The Twilight Saga


The story line will go back and forth between the Saga and the Sookie Stackhouse Novels (vampires and supernatural novels for adults but I’ll keep PG-13).

This story is base by the characters created by Stepehenie Meyer for The Twilight Saga and by Charline Harris for The Sookie Stackhouse Novels a.k.a True Blood.

I’ll be using the main characters from the Twilight Saga and adding more characters along the way from True Blood (main Eric Northman, Pam and Godric)

          Also I’ll be using some elements from True Blood.

1.    The creator of a vampire holds a certain and powerful authority towards their creation and when an order is given she/him must obey. (Sort of like the Alpha Orders)

2.    In True Blood they have sheriffs in every area to regulate the vampire activity and keep them in check and the sheriffs answer to kings and queens in each state –but since we have the Volturi(the absolute power in the vampire world) we all need are the sheriffs to regulate and keep their secrets in the shadows.


Our story begins with two siblings back in 980 AD. Their names Leif Eiriksson and Freydis Eiriksdottir. They were two out of four children born to Erik Thorraldsson a.k.a Erik the Red –a very powerful Viking.

After some unfortunate events they are turn into vampires. Leif now known as Eric Northman has lived this 1000 years on his own and run his own business, while Freydis –now known as Isabella Northman- holds an important position with the Volturi.


          And now Aro has an important and ambitious task for her.


          Without knowing, Bella embarks in the most difficult mission she has ever encountered in her 1000 years of existence.

1.      NEW LIFE


Leif Eiriksson and Freydis Eiriksdottir were two out of four children of Erik the Red –colonizer Viking of Greenland.

Freydis (a fierce and strong-willed woman) wanted to be in the fights along her father and brothers, but back then woman were merely use just for taking care of the family, village and have food when the warriors got home after duty.


One day around 980 AD their village went under attack and many were killed –along with their family- by a clan of outlaws wanting to gain more power. Leif and Freydis –along with few others- were able to get away. They traveled along Norway, Sweden and Denmark to try to locate and recruit others that have been affected by the same clan –in order to destroy them.


        Leif believed in his sister’s strength and thought of her more than just a woman, but a true warrior. He loved her.


        After three years of excursions Leif and Freydis army were separated by one of the confrontations.

Leif was badly wounded and carried by two other man of their army; they were running along the forest trying to locate the rest of the group and his sister.

He was lying on the floor –and was dying- when the other two man disappear.

Standing beside him was this young man, younger than his sister. His whole body was cover with strange drawings, when he got closer Leif was able to appreciate this beautiful man, with perfect features and flawless skin. But as soon as he saw the young man eyes and impossibly white skin he immediately knew this man was beyond human.


“Are you afraid of death?” asked the creature gently.


“I’m just afraid for my sister to find it, anything else I can handle.

What are you?” asked Leif, he wasn’t afraid. He saw a certain peace in the creature strange crimson eyes.


“I’m just here to give you one more chance to exist”


With that he bent his head down to his neck and bit him.



Freydis was left to lead the rest of the army but at no success -they were outnumbered.

Then out of nowhere the group of the outlaws was dying around her but along with her own people. She was in the eye of the storm of the massacre that was happening around her, she stood there frozen.

Then two red eye creatures were standing about 5 yards away from her.


“This one here is a fierce little human, she doesn’t compare to any of the others in this field. Don’t you think Eleazar? Just imagine with those skills and our strength…But that smell, very mouthwatering. I’m sure we’ll be able to find another human liker her”

Freydis gulped, she wanted to back away and start running away from those demons –she thought of them- but her body didn’t respond.

He started to move towards her, she could feel the fear that never came when fighting with the outlaws, because she knew that this was her end. She closed her eyes and prayed to Odin that her brother was safe and alive.

“No Aro,” that Eleazar creature answered “I don’t think we will”

She opened her eyes and Aro stop and turn to Eleazar with a puzzle look. “What do you mean?”

“There’s some sort of shield blocking whatever there is in her mind”

Aro started to move towards Freydis again, and grab her hand. His touch was icy cold and his skin felt hard as a stone. She was trembling; she thought why they didn’t just kill her.

“Don’t be scare child, we won’t harm you. You are much too talented and fascinating to be killed” he closed his eyes and rested his forehead on their hands. “Nothing” he whispered.

“Interesting. That indicates a rather powerful latent talent” Eleazar stated.

“Ah, exactly what I was looking for” said Aro in the most enchanting and velvety voice ever heard.

Then everything went black.


So what do you think? I’m not sure of the title tho. Please comment. You can add me as your friend and I'll send you nothing else but updates about my stories..

Hope you enjoy my story.


And here is the link to my very first fanfic ever.

Alternate Ending for Breaking dawn.


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Should I continue!!??
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Thank you Sherry, here is the next chapter.
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Yah I repost this, because there was a little detail I forgot to add before.

“Isabella my dear could you come please”

I sighed, groan, rolled my eyes internally. Everyone knew I hated to be called like that. Aro said that it ‘sounded lovelier, sophisticated, and beautiful like me!’ Ugh!
Others did it just to annoy me because they simply loathed me –just because Aro shows a little more preference towards me…what phrases do they use…a daddy’s girl, Aro’s favorite child? If they only knew.
Even the beautiful Jane, a great addition to the Volturi. Who I was no match against Jane’s power -against others. Still loathed me.

I shrugged it off, I simply didn’t care.

I enter the main hall “My Lord,” I address him; I also refused to call him Master like the others do –or daddy for that matter. I’d like to think that I was my own and not belong to nobody. I sighed internally again –if I could only get out of this, but my hands were tide down.

