The Twilight Saga

Lol, I just had this idea in my head, and decided to write it. Fun fun.


Bella is a witch, from Hogwarts. She graduates and falls in love with Edward in Forks. Edward and his family are vampires. Her dad then dies from an heart attack not too long after falling in love with Edward. She is 15 at the time she falls in love with Edward, 16 when her dad dies. Social Services come and decide to take her. Her mom is already dead, because her mom is a witch and was killed fighting. Scared for her and her grey arabian mare, she takes off, running from them.


Will write it soon. And yes, I know she is a little young graudating from Hogwarts, but its the only way for the plot to work.

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Chapter 1: Running Away

"No!" I screamed. I knew this would happen. When my dad died I would be taken away and Social Services would put me in a home unfamiliar to me. No Edward. No Cullens. No Magic. I couldn't imagine life without Edward. A life without the Cullens. No Magic. I knew my magic would disappear when I was changed. But it would be worth it. Life with Edward Forever. My magic danced at my fingertips. I knew that the Social Services were downstairs, and I needed to get a move on. But what if I ran off? I did have magic after all.

It was a good idea. I gathered up all of my witch supplies. In a mist to everything else, I had forgotten about my mare, my grey arabian named Winter, and knew she was coming with my anywhere I went. The thought of her being slaughtered or going to a different home with people that weren't so nice terrified me. Plus, she was a unicorn after all. She was in an arabian form, normal horse form, when humans that weren't a part of the super-natural world were around. She could talk and heal people with her tears, including vampires. Flying was another thing, and I had been allowing her to rest for this day, in case I needed to escape. After having everything in my book bag, charmed to hold more things than possible, I jumped out of my back window, using magic to slow my jump, and then taking off in a mad dash for the barn.

I heard people running to my bedroom, looking for me. Better make this quick, before they find me in the barn, with a Unicorn. I ran through the barn doors, talking to Winter as I quickly grabbed what I needed. Winter quickly morphed to Unicorn form, and I jumped on her back. She ran through the barn doors, pausing a moment to listen, before noting, "Edward and Alice are coming. Are you going to them or just plain running?"

"Just plain running, that would be Social Services first place to look." I said sadly, burying my face in her pure white mane.

"You sure? They would be very upset, especially Edward. You are his mate after all." She noted with a smile to her pure white muzzle. I thought of Edward as boyfriend, he thought me of mate. It was the term for a vampires boyfriend or girlfriend, but I couldn't dwell on that.

"I'm sure, lets go!" I said quickly. I felt Edwards probing my mental sheild, and I knew he was near. Winter took off galloping, me clinging to her bare back. Winter hated saddles. When in Unicorn form, Unicorns hated things like saddles and bridles, saying that it was uncomfortable and all.

Winter always thought I should do the right thing and stick by Edwards side. But I knew that I couldn't right now. Social services were looking for me and I could already spot the stupid helicopters.

"Winter, they will see us!" I said frantically. They couldn't see her in her Unicorn form, that would not go well. Winter took a sharp left, her hooves pounded heavily on the ground. I could hear Edward calling out my name, and I sighed sadly. This was for the best. I could see that Alice had just seen me and Winter, as for I could sense Edward running my way.

"Winter, take to the sky!" I said quietly to her. I watched as her wings grew out, and gracefully flapped. Hills after hills of green grass came in front of us, as Winter gently took to the wind. I could hear Edwards useless cries as Winter flew higher and higher. I turned in my spot on Winter's back and gave them a sad smile, watching as Edward struggled against Alice, but her telling him that it was useless, that I now spent my life on the run from the police and Social Services.

I watched as they faded from sight, turning my head to my journey in front of me. I had until I was 18. Then I would be back. Back home with Edward.
Chapter 2: Fallen

11 Months Later

I sat near a river, my feet dangling as I watched the water run. Winter was eating the apples I picked for her, fresh from the trees. I then got up and began hunting for traveling herbs for Winter. Once I had them, I headed back to her and held it out under her muzzle.

"Eat these, they are traveling herbs, you need the strength for what I want you to do." I said softly. I wanted her to check up on the Cullens. It would take physical strength and and I needed to know if they are okay. Winter nodded and chewed them up, swallowing them with a disgusted look on her face. She then looked at me, with a question in her eyes and asked, "What do you want me to do?".

I sighed and replied sadly, "Check up on the Cullens. I need to know if they are okay. And I want to see if I can comunicate with Alice this way." It was a trendy idea, I have to admit.

Winter nodded and trotted over to a tree stump. She touched her golden horn to the stump, and began to sing softly. The image began to form as she chanted Alice's name over and over again. I poked my head over the tree stump, as she pulled back. I stared wide eyed at Alice, who looked sad. Very sad. I paused before speaking, swallowing nervously.

"Alice?" I watched as her eyes glazed over, letting us know she was having a vision. "Yes!" me and Winter whispered.

I watched as Alice's eyes went very wide, obviously suprised to see me. "Bella? Are you really there?"

"Yes silly! I'm using Winter's magic!" I said cheerfully, but behind my eyes there was a great sadness.

