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This story is based on the teenage lives of three friends and their differences in personality, behavior, and humanity. Even as close as their bond is, their differences and secrets do become a major obstacle in their long-lasting friendship. They had grown up together as neighbors from eight years back and became closer to each other with age. They all want to lead a normal life, but they soon find it impossible to live their lives they way they dream of. They soon discover that their lives are fated to be filled with drama, secrets, and choices.


Kathleen Sandoval: brown hair, hazel eyes, 5'5, fair skinned, 16 (going on 17) yrs. (Grade 11)

Drew Torres: brown hair, blue eyes, 5'9, fair skinned, 17 yrs. (Grade 11)

Carolynn Blackthorne: brown hair, bluish-gray eyes, 5'4, olive toned skin, 16 yrs. (Grade 10)

Ethan Donavan: black hair, gray eyes, 5'8, fair skinned, 17 yrs. (Grade 11)

Claudette Reese: brown hair, brown eyes, 5'3, olive toned skin, 15 yrs. (Grade 9)

Austin Caverly: blonde hair, brown eyes, 5'6, fair skinned,  16 yrs. (Grade 10)



Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:

Chapter 3: You'll find the link after chapter two. It, for some reason, won't let me post the link.

Chapter 4:

Chapter 5:

Chapter 6:

Chapter 7:

Chapter 8:

Chapter 9:

Chapter 10:

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first commment EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

sounds cool update me
Cool.......update me
I Like It Write It Like Now......... :D
looking forward to it :)
i love it already!
It sounds like someone getting a wincey bit better :) i like the plot update me when the 1st chapter iz up
I love the preface :)
Sounds really good!!!!!!! Write it please!!!!!


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