The Twilight Saga

PREFACE:  Two very special girls were moving to the town of Forks, Washington when they meet these other students that look different from the rest of the student’s at the school. Bella Marie Swan has brown hair that is just below her shoulders and her sister Elena Patricia Swan has brown hair that is just below her shoulders as well.


Chapter 1:


It was the time of year where no one knew what was going on, a couple of new students have just arrived here in Forks, Washington and everyone there knew their names as Isabella Maries Swan and Elena Patricia Swan. Once they arrived in Forks, Washington, their dad showed them both around the town and where the school was that they are going to be attending, the following day. Once they got to their new home that they were going be living in with their dad. The very next day Bella and her sister Elena got up early so that they could get ready to walk all the way to school because they didn’t like to get a lift to the school by their dad and their dad’s name was Donald William Swan he was the chief of the police station here in Forks. Once they got to the school they went to the office to get their classroom time table for the semester, after they got their time table for the semester they both had a look at them and noticed that they both had the same classes as each.

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SWANS: Donald age 35, Renee age 34, Bella age 19, Elena age 19, Cassandra age 17, Stevie age 3

CULLENS: Carlisle age 36, Esme age 34, Rosalie age 18, Emmett age 18, Edward age 19, Alice age 17, Jasper age 17

BLACKS: Billy age 36, Jacob age 18

MIDDAY SUNSHINE (College Life) SEQUEL TO MIDNIGHT STARSHINE: Here’s the link to the story that will continue on from here

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love the concept
Chapter 3-Invitations
Elena’s POV
Once dad got home he noticed that tea was on the table ready for him to eat, after tea Elena decided to ask her dad if she and Bella could go to La push sometime within the next couple of weeks with some friends of theirs.
Their dad said “Sure you can because I’m thinking of going to La Push myself sometime soon.”
Elena and Bella said “Thanks dad, we love you so much, we promise to be good.”
The next day at school Elena told Eric that they could go to La Push with them as long as they behave themselves, when they go.
Eric was very happy to hear that Elena and Bella could go to La Push with them when they go.
Bella POV
Once I arrived at school I decided to go to my locker to get all my books sorted out ready for class to start, on my way to my first class I bumped into Edward Cullen, he said “Sorry about that,” I said “That’s ok.” He helped me pick up my books so that I could go to my first class and not be late.
real good can you keep me updated add me
thats really good can u keep me updated
Chapter 4 - Introductions
Bella’s POV
I just bumped into Edward Cullen he is still helping me pick up my books “Hello I’m Edward Cullen you must be Bella” he said calmly as he gave me my last book “uh yeah hi we have biology together” I asked even though I knew then answer “that is correct” he said smiling then I walked of to class smiling. Then the weekend came we met Mike and Eric at the beach in the carpark the others were setting up a fire “Lets head down” Mike said when we walked up “okay” I said Elena nodded when we got down we saw some other guys from the reservation “Hey guys who are these” I asked one of the guys starred at me “I’m Jacob Black these are my friends Embry Call and Quil Atera” he said I smiled they all looked nice “Hey” the other two said “Hey” we replied I looked at Elena she was smiling a little to much I nudged her with my elbow and then I decided we should do something “so what are we going to do” I asked Mike answered “well you can come hiking in the near by forest hang out here with these locals and any others who turn up you can go surfing or look at rock pools” he said instantly Elena sat down and then I followed but then re thought it “I might look at the rock pools” I said I could see what Elena chose “I’ll stay here and talk to the locals if that’s okay” she said looking at Jacob “yeah sure” he said I smiled kindly “well see ya” I said walking off with Jessica and Nikki.
I like it a lot but are Elena and Bella twins??
thats awsome nice job
uhhh......good idea
this is cool!!! keep me posted!!!♥
good idea nice banners,keep me posted:)
i like it !!!!

This Is Bella's clothing up until see meets Edward

This Is Elena's Clothing up until she starts going out with Jacob


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