The Twilight Saga


The story line will go back and forth between the Saga and the Sookie Stackhouse Novels (vampires and supernatural novels for adults but I’ll keep PG-13).

This story is base by the characters created by Stepehenie Meyer for The Twilight Saga and by Charline Harris for The Sookie Stackhouse Novels a.k.a True Blood.

I’ll be using the main characters from the Twilight Saga and adding more characters along the way from True Blood (main Eric Northman, Pam and Godric)

          Also I’ll be using some elements from True Blood.

1.    The creator of a vampire holds a certain and powerful authority towards their creation and when an order is given she/him must obey. (Sort of like the Alpha Orders)

2.    In True Blood they have sheriffs in every area to regulate the vampire activity and keep them in check and the sheriffs answer to kings and queens in each state –but since we have the Volturi(the absolute power in the vampire world) we all need are the sheriffs to regulate and keep their secrets in the shadows.


Our story begins with two siblings back in 980 AD. Their names Leif Eiriksson and Freydis Eiriksdottir. They were two out of four children born to Erik Thorraldsson a.k.a Erik the Red –a very powerful Viking.

After some unfortunate events they are turn into vampires. Leif now known as Eric Northman has lived this 1000 years on his own and run his own business, while Freydis –now known as Isabella Northman- holds an important position with the Volturi.


          And now Aro has an important and ambitious task for her.


          Without knowing, Bella embarks in the most difficult mission she has ever encountered in her 1000 years of existence.

1.      NEW LIFE


Leif Eiriksson and Freydis Eiriksdottir were two out of four children of Erik the Red –colonizer Viking of Greenland.

Freydis (a fierce and strong-willed woman) wanted to be in the fights along her father and brothers, but back then woman were merely use just for taking care of the family, village and have food when the warriors got home after duty.


One day around 980 AD their village went under attack and many were killed –along with their family- by a clan of outlaws wanting to gain more power. Leif and Freydis –along with few others- were able to get away. They traveled along Norway, Sweden and Denmark to try to locate and recruit others that have been affected by the same clan –in order to destroy them.


        Leif believed in his sister’s strength and thought of her more than just a woman, but a true warrior. He loved her.


        After three years of excursions Leif and Freydis army were separated by one of the confrontations.

Leif was badly wounded and carried by two other man of their army; they were running along the forest trying to locate the rest of the group and his sister.

He was lying on the floor –and was dying- when the other two man disappear.

Standing beside him was this young man, younger than his sister. His whole body was cover with strange drawings, when he got closer Leif was able to appreciate this beautiful man, with perfect features and flawless skin. But as soon as he saw the young man eyes and impossibly white skin he immediately knew this man was beyond human.


“Are you afraid of death?” asked the creature gently.


“I’m just afraid for my sister to find it, anything else I can handle.

What are you?” asked Leif, he wasn’t afraid. He saw a certain peace in the creature strange crimson eyes.


“I’m just here to give you one more chance to exist”


With that he bent his head down to his neck and bit him.



Freydis was left to lead the rest of the army but at no success -they were outnumbered.

Then out of nowhere the group of the outlaws was dying around her but along with her own people. She was in the eye of the storm of the massacre that was happening around her, she stood there frozen.

Then two red eye creatures were standing about 5 yards away from her.


“This one here is a fierce little human, she doesn’t compare to any of the others in this field. Don’t you think Eleazar? Just imagine with those skills and our strength…But that smell, very mouthwatering. I’m sure we’ll be able to find another human liker her”

Freydis gulped, she wanted to back away and start running away from those demons –she thought of them- but her body didn’t respond.

He started to move towards her, she could feel the fear that never came when fighting with the outlaws, because she knew that this was her end. She closed her eyes and prayed to Odin that her brother was safe and alive.

“No Aro,” that Eleazar creature answered “I don’t think we will”

She opened her eyes and Aro stop and turn to Eleazar with a puzzle look. “What do you mean?”

