The Twilight Saga

Isabella has been a member of the Volturi guard for more than 600 years. Extremely powerful and hand-picked by Aro himself, Isabella holds a place of honour amongst her vampire bretheren. When Isabella is sent by Aro to retrieve a talented vampire to add to the guard, nobody could have forseen the consequences of their meeting.....


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I used to write under the name IRunWithVampires, my stories included A Cullen Family Christmas In Italy and Star Crossed Lovers: A Modern Day Romeo and Juliet. I've only just come back to TTS, so I may be a bit rusty.

Here is the first chapter, it's a bit short, just a teaser to see if people are interested. Hope you enjoy it :)


A cool draught whistled through the corridors underneath the streets of the city, rustling ancient tapestries. A lone figure floated silently across the stone floor, a ghost in a cloak as red as blood. The cloak covered almost all of their body, although chalky white fingertips were just visible under the billowing sleeves. The figure came to a halt in front of a marble archway, the room inside obscured by a heavy purple curtain. Brushing it aside, the figure swept into the room and fell to the floor in a graceful gesture of complete obedience. Burning torches hung in wall brackets, illuminating the rich paintings and statues that lined the room. Lined against the far wall were three opulent, carved wooden thrones, almost as ancient as the figures seated in them. All three had skin as white as bone and as fragile-looking as old parchment. The one on the left wore a bored, indifferent expression, his eyes vacant and wandering. On the right, a teen with golden hair smirked, his eyes narrowed with cruel superiority. In the middle, a man who was surrounded by an air of authority, although the genial smile and polite set of his hands told a different story. Whilst seemingly very different, all three men had eyes the same crimson colour as fresh blood.

"Lower your hood," The man on right commanded in a high, cold tone. The man in the middle grimaced, as if his companion's behaviour was somehow an embarrassment, but he refrained from speaking. The figure, still holding a low bow on the floor, reached up and removed their hood in one fluid movement, revealing a head of long, glossy chestnut curls. Her eyes, the same colour as the three men in front of her, focussed on the man in the middle, who winked at her. A small smile tugged at the corner of her lips.

"Ah, my lovely Isabella," Aro, ancient member of the Volturi, clapped his hands together in delight. "You look......Satiated."

"A Venezualan tourist, Master," Isabella answered with a smile, flashing her pearly, razor sharp teeth. "Outside of the city, of course."

Aro inclined his head slightly, eyes twinkling with approval. "Of course, my dear. And your trip went well, I gather?"

"Yes, Master. Jax and I located several new talents. A shapeshifter in Marseille, one who could speak to animals in Vienna, a gifted tracker in Siberia. There were also a few in America, none of particular note, except for two in an unusually large coven near Seattle. A female, who appears to have psychic visions, and a male, who can read the minds of others without having to be in physical contact with them."

Caius, Aro's golden-haired fellow ancient, leaned forward in his chair, his expression hungry. He was clearly thinking of ways in which to put these potential acquisitions to use. Aro was evidently thinking along the same line, for he pressed his palms together in a praying gesture, looking thoughtful. Isabella knew that she had given her masters a lot to think about. She was often paired with Jax, a young vampire with a gift for hunting out vampires with powerful and unusual gifts, and sent away to acquire new talent for the Volturi guard. As one of the oldest and most powerful vampires in the Volturi ranks, and as Aro's favourite, she was used to keep younger vampires, such as Jax, in line. Any sign of disloyalty was immediately punished. This trip had been very successful, and she assumed that over the next few hours numerous members of the guard would be deployed to find and retrieve these new acquisitions. They would be brought back to Aro, Caius and Marcus, who would convince them to join the guard. It was a great honour, and those who could not be convinced would be acquired using less polite methods.

"You have done well, my dear," Aro smiled at her, still considering her words. "You may return to your chambers. Send Heidi, Felix, Jane, Alec, Yolanda and Patrice to us, please."

Bowing again, Isabella rose gracefully and left the presence chamber, leaving her hood to hang loosely down her back. She sought out the others, most of whom were finishing their breakfast in the dining chamber, and then followed the east corridor to her private chambers. As the highest-ranking member of the guard, she had been gifted the largest lodgings, second only to those of the ancients and their wives. Six hundred years of insomnia had allowed her to perfect her room. Navy blue hangings draped the walls, reminiscent of the waves off the coast, one of her favourite places to visit. All under the cover of darkness, of course. A mammoth walnut bookshelf rested against the far wall, beside a long, plush, cream-coloured sofa. Opposite the sofa stood a large gilded mirror and a set of artfully stained drawers, upon which sat a strange assortment of items. These included a large vase of violets, picked from just outside the city boundaries, a small painted wooden doll, a frayed piece of emerald ribbon and a faded, leather bound journal. All remnants of her former life, excluding the violets. Her father had gifted her the doll on her 11th birthday, the year she had begun serving at the court of Marie of Anjou in Paris. The ribbon had belonged to her mother, the Countess of Auvergne, who had passed when Isabella was barely 13. The journal she had kept from the age of 17, since her marriage to the younger brother of the Count of Savoy, until her rebirth at 19.

Dying of a wracking fever after giving birth to a stillborn child, she was whisked out of her chateau by Aro himself, who tasted her blood and gave her new life. She had served him faithfully ever since, for he had given her the greatest gift. In her old life she had been a noble, true, but a female noble, with as much power as a milkmaid. Now, she could kill a man with the lightest of touches, she could run faster than any animal on earth and she required nether oxygen nor food nor water to survive. She was feared by many, respected by all, and desired by every man whom laid eyes on her. Humanity had nothing on immortal life.

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