"Why did you leave?"

"Cause, Social Services were there, and I can't return until I'm 18." I said sadly, as I looked at the stump. I saw a whirl of wind and noticed Edward standing beside Alice.

"Bella, please come back!" he begged. I looked sadly at the stump and shook my head.

"Not till I'm 18. Then I promise I will be back. I promise." I said sadly. Edwards eyes were have crazed with agony. At that moment I felt another presence, and my head jerked up. Winter flicked her ears and Alice and Edward looked at me confused through the tree stump.

"Unicorn hunters. We have to go. Now!" Winter said. I looked at the tree stump and sighed.

"I have to go." I said urgently. Each second felt too long in danger.

"But-" Edward said, I interrupted him, "I have to go NOW!" I said sternly to him, before adding, "They've been hunting for Winter, wanting use of her horn. I have to go." I blew a kiss to them before Winter began chanting again. I gathered my things up, and hopped on her bare back. I pulled a mirror from my bag and using my wand, I chanted a charm, allowing my face to appear on Alice's mirror, and me able to see Alice's room. I saw a confused looking Edward and an expect looking Alice looking my way.

"Alice! Edward! Over here!" I hissed as I held my wand and the mirror. They quickly hurried over to the mirror while I said, "Its a charm. It will disappear when I take it off this mirror." I looked behind me as Winter cleared a log. I could see them catching up.

"What are Unicorn Hunters?" Edward and Alice both asked. I sighed before replying, "They hunt for fun, killing unicorns so that they can use their horns. Its basicly witches like me riding their brooms, and our witch brooms are pretty fast. Its not at all fun to be the one running." I then looked anxiously at Winter before yelling,"Faster Winter! Take to the skies!"

Winter's hooves pounded against the ground as her wings grew out, her horn glowing as she used her magic to fly. Her and my heart pounded heavily as I turned around. The witches were even closer. "Alice, Edward, I'm connecting to you mentally. I have to have my hands free for my wand."

With that I uncharmed the mirror and used my mental connection to talk to all three of them. I slipped my mirror in my backpack and drew my wand. I began throwing random curses, spells, and charms to get them off my trail. They dodged most of them. There was about 25 witches, we were way outnumbered.

Damn, this the most we've been against Winter. I'm going to use the wind to aid us. I thought as the wind flew around us.

The wind shifted left to right behind us, throwing the witches off of our trail. I could hear Alice and Edwards voices in the back of my head.

You've been across them before? Edward asked worriedly.

Yes, almost everyday. Winter is a very power unicorn, therefor its dangerous if she and me go back, they would be on our tails, chasing us. Its not all that fun to be the one running, as I said before. Me and Winter are bonded till I die, then she goes to a new family, and to another kid. If I become a vampire, she stays with me forever. I thought seriously.

Watch out, they are going to shift the wind in a second. Alice added.

Hold on, taking a sharp turn.. Winter thought. I clung onto her mane as she began a gracefull spiral down to earth before smoothing out.

We losing them I said as Winter zig zagged through the sky. Her wings flapped harder as she flew back up.

Now Teleport Bella. Winter thought as I relaxed my muscles.

I'm coming home. Its been too long, I've had enough of a run. I thought as I closed my eyes. I concentrated on Edward and felt the familiar woosh of air as I teleported to Edward. I felt the jolt as Winter landed Edward and I fell off of her, causing her to loose her balance and fall also. The connection between our minds snapped, and I sighed.

"Never been good at that Bella. Never been good at that. Please tell me when you cocentrate on people instead of places." Winter grumbled as she rose to her hooves.

"I can't help it Winter, I've never been good at teleporting." I said as I got up. I looked at Edward who was shocked before he composed his face to happy, who got up and hugged me. "Bella!" he exclaimed as he hugged me to his chest.

"Mind you two, but we are still on the run from 25 witches wanting me dead and my horn for healing and magic." Winter commented as she flicked her tail around. Alice was jumping up and down, exclaiming that I should go shopping.

"Alice, I'm not going shopping or your Vogue magizines are going up in flames." I said smugly. She glared and then said, "Your still going shopping cause you dont know where they are."

"Watch me." I said before thinking Accio Alices Vogue Magizines. At that the magizines came floating up to me. Edward burst into laughter as Alice tried to gather up the numerous magizines that came floating to me. Winter poked my with her muzzle and that caused me to lose concentration, causing them to fall and Alice to smile smugly.

"Hey! I was about to burn them Winter! No fair!" I said as I glared at her. Alice hid them again while I pouted. Just then Edward jerked his head up while Alice's eyes glazed up. Winter flicked her ears before saying, "*edited by moderator* They've found us. Put up an invisibility spell on us Bella." I nodded and then said the spell. We became invisable before I connected our minds and thought, Don't say anything, just use your mind to comunicate. And with that we headed outside to face the witches.
Chapter 3: Volturi

As we turned to fight the witches, I heard the rest of the Cullens join us. The Wolf pack, seeing them as a threat, joined also and soon enough all of them had either ran off or was dead. I pulled the invisability away and looked at everyone. I had already decided to stay and so I announced it. "I've been on the run from Unicorn Hunters with Winter, so I decided I had enough of running. I'm staying. I can stay here of you want, I have no blood related family left anyways." I smiled at Edward and Winter was agreeing by the way her ice blue eyes were looking at me. "But if we do stay I need a barn made for Winter. She just can't live in a house. When she rests she is in horse form, and that requires a small barn of course."

