The Twilight Saga

* Probably spelling errors and stuff sorri*

I layed in a hospital bed waiting to die. You see i had an influenza i was 14 years old and it was may 12th 2005.My parents had died in a year ago in a bad car crash ever since i've been in a orpanage since so untill i full under this horrible influenza. Then out of nowhere i felt like i was flying. As i opened my eyes i saw a man with blond hair but we were going so fast i didnt see his face.
We ran for a few more minuts, then we came to a stop infront of a huge white house. Then i finnaly looked up and saw his face he was a very hansom man of about 30. He finnaly sighed and said "Hello im Dr.Carlisle Cullen sorry ill explain everything in a bit."
I knew my voice would quiver but i said "Uhh im um Elisa." He was like "I know."
He carried me inside even though i told him i could walk. He set me down on a little white couch,and called out a unusual name "Esme!" THen out of thin air there was a beautyful woman standing next to him. "Yes, OH my she is adorable are u going to change her?" Change Me WHAT!
"when? Darling is it going to be soon?" She exclamed. He just knodded and said "As soon as the kids are home."
Then maybe 10 mins later 6 young teens walked in and examened me oddly. Carslile said hello kids this is elisa ok im going to change her verys soon"
i just wanted to know what all this changed talk was about hut i had a funny feeling that i was going to find out very soon

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ty it was my first FF so i didnt know if u all would like it
Hello twilighters. i wrote thing i wanted to know if i should write more?


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