“There’s some sort of shield blocking whatever there is in her mind”

Aro started to move towards Freydis again, and grab her hand. His touch was icy cold and his skin felt hard as a stone. She was trembling; she thought why they didn’t just kill her.

“Don’t be scare child, we won’t harm you. You are much too talented and fascinating to be killed” he closed his eyes and rested his forehead on their hands. “Nothing” he whispered.

“Interesting. That indicates a rather powerful latent talent” Eleazar stated.

“Ah, exactly what I was looking for” said Aro in the most enchanting and velvety voice ever heard.

Then everything went black.


So what do you think? I’m not sure of the title tho. Please comment. You can add me as your friend and I'll send you nothing else but updates about my stories..

Hope you enjoy my story.


And here is the link to my very first fanfic ever.

Alternate Ending for Breaking dawn.


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WOW ...I luv tis story .. Update soon nd keep me updated :)
I love it! <3
loved it post more soon
like it



wow! is edward th eother 1 dat carlisle was tlkn bwt? dis is soo gud plz keep me upd8d!!!!!!!!
new reader cant wait to read more i just loved it

               Chapter 7 Annoyance Part 1 




     I felt my phone vibrate and I took it out of my pocket at once. It was Carlisle; he must be home already.




     “Edward, Emmett told me that Marla called you for the papers…”


     “Yes, I’m taking them right now.”


     “No, you need to come back; I actually haven’t finish with them. I talked to Dr Snow, but I guess Marla didn’t know since her shift just started today. I’ll tell you all about it. Just come back home, Bella is here.”


     Just by the sound of that name, for some reason my dead heart threaten to beat in my chest, my breath came faster and an image of her face trashed my whole concentration that I made an illegal, very illegal u turn. That it got me pulled over.


     Me with extra senses! Never had an accident, never gotten a traffic ticket!




     And Rosalie, who was being completely unreasonable, thoughtless and judging Carlisle for forgetting everything over Bella’s visit…



     If she ever found out about this, I’ll never hear the end of it. If she ever heard of this.


      I heard a tap on my window.


     “Hello officer,” It was Charlie Swan.


     “You know why I stop you son?” asked Chief Swan. ‘Hmm, he looks familiar.’


     “Um, no sir. I’m sure I was going at the speed limit.” I answer innocently.


      “Yes, yes you were. But you ran two stop signs.”


     Two stop signs? I was sure it was because of that u turn.


     “I was a bit distracted sorry.”


    ‘Rich kid! Just for that you think you’ll get out easily.’ Thought Chief Swan again.

 “License and registration,”


      “Sure,” I handed him my license and registration. He was about to walk back to his car when he read the name.


     ‘Edward Anthony Cullen? Dr Cullen’s son, that’s why he looked familiar,’ “Listen kid, I have a big respect for your father, but that is not why I’m letting you go. I was actually on my way to run an errand at Port Angeles and this is going to slow me down. You are a good family and I never had any problems with you or your siblings. So please pay attention to traffic signs next time or you’ll cause an accident. You’re lucky there were no cars around. So take this as a warning. Next time I will not be this nice.”


      I could see in his mind that he’s going to pick up his daughter to Port Angeles. God bless her soul. One, I didn’t know what would’ve happen if he search my driver’s license in the computer system and two, he wouldn’t be alone after his surgery.

     In fact, while he was writing my warning. He was thinking of a conversation he had with her daughter, ‘Marie.’ He wondered how did she ever found out he was having a surgery and that she insisted that to come over to help him.

      He was thinking that once she made a decision, there was no way back. But she wasn’t coming here while he recover, she was staying here for her Junior and Senior year of high school.


     “Ok Mr. Cullen, I’ll be watching you.”


     “Yes sir,”


     How stupid of me to let myself distracted by someone who I don’t know, someone I have never met.

      To put my family at risk by something so…stupid. Who does this creature think she is to invade my thoughts?