Carlisle smiled and said, "Of course! We are glad you have decided to join us."

I nodded and replied, "Of course, before you change me I would like a few years to use my magic. Of my kind we lose it when we are changed into vampires. It is rare for our magic to carry over to the next life."

"Thats okay Bella, you are very much welcome with us. Winter is also welcome. I have never seen a unicorn before, or heard of them. Its neat that they form a bond with someone and choose to stay with that person until their person dies." Esme said, running her fingers through Winters mane. Winter leaned her long white neck into Esme cold but soothing hand.

Everyone then headed into the house, including Winter. Rosalie gave Winter a disgusted look but all Winter said is, "If a horse is to live in a barn, then I'm sure a unicorn like me is welcome in a house." Rosalie kept her mouth shut and her face smooth after that, but I'm sure by Edwards expression she was cursing him in her head for allowing me to come back... because I brought a Unicorn with me.

That day I unpacked my back on Edwards couch. I was pulling random things out of it when I hear Edward entering the room. Winter is sitting beside me, watching as I lifted item after item out of the backpack.

"How can you fit so many things in there?" Edward asked, truly curious. He didn't seem to mind that there was a unicorn in his room, watching me.

"Simple. I use a charm then I put things in it." I said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. Well, it was for me anyways.

Edward seemed a little stumped but said, "Oh." anyways. Alice then rushed into the room, having had a vision. "Bella, Edward! The Volturi are coming! They want Winter and possibly you Bella!"

"Alice, calm down! When will they be here?" I asked nervously. Alice then had Winters attention as Winter looked around nervously. She hated it when people wanted her away from the person she was bonded to, and she had come to accept the Cullens as a family.

Alice closed her eyes before saying "30 minutes, Get ready!" I quickly dug through my bag for my wizard cloak and my wizard outfit in which I wore on important events.

"Whats that?" Edward asked as I got up, his head was tilted to the side.

"My wizard cloak, outfit, boots, and hat. I were them when something important comes up, it shows that I am a fully trained wizard, that I have finished Hogwarts and all." I said to him quietly. I quickly slipped into his bathroom and shower, then changed into it. I brush out my hair before blow drying it. I slipped my wizard hat on before fixing Winter up. I burshed her mane and tail, using the curry comb to get the mats out. I polished her cloven hooves and then headed downstairs.

"Five minutes." Alice said as we waited. Winter dipped her black muzzle onto my head, her neck arched, and her long white mane curled. All the gasped at her beauty, the pose she having taking on pointing her horn forward. It glowed as her ice blue eyes danced across the front of the house, searching for the threat. The other Cullens stiffened as the Volturi Guard stepped out, with Jane, Alec, Demetri, and Felix.

Then all that happened was chaos..

"We have came for the Unicorn." Felix said as he stepped forward, before adding, "And of course this human is a danger." I heard Jane say 'pain' as Edward snarled, "No!". Winter reared up, her horn glowing as her hooves thrashed against the air. I had my wand drawn and pointed it at Jane, saying, "Stupefy!" Jane of course flew backwards at the spell, stunned for a moment as I knelt next to Edward. The Cullens had taken defensive positions around me and Winter, and Edward got to his feet.

Jane was angry that her power didn't work on me and lunged at me, while I simply said, "Stupefy!", wand pointed at her. Was she really that stupid? "I really don't think you should do that Jane, unless you want to end up dead. I am a trained wizard, or witch, whatever you want to call it, and Winter is staying here, with us. She does not take demands, she has choosen that she stays here with me."

Demetri growled at this news and said, "Aro wants her cause she is the last unicorn."

I chant a truth spell and then say, "Really, are you telling the truth? Why does Aro really want her and me?" I asked with a grin.

He doesn't pause as the truth spell takes affect. "He wants you so he can take over the world."

I grumbled as I say. "You can go now." I send a spell their way to erase their memory, confuse them, then send them back to Italy by the fountain there. The rest of the Cullens head off different ways, grumbling at what Demetri had said. I change back to my other clothes and slip my wand into my pocket as I climb onto Winter's back. She makes her around, and of course, Edward appears by our side. He has really taken for her, I don't know if its the fact that she is a peaceful creature or that she is bonded to me, but he's willing to do anything for her.

"Want to ride?" I ask him. He nods and Winters wings grow out, full length. Edward slides on behind me and wraps his arms around my waist. Winter takes off, her wings flapping as she takes to the sky. Her hooves skim the air as she gallops, her wings flapping. We go at this for a while, before I see a flash of something out of the corner of my eyes.


I grumble as I lean to whisper to Winter, "We have some more Unicorn Hunters on our tails."


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