
did as I saw and I was successful. After I decapitated one bear and three dear the burning in my throat ceased.
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lol thank you and of course i will keep you updated.. i am reviewing chapter two and I should have it posted some time tomorrow

Chapter Two: My Love

Now that the burning in my throat was gone, I could think more clearly. On my way back to my home I began to remember some of the things that happened the night of our anniversary. Laurent had attacked me. He ended my human life and turned me into a cold soulless vampire. After he promised me time after time that he would never hurt. And he broke that promise to me. I became overtaken by anger and resentment and I wanted revenge! I wanted to make him suffer the way he made me! I wanted him to burn!

I flew back home and headed straight for the shower, I had gotten blood all over me. While in the shower I decided that I would search for that cold-hearted vampire that I once loved. After my shower I found a white t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans to put on. I grabbed one of Laurent's old duffel bags and packed every single item I owned (clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc). All set I thought to myself. On my way out the door I grabbed my cash for in between the mattress and my wallet off of the kitchen counter. I thought about grabbing my car keys but now that I am a vampire, I’m probably faster without it.

As I ran began to wonder what would happen if I found him. What he would do when he saw me. What will he think once he looks in to my bright red eyes? Would he be afraid of me, would he be sad? Would I be able to go through with my plans to get my revenge? Or will I become weak in his presence and fall back in love with him? And if so will he accept me? It’s hard to picture it but no matter that outcome I will be prepared.

Before I knew it I traveled through Canada the entire United States and then back up to Greenland. I decided to stop here to hunt and freshen up. I didn’t take me too long to spot a pack of polar bears… I went straight for the biggest one and I didn’t stop until the last one was completely drained. I found a lake nearby and I began going through my bag. I stuck my hand into the front pocket of the bag and found a folded sheet of paper. It was a letter… form Laurent?! It read:

My dearest Sweet Reign,
I am truly sorry for the pain I must have caused you the other night. I don’t know exactly what came over me. It all happened so fast, it was like I was in a trace. Trapped somewhere that was outside of my mind. But you screams of pain broke me out of it. I will never forgive myself for breaking my promises to you. I know that you will come looking for me. And I will be waiting for you, my love.


He knew that i would come for him?

I wanted to crying but there were no tears. I wanted to die but I knew that would be in possible. Although my heart didn’t beat it still throbbed with endless pain. I missed Laurent more than I let myself believe. I longed to be reunited with him, for him to hold and love me like never before. I slowly grabbed my clothes and headed for the lake.

I remembered Laurent saying something thing about this very powerful vampire family… or should I say dynasty called the Volturi, they’re located somewhere in Italy. I thought I should go and pay them a visit. I was convinced that they maybe some help to me. It took no time for me to get dressed and be on my way.

Next Stop Volterra
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I love this. Update Soon!!!

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It's good you re-wrote the story. This one is better. Keep up the good work :)
Thank you Seleena. I'm in the process of writing chapter three. I will post sometime tonight or tomorrow.

Chapter Three: Volterra

I swam across the Arctic Ocean from Greenland to Russia, stopping periodically to hunt. It took me all of two weeks to search every square mile of Russia. I felt as if I should have been tired but thankfully I wasn’t. Finally I reached Italy… the sun was about to set and I couldn’t wait to be back on the move. While I waited I stayed hidden as much as possible while searching for a truck stop. I needed a map so I could find my way around.

Finally the sun went down and the shadows freed me enough to move. Shortly after I was free I found a truck stop and I got my map. Only thing I need now is a car that I can drive faster than I can run. Almost instantly I spotted a pink and black Lamborghini. I quickly hot-wired it and was on my way to Volterra, Italy.


I reached my destination in about ten minutes. (at least an hour drive form where I was.) As I approached the gates to the city, three large men confronted me. Security guards I guessed. My voice was enough to hypnotize any human, and with these eyes they didn’t stand a chance. I rolled my window down just enough for the guard on my side to see my eyes. And then I had him under my spell.
“Hello,” I said.
“..H..Hello,” he stuttered.
“May I enter into your city?”
“Um.. Yes,” he motioned for the others to let me through. Poor man, I smiled to myself.

Volterra looks like one of those places you read about in a book or see in old movies. This city is absolutely breathtaking. I looked to my map to see if anything stood about, and I noticed this building with a huge clock on it. That must be city hall, I thought to myself. I found a place to park, and as soon as I stepped out of the car I spotted the huge historic building. Following the directions on the map, I was at the building in two minutes. Once I walked in I was greeted by a (human) receptionist.

“Hello. How can I help you?” she asked me.
“I’m looking for the Volturi.”
“Well you’ve certainly come to the right place,” she picked up her phone then told me “some one will be here to escort you to the back.”
About five minutes later I saw a petite female who appeared to be no older than fifteen. Her eyes a darker red than mine, and something about her just made me feel uneasy. I was sure that if I were still human I would be afraid of her. She nodded to me and motioned for me to follow her… and I did. I followed her down a dark hallway and onto a elevator. We got off then enter into these huge double doors, she motioned for me to go in ahead of her.

“ Hello, my dear friend,” said a pale dark-haired man.
“Hello,” I responded.
“ I am Aro, these(he motioned behind him) are my brother Cauis and Marcus, and you are?” He asked.
“ I am Reign.”
“Well Reign, what can I do for you?”
“Can you help me?” I asked him.
“Sure… may I?” he asked reaching for my hand. I gave him my hand and suddenly he was in another place. After a while he returned my hand and said, “Wow you have been through quite a lot in a short time. But Im afraid that its been months since we seen your missing vampire.”
“Oh,” I said silently crying.
“Perhaps you would consider joining me and my family?.. I understand that you have some very interesting gifts.”
“Im not so sure about that at the moment,” I said considering his invitation.
“I will be here waiting if you change your mind.” He said with a smile.
“Thank you,” I said turning to leave.
“Good luck my young friend,” he yelled behind me.

For some reason I had a feeling that I may never find my missing vampire. But i quickly pushed that thought out of my mind.
I hope you guys enjoy this chapter!


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