The Twilight Saga

If bella got turned into a vampire in new moon and she wonders around like a nomad looking for eedward but only eats animal

10 years later she goes back to Forks to her old house (where nobody lives there any more) She finds Alice waiting for her. She comes to live with the coven again but where tayna is now living to

These are not my characters they are owned by steph.
The begining is kinda like in New Moon

“Why did he leave me? How could he leave me? I thought he loved me.”

It what I kept repeat for the next 2 days after he left. I wondered alone in the woods hoping he would show up, or at least some one from his family would show up. I would try to find our meadow, or atleast now it is Edward’s meadow, he was the one that found it. Finally one day I found it I just sat there crying. Repeating the same thing I have been saying over and over again. “Why did he leave me? How could he leave me? I thought he loved me.” I laid down in the exact spot I did when we went on our first date. I could just imagine him right beside me. I closed my to just see his face again when I heard someone walking close by. Who knew about this meadow? Nobody did. So that means… Vampire. I shot my eyes open only to find Laurent in front of me. He used to be in James coven but he left because he was tired of James games, he helped save me. “Laurent! I can’t believe it is you. What are you doing here?”

“Bella?” I nodded.”I went to go see the Cullens but I found the house empty, so I left to go hunt. Why are you here in the woods and why aren’t you with them? Aren’t you with that one Edward.” That is when I heard Edward’s Voice. That velvet voice. Don’t tell him you are here alone. Be Safe. ….. No where did he go. Then I went back to reality.

“Acually we were just leaving, that is why the house is empty. I just took a walk out here, Edward told me to meet him.”

“Oh. I see. Well since he is not here you just ran out of luck you see like I said I was out here hunting, and now since you are here and I am hunting you.” Don’t Move, I heard Edward again. I did not move an inch. Laurent came up to me smelled me hair. His dirty fingers touching my face. Well maybe he will just bite and not kill me, maybe then I can find Edward again. “I will make this fast, you won’t feel a thing.” He grabbed my arm with my wrist up to him. I saw his eyes. Red, Crimson red. I leaned down and bit. I love you Edward. I was full with pain, but I wondered why Laurent was not drinking my blood by now. I looked around only to find that 6 huge wolves had dragged him away. I lay there withering in pain.


That was 10 years ago. And I still have not seen Edward since or Alice or any of the Cullens. It was like they disapeared. Sometimes I even thought about going to Volturi. I have heard more about them after being a vampire. I have stayed with the Cullen’s diet knowing that Edward would not want me to be a monster too. I have also met many other Vampires on the way. Also my parents have think I have been kidnapped or killed for the past 10 years. I feel horrible about that, but I need to say good bye to Edward the right way. Or I just need to see his face one more time. I also have a power can read minds like Edward did but only when I want to. I guess I still have a part of him in me. I left Forks the day I woke up, knowing that I could not deal with all the memories, but in that last week I have been thinking about going back. Who knows maybe the Cullens came back home. First I went to my old house. When I walked up I saw something a yellow porshe. Expensive. Wait, but nobody that lives in Forks has a lot of money. Plus the car was parked on the curb, so they must not live here. I looked closer and I saw a short girl with short dark hair. Was that really her? Alice! It was Alice! I ran up to her. “Alice is that really you?”

“I knew she would be here, see Jasper.” Right then Jasper got out from behind that car. They both look same as ever. I ran up and hugged them both.

“I’ve missed you soo much…. WHY DID YOU LEAVE?!?!” Then I felt calm again. Jasper. No fair.

“We did not want to leave, Edward said it was best for you and so we followed him.” Jasper said as calm as ever. “They rest of us are hunting you should go catch up with the rest of them, oh and we did not tell any one else that you are a vampire, so they think you are 27.” My eyes gave me away they were black and I bet I still look 17 years old.

“Thanks, Jasper. Alice we are talking later, I have missed you too much.”And I ran off. I tried sniffing out some vampires but instead I smelled Elk. I started hunting it. I was about to pounce on it when some one got it one second before me. I knew that person. Edward… He snepped the Elks neck quickly and drank, that way the animal felt no pain. How sweet. When he was finally down he got up and noticed I was there. He said nothing and just stared, most likely wondering how I still look like this or why I don’t have a heart beat. But if I had a heart it would be pounding out of my chest right now. “Bella… Is.. that really you?” No correction, now my head would be coming out of my chest.

“Ya, Edward, its me.” I smiled, he did too. He was about to come up and look like kiss me but instead, a girl with blond hair walk by and hugged him. She was gorgeous. Aparently he wasn’t lying when he said he did not love me.

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this story is so nice it rocks!!!!!!!!! im in love with this story
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haha but seriously you need to update! i really like this story!


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