The Twilight Saga

What If Edward loved Bella? What if she loved Jacob?

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Bella POV

Forks was so green. Gosh! I put on my jacket, and grabbed my keys. School, why?! I stepped into my old, lovely truck. Present from my father from when I first moved down here. It was gorgeous, old and right for me... The rain was hard, turning into hail as I made it to school. I rolled my eyes as I pulled into the parking lot, as hail turned into snow. Forks should be the lost city of Alantis for how much water comes everyday.

"Hey, Bella!" I heard the vroom of a motorbike. Jacob.

"Hey, Jake." I said, pulling my iPod earbuds out of my ears.

"Charlie said that he will be coming home late, so to order pizza or something." he said.

"Oh, I wonder what for." I replied.

"Um, a think some sort of animal attack in the outskirts of downtown." Jacob said.

"Another one?" I sighed. "The population is small already, leave the citizens alone!"

"Cool the sarcasm, Bella." Jake laughed. He started to walk away to his bike.

"Um, Bella?"

I pulled the earbuds out of my ears again.

"Yeah?" I asked, studying his face.

"Will you-mind if I come over tonight? Charlie said to keep you company, you've been lonely he's said." he grinned.

"Uh, sure." I answered. I didn't want to hurt his feelings.

"Ok. See you." Jacob kicked his bike to life and roared away. He had something else on his mind...

          "So, Bella. What are your opinions of the Cullens." Jessica asked. I scoffed.


"The totally hot Cullens. Whaddya think of 'em?" she repeated.

"Um, I guess they're fine." I replied, picking at my super-cheesy macaroni and cheese.

"Fine like fine?" Jessica questioned.

"Like okay!" I exclaimed.

"No need to get defensive, Bella." Mike Newton told me.

"Mike! Don't be all sad just because you saw her with that La Push boy." Angela elbowed him.

"I am not!" Mike said defensivly.

"Bella does your friend have any friends?" Jessica asked.

I scoffed again.

"Really, guys?"

"We're going to the beach in La Push. Introduce us to your friends then!" Angela suggested.

"Ok, Ang." I rolled my eyes.

"Bella, you know Jake's totally hot. I bet his friends are too. You need to introduce us!" Jessica said in a sing-songy voice.

"Whatever, Jessica." I got up and dumped my tray.

"Sorry," a cold hand hit mine. Edward Cullen.

"Yeah." I said. He looked me in my eyes for a second. But then he quickly walked away.

He always acted wierd around me....





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I like it Write more
yeah cool! keep me updated!
Hey you should continue this, it sounds really cool! XD


I went against Charlie's orders and made spaghetti for dinner. Something he could take to work tomorrow for lunch.

"Hey, Bells." I jumped.

"Jacob! You scared the crap out of me!" I scolded.

"Charlie said just to walk in. And sorry," He apologized.

"You're lucky..." I muttered.

"Yeah, yeah. You wouldn't hurt me, Bells." Jacob yawned. "What are you making? I thought Charlie said you would order pizza. I brought sooodddaaaa."

"Spaghetti. What soda?" I shoved my hands into my backpockets.

"Coke. Billy said to bring it. I brought two." He gestured to a bag on our table.

"Oh. Thanks," I stirred the noodles in the pot, and began to get plates out.

"Is it almost done yet?" Jake asked eagerly.

"Yes, Jake. Gosh your like a little kid." I replied jokingly.

"Body of a sixteen year old, mind of a four year old." He grinned.

"You can go watch TV until the food's done." I offered. It felt wierd having Jacob in here while I cooked.


Twenty minutes later I heard him yelling at a rerun of Chelsea Handler. Making fun of Indians.

I laughed.

"Don't laugh, Bella! That's offensive to me." Jake complained.

"I know Jacob. You know she can't hear you right?" I piled noodles and meat and sauce onto a plate.

"Thanks." He ate it in seconds.

"Do they feed you down there?" I barely made a dent in mine. I was barely hungry.

"Yeah. Why?"

"Nevermind." I replied.

"You 'nevermind' everything, Bella. Take chances and spit it out for once." Jacob drank his Coke in one slurp.

"Ok?" I said.

"You made it awkward now,"

"Wow. Thanks Jake, what a compliement." I said sarcastically.

To Be Continued

Kool I can't wait to read more


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