      She’d leave soon after finding life in this small town is boring. I mean someone who has probably traveled the whole world back and forth for a thousand years. Lived in Italy where is probably more excited.




      So many possibilities…no Edward shake yourself up, there is no probability for you. She’d only think of me as a child. Nine hundred years of a difference is well, a lot. 

      What could I give to her that she hadn’t seen or have.

     I’m sure there have been many men and vampires who have courted her –that are better than me.

     You’d think that after a thousand years she’d hadn’t found any who could fancy her?


      What can I offer her?


     “Well I can say is good luck. Besides, pretty soon you’ll have instructions from two Vikings.” I heard Carlisle enthusiastic tone inside the house.


     Hmm, well I sure need to do something about this infatuation –if that’s what it is- that was basically eating my entire mind.

     I hadn’t notice that I’ve driven myself home and that I was park perfectly in the garage.


      “What took you so long?” Alice chimed in behind me.


      “Sorry I got a hold up…”


     “Hmm,” she looked at me suspiciously with narrow eyes, her hands on her waist and taping her left foot. ‘I wasn’t paying attention to what happen to you. But I did saw you drive home like a zombie and smiling like an idiot. What is wrong with you Edward Cullen?’ Alice thought.


      “Nothing, I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I said as I was getting out of the car, I walk by her and ruffle her hair. My tone sounded harsh after my annoying little discovery –a so called infatuation- and that I didn’t want anyone to know about my incident this afternoon with the law.


      ‘I’ll figure it out don’t worry. Anyway Carlisle has something important to talk about.’ She thought again and then she said out loud. “And you need to be there too. It concerns us all.”


      “Ok, let’s go.” I motion her to go first.


      “Thank you,” she smile but looped her arm through mine. “Always the gentlemen,”


       “Edward, I’m glad you’ve arrived. Come quick,” Esme was at my other side towing me to the dining room.


       “Good, you’re home son,” said Carlisle. ‘We need to discuss something important’ he added mentally.


    I nodded and I turn to our guest and she had the oddest look in her eyes that were watching Carlisle.

      I always tried to stay of people’s minds, but sometimes those thoughts are loud that nothing can keep them away.


       ‘What’s with Edward? Look at that face, he’s gone mad.’ Thought Emmett


      ‘Great, Edward is mesmerized by Isabella’ thought Rosalie sarcastically.


      ‘Honey, are you ok?’ Esme sounded concern.


      ‘Is everything ok?’ Jasper was testing the room.


      I heard my family’s thoughts, all except…Bella.


      “Edward,” said Carlisle to call my attention. “There’s a matter we need to discuss.” He said in a stern voice.


      I saw from the corner of my eye Bella turning my way with a half smile. Then she looked down and shook her head slightly and if I’m not mistaking she was fighting a smile.

       So she thought this was amusing –being told by my father- in front of a complete stranger.


      “Bella this is Edward.” Carlisle introduced us.


      “Hello Edward,” Bella’s voice was the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard. But my irritation over her amusement was much stronger. So I just nodded slightly but never looking her way.


       “Well, let’s get down to business. Bella the floor is yours.”


       “Thank you Carlisle,” I dare a quick look towards the beautiful voice. She was looking down as if she was embarrassed by the attention. Then she looked up with a smile of confidence. I tried once more to look into her mind but nothing. “Um, there are two reasons why I’m here. One, my main reason was to start a new life away from the Volturi. Second, there’s a disturbing situation happening in your region and Aro though that it’d be a good idea for me to take care of.”


       “What is it? Asked jasper. But he was sensing my irritation and turn slight my way and thought. ‘Edward you’re staring at Bella, what’s the matter. What are you hearing?’


       “Well, Carlisle and Esme hadn’t heard of it, so I’m pretty sure neither of you. Well it seems there’s a rogue coven around here. They’ve killed your sheriff, Jackson.