I did vow my head slightly to greet him -I was not raised by a pack of wolves either.

Aro extended his arm, but I didn’t take it. He had an amused look and dropped his hand at once, he knew I hated when he read my thoughts, of course I never kept anything from him, besides my internal disgust of my name.

He chuckle “Oh my dear Isabella, after all this time by my side and you still don’t trust me your thoughts?”

“My lord you know I do not keep anything from you. I tell you everything I know.”

“You edit sweetheart” he raised his eye brow.

“A woman thoughts are the most precious treasure they posses, plus not everything its meant to share” I gave him a half smile knowing I had won this argument –as always

He sighed in defeat –of course.

Our relationship –if you call it that- was odd, he thought he will find in me a mate and I hated him for taking my life away. But we fitted together, somehow –since I was the only one brave enough to defy him and because there was another connection no body knew about –a secret nobody will know.

In my observation of the human behavior, we are what you might called an old married couple that despise each other, made their life miserable but at the end of the day we couldn’t live without each other, or so I thought.

“Well” he chuckle amused, it was hard to find something to bring down his enthusiasm. He went to sit in his chair and seconds later Ciaus and Marcus join him.

Ciaus fairly touch Aro’s hand and Aro responded “All in good time my brother,” and he turn back to me. “I gather my child here because I truly believed that she’s simply perfect for the next task in hand”

“What is this task Aro?” Marcus barely gazed at Aro –as always he looked like he was bored to death of this life.

“My dears do you remember our friend Carlisle” There were nods by his brothers in response and a loud enthusiastic Yes! from my part. The three brothers glare at me.

I was fascinated by Carlisle, working as hard as he could to defy his nature and succeed replacing his bloodlust thirst for the thirst of knowledge. The thirst for new information in music, arts, science, medicine never diminish -he had found his calling, his penance, in that, in saving human lives.
It was sad when he decided to leave, he greatly admired our civility, our refinement, but Aro persisted in trying to cure his aversion to ‘his natural food source,’ as he called it. He tried to persuade him, and he tried to persuade them –which I’ve tried since I was change- to no avail. At that point, Carlisle decided to try the New World. He dreamed of finding others like himself. He was very lonely then.
He was the only vampire I could talk –the only friend I’ve found after my change. Mainly because we share something that no one else understood –our diet. We discover that by restraining from human blood we could co-exist in harmony and just because we’ve been dealt a certain hand it doesn’t mean that we can’t choose to rise above –to conquer the boundaries of a destiny that none of us wanted. To try to retain whatever essential humanity we can.

“Well,” Aro spoke again, taking me away from my train of thought, “the last I’ve heard was that he has two more additions –additions he made himself…”

That’s not illegal,” I interrupted him, I didn’t want him to enforce the law when there wasn’t a rule to break.
Ciaus shot a murderous glare at me. He has always wondered why Aro put up with my behavior and that he should teach me some manners. Obviously neither of his brothers knew the connection, the secret Aro and I shared.

Aro chuckle and in a tenth of a second he shot a warning glare to Ciaus.

“My dear, that wasn’t where I was going with this, but” he sighed “you must obey my orders."

I cringe, he laid down the order of the creator –of course Ciaus was enjoying this. My knees almost gave away, when he had to do that –not often, as I always do what he asks without complain- I felt as almost to vow to him and kiss the ground he walk with adoration.
A growl erupted from my chest as I fought his order; –at to no avail either- immediately Felix, Jane, Demetri and Alec appear in front of me –I was already crouch, ready to defend myself.
With a devilish grin I said “You can’t take me”
Aro step from in between the quartet “Enough” he order and I was standing straight automatically.
“I’m sorry my sweet Isabella, you know I hate to do that to you,” from the corner of my eye I saw Jane bare her teeth, since Little Miss Sunshine almost never obey properly his instructions and he was never sorry he had to use that order on her, “but in this mission you must do as I say. I just need you to check on them…”

“Is there no sheriff in that area?” I asked

“No my dear, that is the second task I need you to do” he murmured softly now.

“Jane, Felix, Demetri, Alec, please leave us” without a question or a word they were gone.

“As I was saying, he has two more additions, a young man and a woman –who he found his mate” he looked at me with a fake sadness at that last word.

I wore a compose mask “why am I right for this mission and what is the mission” I asked sarcastically.

He ignore my tone “The young man I heard he can read minds –that is where you come in, you shield me, Jane, Demetri, Alec and Renata so far.
“I’m pretty sure you can shield his power as well, that way he won’t hear what we’d plan.”

“What do you plan?” I asked confused now.

He ignored my question now, he was determine to not be side tracked by me again “Well to that second task, as you pointed out, there is no sheriff in that area. Apparently there is a group of nomads seeking that position and killed our dear sheriff. I need you to investigate –and occupied that position- and destroy them” that last part had just a hint of the last order.

“But Aro you know that I can’t…I won’t…” if my heart was still beating I’m sure it would’ve exploded out of my chest -as what he asks me to do. He knows that I do not comply with that kind of tasks.

“Don’t worry dear; you may call your brother to help you in this case.” I sighed in relief, I’m sure Eric would love that. It was the same when we were humans, I help him incapacitate an enemy and he did the dirty work –he said he never will never allow me to be tinted by murder.

“Of course Aro” I emphasis is name dripping with acid of hate. “But what is to you with Carlisle then…”

“Ah, that let me explain”
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Thank ya'll. I'm glad you like it. Thankfully I have few chapters ready, but I forgot my flash at home and I'm visiting relatives. Tomorrow morning willl post.


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