       Every thought in the room were chaotic. Nobody understood how that can happen.


       “I don’t understand, if someone destroys a sheriff is a death penalty to that vampire and its coven. How can anybody dare to take that risk?


       “You are right Jasper,” said Bella calmly. “The sheriff’s were appointed after the immortal children and immortals were quite shaken up when the Volturi brought the law to the creators. Even the ones who were seeking territorial power in the south of U.S.A.

         “The only reason is that someone is seeking to gain power. What else? Maybe they’re trying to send a message that if they could kill the sheriff that they are fearless and ruthless.” She let a big breath out, as if re-telling the story was too exhausting.


       “What can we do?” asked Jasper immediately, his military experience kicking in.


      “Nothing,” she smile but it did not reach her eyes. “I already have few people investigating the situation and seeking the responsible party, and that is what Carlisle meant by tow Vikings. My brother will be coming along.”


      “Your brother?”

      “…brother by blood?” several voices sounded at once.


       “Yes, he was change around the same time as me. Although I didn’t know. I found him later in the New Found land –I mean here in America. But he continue with his own life, he didn’t want to join the Volturi, even though Aro wanted his gift.”


       “What’s his gift?”


       “Well, he can influence your mind, control it, hypnotize, compel or whatever you want to call it. He can get in your mind and erase a memory and replace it with his own. Also he can make you do whatever he wants you to do and you won’t even remember it.”


       Everyone was in awe, speechless.


      “Then your brother is the one seeking the nomads?”


        “No, actually my brother has contacts up here working. He has a business to run in Louisiana and he’s the sheriff of the south east region. So he needs to get everything settle before he leaves.


      “Well you can count on us to help also. This is our region, our home and we’ll defend it.”


       Everybody nodded in agreement, almost everyone except Rosalie.


      “Yes we will not sit around, we must be on alert, just in case they decide to visit other covens in this area.” Confirmed Carlisle as well.


       “They know the Volturi will be looking for them so they are probably hiding for now.”


       “If I’m not mistaken, sure they are hiding and they’ll be on the lookout for any Volturi guard. Once they’ve seen they grew tired of playing ‘cat and mouse’ they’ll come out of their hiding hole and continue with whatever plans they had.” Jasper contributed some sane explanation.


      “It makes sense,” said Bella thoughtfully.


       “Did they…found Jackson.” Asked Jasper.


      “Well, how his coven found he was destroyed was very…Godfather like. They received half of his head along with an envelope with ashes.”


       “Oh my goodness those people,” Esme gasped lightly and picturing receiving any of our body parts. And again Bella turn to Esme with the same odd expression she gave Carlisle earlier.


       “Esme these are not people, they are vampires. Just heartless monsters.” Bella body tense, those last three words came out almost as a snarl.


       There was a pause and Bella let an exasperated breath. “You know it is rude to stare,” she said irritated. “You Edward,” she said my name just as she had almost snarl ‘Just heartless monsters,’ 


       The Alice showed me, me staring at Bella throughout the whole conversation with a frustrated look.

        There was another pause as everyone was waiting for me to answer, to explain myself.


      But then something happen, there was a window open in the dining room and a raft of air came through blowing Bella’s hair. Sending the most delicious scent ever my way, but it wasn’t a vampire scent; it was as if blood was still running through her veins.

       That scent made my throat dried –perched- venom was flowing to my mouth and my muscles were tensing and preparing to spring at any moment. My whole body responded as if I was hunting or if I had found a pray. I held by breath back.

       This was ludicrous, she is a vampire not a human, but her scent was inviting me, calling me to….


       ‘Edward what is the matter,” asked Esme


      Then Jasper came to my side, holding me back. “Edward what is going on?” and I felt Jasper influence me to calm me.


       All I could say to keep some of my dignity was, “There’s a human outside.” There goes my air supply, so I just ran out of the room immediately.

loved this chapter post more soon

i loved it! <3


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